My main has almost always been a monk. I originally started in 95 or 96, wizzed briefly and unsuccesfully in '99 (unable to play, I lost interest in the game) and recreated in 2000. Although I never liked the rent system the rest of the system appealed, and with threading I'm way more active than I was in the past, although it's still intermittent.

Current build is an Atomy Ranger/Swashbuckler/Knife thrower. going ghost after. Agil boosts both defense and offense with this build, but lower skillmax hurts more than expected. Bad rolls in swash didn't help.

Wishes: Max stats, More crits, restrict join swash.

Character summary:

Character Build Race Misc
Phlinn Rang/Swash/Knife throw Gargoyle see above
Threbus Psionicist/Ordo Incursus Irrdu
Kalkin Paladin/Shih/Myrmidon Homarid More Crits
Krathkorpool Fallen Devil Circle of fortune.
Ithar Templar Dwarf newsb service alt
Orolandes Jomsviking/Dslayer/Axe Werewolf
Bastiat Merchant/tele9/safehands/geo Boelir
Malaclypse Alchemist/Discordian Hephestian service alt
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