Perception (abbr. Per)— This determines how perceptive your character is. It's based on one's peripheral vision, ability to process information, and how finely tuned one's senses are.
HIGH PER = Can hear people coming from down the street.
Example: Sherlock Holmes.
LOW PER = Easily startled, misses obvious clues.
Example: A rock.
NEGATIVE PER EFFECT: Beings with negative Perception are permanently blind.

Perception Races
Unsurpassable Argus, Ettin, Illex
Excellent Behemoth, Dragon, Gremlin, Minotaur
High Arakun, Atomy, Catfolk, Unicorn, Werewolf
Good Flynd, Goblin, Kanku, Pudding, Suula, Vipyr, Vulpin
Average Centaur, Dhampir, Drensieqi, Elf, Gorgon, Hephestian, Kreen, Kuroa, Muridan, Myconoid, Selkie, Shadow, Slaad
Moderate Anakim, Arcanus, Changeling, Devil, Dwarf, Gargoyle, Gnome, Human, Irrdu, Jinn, Kizanki, Leprechaun, Mummy, Satyr, Thuul, Titan, Troll, Tywimn, Uruk, Vampire, Yaag-nesh
Low Bloodworm, Dragonian, Papua, Tortle, Treant
Bad Giant, Homarid, Xodar
Poor none
Horrible Boelir
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