Description: The Paladins were given their shields by Sikkar as reminders of their heritage. As Sikkar was a child of Cyrn (Light) and Athena (Wisdom), their progeny became the Lightbringer of Truth and Justice. Paladins create this covenant with Sikkar and their families, channeling the holy and divine force of their patron saints through their symbols of heritage. This preoccupation with their heraldic symbols often makes Paladins seem egotistical and self-important. However, they see the continuation of their line and their devices an equally important part of the battle against the Nameless One, who is ageless and whose time creeps ever closer. Taking the long term view, this makes Paladins all the more heroic when they do finally take up their swords to do battle. Although their shields are the device through which they channel one of the 29 saints, and although they all those with the same charge are united in spirit by their patron, ultimately a Paladin has far more to lose should he lay down his life for his cause. Sikkar was wise in choosing a defensive tool of war for his minions, for in doing so he ensures that they will not pick up a weapon in haste. The Fallen are the surest sign of what can happen when a man gives in to his basest nature with a bloody knife in his hands.
Leader bonus: 5 HPR
Champion bonus: 5 HPR. Blessing: The Paladin Champion can at times shrug off death.

This guild uses Spiritual magic.
This guild is good aligned.
Hermetic Bulk: Minimal (1/4)
Spiritual Bulk: Very (4/4)

Level Skills Spells Restrictions
1 attack
consider undead
broad blade
2 thin blade
last rites
first aid
3 polearm detect evil
4 swim
spirit eye
5 ceremony
6 equestrianism
mana blessing
sword of faith
7 assist glow
sikkars gaze
8 double hit sikkars will
holy weapon
9 celestial tongue
holy strike
shield ram
minor dispel evil
10 ambidexterity
glorious light
11 sharpen blade
12 fearlessness
heraldic might
13 melee endurance
lay on hands
consecrate weapon
14 heraldry
dispel evil
15 stun heraldric aura
fist of sikkar
16 strong grip bless armor
holy vengance
17 riposte
18 stunned maneuvers heraldic strike
dispel evil magic
19 enhance criticals
steady footing
20 determination
formation square
combat riding
whirlwind attack
divine retribution

Stat potential:
Str: small (3/7)
Agi: little (2/7)
Dex: none (0/7)
Con: small (3/7)
Int: little (2/7)
Wis: tiny (1/7)
Per: none (0/7)
Cha: tiny (1/7)

Point Potential:
HP: small (3/7) HPR: little (2/7)
SP: small (3/7) SPR: small (3/7)
EP: little (2/7) EPR: little (2/7)

Category Bonuses:
Unction spiritual spell: little (2/7)
Holy spiritual spell: little (2/7)
Religious skill: small (3/7)
Armed combat skill:small (3/7)

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