Petrified Forest

*The caverns of Crypt are home to many oddities, not all are old though. Many travellers have started to return home with reports of a strange forest in the caverns of Crypt…one that instead of trees, is populated entirely by statues. There have been some brave souls who have tried to enter the depths of the forest, but never returned…some saying they ended up becoming another statue in the forest.
Tales of a Wandering Monk

The Petrified Forest is an area on crypt. It is not level locked. It contains gorgons and cockatrices with their queen, and is the location of the level quest 92. It was coded by Rine and went ingame on march 1st, 2007.
Directions from ngate igneous: sw, 13w, 4sw, w, 2sw, 2w, 3sw, w, d, 4sw, s, 2se, u, 2se, u, 2s, 3se, 3e, 5ne, e



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