old spell news

An archive of really old spell news from yesteryear. Too old to be of much relevance, this is preserved here for posterity:

Killing cloud damage uped by 300.

I was just thinking, and thought i'd go ahead and suggest a spell
idea--it would probably best go under mage, but the actual reason
i thought of it was to help out non-mage spellcasters do some damage.
You could basically summon up a little tank of some type (you bat-people remember the little ranger animals--those were great for newbies and lowlevellers to use) an elemental or demon for a conjurer or abjurer or mage, some kind of 
'avatar' or something for a cleric, whatever, and then you could make it follow you around, 'tank' for you (not as good as a human, i don't mean to replace partying with soloing spellcasters) and basically let you take out monsters alone that a fighter or someone 1/2 your level that was not a spellcaster could take out, since it seems to me the main limitation on this mud for  spellcasters making exp without being a tank-flunkie is that they have 'infinite power' like a 
super-djinn in a bottle, and yet if they get hit by a thrown rock, they fall over dead... shrug...    Anyway, that's the idea..... oops, i now
wonder if i should have put this in newgroup ideas...forgive me, my first post here.
Valheru, Chaoslord at Large
weapon reduction and enlarge weapon
both are available in merchant guild only

   I have heard the reinc spell with be coming up soon and will charge a
random tax that is higher for higher level characters.  Great, however I
want to talk about the way this is implemented.
   If the spell just checks the players level and charges more for a higher
level this is not so great.  By advancing levels you will raise your tax rate
and make the exp from your skills worth less.  This is in a way being penalized
for advancing.  Not so grea.
   It is possible to charge a higher level player more exp without penalizing
advancing.  What you do is charge two taxes.  A lower one for skill and spell
exp and a higher one levels.  This way the more levels a players has the more
more of his exp will taxed at the higher rate and overall he will pay a higher
percentage tax. (eg tax skills at 3% and levels at 7.5/u/u3/martin1/lib/tf-35a6-lib)  This way when you
advance you know you aren't reducing the value of your skills.
Attention! DO NOT USE Holy Word!

It is not working properly. It is using 600sp and saying 
"you really messed up."

I am attempting to fix it, but I may not be able to until 
Sunday. (I have a friend's weeding i am in)

I will post as soon as i have it working.

Call Lightning now works, only outside.
Have a ball, druids.

merchants now have greater identify at lvl 20...much much cooler than
a regular wussy id...tells some very useful stuff also

Good news Paladins.

Holy Word is working fine, it can do lots of damage vs evil
Ok, two more new spells for druids.
First, 'plant door' similar to 'dimension door'.
Second, 'tree spirit' turns the caster into a tree so he can heal
and stuff.


ps -- Did you know that Druids have the Reincarnation spell?:)
Just a comment, but it's pretty annoying to try and cast a spell at
a mob who walks out of the room and you STILL lose the sps although
you get a message "This spell requires a target." How about if a target
is needed and isn't around we don't get penalized for it? After all, if I
were starting on a spell and noticed my target left the room, wouldn't I

Water walking doesn't work.

Druids now have an area attack spell called 'call firestorm'.
Pretty powerful little package.:) Hope you druids like it.

I know you are tired of me and my whining about iw, but this is rediculus, I was just stunned 4 times in 10 rounds of combat, now I know there is a chance, but 40% chance? or is it not working at all now?
Just posting to ask a question.  Does having a spell OVER 100% factor
into the extra damage?
That is, if I have Power Word Kill at 120%, do I do 220% damage? o
Or just 200%?

We need some kind of teleport spell that goes outward - all the 
spells go home or to another player.  What i am thinking of is something that
takes you to a place you've been before
whats the difference in these spells except 5sp and 11 levels?
now we have an air world perhaps a 'flight' spell might be useful...
Is the spell cost on slow undead for real or a typo. 1000 sp seems a bit
much. I 27 level and i'm still over 200 sp away for being able to cast it.
Just thought I would ask.
It will be very easy to code a fly spell, Its already on my list.
As well as flying carpet, which i think Faeryl mentioned last week.

Hmm, could someone just update world transport to the new world

Need to add crypt world and get rid of abarack.

Just a note.  Thanks :)

I must say, Spells rock Very hard now. Thanks for upgrades to mages.
-Aes Sedai, Channels the One Power.
Cheers all...

This is an effective, and useful spell, except that it only lasts
for the term of the boot...

For example, I have a shredder, 2h, which is reduced to a 1h
weapon so's I may use it...  I get ready to quit, put it in myt
cabinet, and leave.  When I come in tomorrow, I can't use it, 
because there has been a boot.  And, alas, there are no 
merchant PCs on...  I have been unable to find an NPC merchant
that can, or will, cast this spell.  Is there any means of making
this a permanent (or more_permanent_than_now) size attribute? 

Or, can we get a _reasonably_ priced shop for this kind of thing?

Tristen, slowly getting to 16....
2 short fixes:

Dest sac for reavers now adds some exp.

poison simulation (psis??) fixed

=\} Ravenkall {/=
haste has been fixed. Talien is resetting costs and formulas now.

"Dont worry, be happy... report those bugs and see em fixed! :) "
=\} Ravenkall {/=
Hey all,
  All mage spells have been converted to the correct formula system.
The following psi spells have also been converted:
 psibolt, psiblast, psiscream, psychic storm, psychic crush, psiwave
The rest of the psi spells will be converted tomorrow.
  Good luck and mail me with anything you have about the spells or
spell system.
  I finished altering the remaining psi attack spells.  All three
of them anyway.  The ones involving drains/leeches are now left up
to the GM, Justin, for any changes.
Can someone fix featherwalk please. It doesn't appear to work correctly, at least not on the water world.

estimate worth spell is working now
Satiate person coded.

 - Zorm
Merchants now get Midas Touch at 13th level.
Help spell midas touch - it harms your opponent, and you get cold
based on how - er gold based on how much damage you do, as well
as making him take a scar - you must HIT your opponent however.

Both spells now cost significantly less and have a max damage type.
Inquisition maxes out at 12000, Castigate maxes out at 1000

Thanks to Elaroid, Pennies from heaven now works.
It's a 20th level merchant spell that creates copper pieces - an area effect
damage spell that does physical damage. >:)
Enjoy merchants.

Something is weird with mana save - it takes off more
sps instead of saving them.

enlarge weapon has been modded...it improves it somewhat
when casted on a weapon, it adds to the max wc of the weapon...and this is
not stackable now
expect it to add to the weight and decrease hit in the near future
also expect weapon reduction to be modded similarly

oh yeah, thanks to ravenkall for pointing out my silly mistake

weapon reduction has now been modded...it slightly downs wc, adds to hit
and reduces weight
I think Invis spell is bugged somehow
It's sposed to make it so i can not be attacked by aggr monsters.
However, I always turn vis when i walk into a room with a aggr monster, as if
I typed kill or something. Can someone check this out?
-Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah needs invis to kill aggr monsters
Now that the thieves guild is up, 
poison was removed from Reavers.  A reaver who wants poison can
join thieves.  This helps make thieves more unique and valuable
in a party. >:)

Okay, I was told resurrection was inconsistent, so I looked at it.
Honestly, I don't see where it could be going wrong.

But I made one mod that should keep the caster from losing exp 
at least.  So, if it's still bugging send me mail with as much
detail as you can about the affair.

=\} Ravenkall {/=
Okay... ress should be fixed.  IT was thoroughly tested, but that's not 
a guarentee. I couldn't make it bug anymore, but if it does mail me.

=\} Ravenkall {/=
I coded a new spell which allows a magic user to use his/her
sp to absorb some damage from the attacks.
The spell is called 'spell parry' and is only in abjurers guild.

 - Zorm
For the record, spell parry protects vs. all type of damage.
Half goes to hit points, half goes to spell points.
This means that an abjurer who casts it while in a party and is hit by an area spell WILL BE PROTECTED.
Yes, you mage types, your dream has come true, THIS is the spell that lets
you survive those area attacks!

Pure stones should now load correctly. :)

The percentage of damage absorbed by spell parry now depends on
the casters int.

 - Zorm
Create Scroll is fixed.


=\} Ravenkall {/=
Mana drain fixed...
it should't drain the caster, 
it shouldn't drain newbies,


=\} Ravenkall {/=
Okay I have finally (thanks to the lag free environment) 
completely tested mana drain after the changes I posted earlier.
1) sorry about the delay.
2) it will no longer suck newbies.


=\} Ravenkall {/=
flesh armor has been edited so that it works correctly.
It is stackable once.
It is compatable with sheield of prot.

=\} Ravenkall {/=
New spell: free action
telemancers get it
it protects against those nasty spells which stop you moving
it is intended for the physical types (emotional song deals with the mental types)

spells currently affected are:
Chaos Jump is now wilder and wackier than ever before. >:)
To discourage Chaos Jump being terribly terribly abused (you know
who you are - oops that's all of you), it drops you a random amount in the air 
too before you actually hit the ground.
It HURTS. >:)
And don't cast it a lot or you may end up dead.

Teleport with error now does more damage (you can fall from a higher
height, before you could fall from a whole 10 feet in the air, oooh
how scaaaarrrrrryyy).  Now mages will be popping in from up to 50' in the air. >:)
Enjoy.  It will certainly make teleport without error worth having.
But don't worry, the damage suffered from falling shouldn't be that bad.

Mapr works again. (Someone had modified it and left a small but crucial part
of the code out :)

 - Zorm
  Should be fixed now.. if any of those common destinations don't work
or if I should rename em to something else [I can't keep up with 
what's called what anymores =)] or if I missed any, mail me =)
   Monsters have some resistance to them based on monster lvl now

  Just so lvl 40 monsters aren't the same to deal with as lvl 10 monsters =)
   They now will cause the monster to attack you [they are offensive spells
but weren't causing that..]
Like their brother mages, psi spells have been modified too.
See the mage post to find out more.

Complete Healing was becoming terribly powerful, since no matter how
long you were paralyzed for people would still heal at a stupendous rate.
So, now, complete healing brings you to full hps but puts you at 0 sps.

I'm sure you're all ecstatic about this. >:)

       Several months back, if you happened to have a spell at 60%, you failed
very rarely.  Lately, i've notice that my spells are failing more and more,
this kinda makes sense since they are adjusted to what they are supposed to be.
My only problem is the costs to train a given spell to hi%. It's not like you
make a ton of money on retro but to get one of my spells from 70 to 75%, I have to spend 80k gold..
Yowza, I'd be lucky to make 20k on a single boot of retro much less make 80k gold to raise my stat 5%.. it's not even around 80 or 90%.. it's only to 75%.  My point: please lower $$ costs for studying spells and even studying skills... common spells and skills at that, I'm not talking about masteries or whatever.  That's all I have to say.

Hey somebody put plastic surgery back into a guild somewhere, I'd appreciate it.Xio
Could someone mod darkness/light to last a percantage based on your Int? It seems to last  for only a few
mins then fades... For those of us who need the dark this would
be a nice change.

modded both these spells slightly.  Duration is a bit longer and is
based now heavily on level, spell chance, and the stats of int and wis.

This is a test, but since Rayzam's mods I want to test this out.
The way Mirror Images work, there's a chance that you get hit "for
real" and thus ruining the mirror images.  I don't mind this, it makes it random,
but I do believe it should be majorly compensated.  So I doubled
the amount of images you get.  This is an awfully rare chance you'll get to the end of that.
That is, you'll probably get to maybe 12 mirorr images before you lose it,
but just in case, this will improve your chances.
Consider it an upgrade. >:)

Hopefully I've made the discs drop their inventory on the ground when 
they die from lack of attention.  Now, I didn't have a good way to 
test this myself (I'm surprised I've managed to fight the lag
on this obsolete VAX machine this long...) so if it's not fixed..
DONT HOLLAR AT ME... just someone post that it's not working yet.

Actually, the way it was originally coded that didn't work right
anyway.  So no loss if it doesnt' work yet.

--Ravenkall (who cant wait to get back to a real machine
             and finish up the guts of the new spell system)
WTF! Max damage for LIGHTING BOLT IS 250 POINTS of damage, yet nice little Faeryll is wandering through the Koa-Toa area and this priest calls down a 900+point lighting bolt spell and damn near kills him...now these koa-toa send little Faeryll on wimpy pong and he dies....I thought this was fixed?!?!?!:)
-Faeryll Praetor, crispy fried gnome.
What is the use of invisibility if most monsters can see you anyways. I walked in to see if Augustus was there yet and in the lag I got killed because he and his wolfweres can see through invisibility. Is invis a spell just used to get past players now? 
-Faeryll Praetor, the always losing xp man. (42m to 1m in 2 days)
I'm willing to be t that was one of two things:
1) A special ability which has nothing to do with spells.
2) The call lightning spell, which isn't the same as the lightning bolt
spell, and has yet to be modified by the spell rules (but will, soon).

Most of the comments I've made are in 'guilds', but here are a few more...
Make the chance of 'luck' add to how much you drop when you do drop
on both TWE and CJ... ie. Joe tank... ummm... me... has 105 luck,
I cast chaos jump, and because of my luck i only fall 20 feet instead
of the massively nasty 100 feet that Joe bard falls... Joe bard only
has a 50 luck... just a thought. :)
Isaac -Reaver Guild Master.
  Who said Joe tank should have a higher luck than 
Joe Bard????

  Bards are much luckier and cooler than joe tank!
Rayzam wrote:
>  Who said Joe tank should have a higher luck than 
>Joe Bard????
>  Bards are much luckier and cooler than joe tank!
Who is this Joe guy?  I don't see him on finger.

Mirror Image has finally achieved my original vision of it.  Heh.
Mages can only cast it on themselves.
That is, the caster can only cast it on himself.
Fighters have to hide behind their hit points.
Mages get mirror image. :)
Have fun.

I am not very happy with power blast, it did over NINE HUNDRED points
and killed me. Somebody fix it please, so I dont die again.

PS and give me my 5M back. :P
This really sucks. I thought spells on monsters were supposed to have been fixed. Since I've seen complaints from others I'm beginning to believe nothing has changed. A black pud overlord hit me with whatever spell it is that it uses for a hell of a lot of damage. 1537 hp to -87 to be exact.:P
I'd like the believe this is one monster and one spell messed up but we all know this isn't exactly true since I've seen at least 2 other posts in the last few days complaining about being killed with single spells.
Please, someone do something about this. This is absolutely no fun.:(

-Nyxy, frog legs for dinner...extra crispy.
  Thanks to all those that reported that mirror image works 
on other again, its fixed again....
Hmm, just a few comments about using the spell.

As a mage with 201 Int, I get 17 images on a good roll.  We'll say it's
16 just to make the math a little easier.

Say I'm attacking a decent 45k monsie, like a ninja or something.
It gets 4 attack/round.

My chances of avoiding getting hit kind of drop off quickly:

I have a 75% chance of making it 1 round without being hit, 50% chance 2 rounds,
25% chance 3 rounds, essentially nil for 4 rounds.

Been a while since probability class, but that should be close enough.

This means I get my starting spell, and maybe one other if they manage
not to hit me.  Those numbers aren't just from math either;that's about
the way it ran when I was out there.

I don't think that mages should be able to solo everything in the mud,
but when I have a 50/50 chance of beating a 40k monsie and I'm a
34th level mage, I think a little tuning could be used :)

Perhaps changing number of images from the 9-17 I'm getting to more like
15-23.  Even just adding a few more should help things out a bit/

Just a bit of feedback,
Also, a few words on removing the level bonus from spellcasting %:

First of all, the rationale I was given was: 'Skills don't get a level bonus,
so why should spells?'

Well, that's OK, but when most of the useful skills don't work in the
'use skill at target' format, and many are checked each round,
ie attack, lwield, dhit, wskills, stun, enhance crits, mac, etc.
there's a lot more room for error.

It's a lot less costly for a fighter to miss one hit in one round of combat
than for a mage to miss one spell.  Gotta wait a few more rounds before the
mage can make any mroe input in the combat, while the fighter keeps
slugging away.

Also, weapons give +to hit and +to damage, and I've yet to see an item
that gives mages +to spellcasting.

Furthermore, at least in my mind, it simply fits that levels should affect
spellcasting.  I think a 50th level mage should inherently be better
at casting PWK than a 20th level mage even if they both have the same %.

It shouldn't be a ridiculous amount of a bonus, or we'd go back to everyone training spells
to like 60% and running around no-fail
However, at least in my experience, with 201 Int, I have to have a spell
to at least 90% for it to be reliable.

Personally, I think spellcasting should work something like:
    At minimum,,your chance of casting the spell is your % in the spell,
    with bonuses for having a high value in the correspnding stat(s),
    and bonus for your level relative to the spells' level.
    Minimum % so newbie mages can actually fire off a spell on
    occasion, and level bonus so mages can improve as spellcasters
    as they gain exp.

Hope I didn't ramble too much,
FPOD isn
't working again...
I cast it from outside of my POD, and it didn't work at all. Lost 350 levels of corpses or so.
No spectre in POD this time, though. :)

sounds like rozman wants the beloved cast generic skill to me :)
I removed death armour from abjurers and installed a new spell called mass shield. Enjoy.

 - Zorm
Break stun spell coded for abjurers. Have fun.

 - Zorm
after fixing the code and some testing ( thanx xiombarg ) it seems
monsters now fall within the damage caps guidelines

if a monster does more than 1000 with a single target spell
or more than 500 with an are let us know.

Druids now have hold animal, and slow animal.
Animals are recognizable throughout the MUD if you know what it is in real life.

now returns the proper value for guild levels

Fixed chaos jump and teleport without error.

 - Zorm
New spell called purifying fire coded which helps magey types to
handle the corpses <grin>. At the moment only in abjurer guild.

 - Zorm
I was going to suggest to Simpleton to give fighters somethign to
stop fighters from dropping their weapons, when I realized a fighter
can join merchants as a secondary and get sticky weapon at 13th level.
So stop complaining.

In re to spell damage:

The old rules, if you had a 20th level spell at 100%, you did 4000
points of damage max in 20 rounds.

The current rules, the same spell does 1500 points of damage (at max)
in 5 rounds.

This in fact works out to an upgrade in the damage a mage is capable
of dishing out, since a mage can now dish out 6000 points of damage
in 20 rounds.  Quickchant speeds this process up even more (and remember,
more castings means more damage since you get a damage bonus to any
spell you cast), and specializations will be capable of halving the sp
cost for spells of that type.

So a mage specializing in fire who unleashes with his 20th level fire
spell will 6000 points of damage for 500 sps in 20 rounds and probably
less if he has quickchant up high.

Psis lost life leech but gained unpain.

Ravenkall seems to have fixed the floating disc thing. When it ends up disappearing, you do not lose everything that was on it anymore, it all drops to the ground. Or mine seems to do that.
-Faeryll, undertaker for the necros.
duration is now determined by int,wis and level.  Clever bios get
more time, stoopid tanks dont get a lot more.
it works now.
    Cold bolt still seems to take 10-20 rounds to cast
It would be great if all the channels worked consistently...
Life leech is pretty close to useless now.
You can get (briefly) above your max, but losing 60 HP off of leeched HP every 10 seconds max it useless.
I'm not entirely sure why it needs to be rebalanced anyways... all it does is let a necromancer hang with mirrored mages, it does NOT make me unkillable...
I got stuck in a fight with Cutter when my horde went down, and almost didn't wimpy in time when Xiombarg did... (we were partying). Cutter mauled me, taking off almost all my leeched HP before I could get out.

-Despair (who foolishly got 112% Life Leech)
casting time brought down to 5 rounds.
We found out what was wrong.
Power Word Kill had the spell chant for Power Blast.
My mistake.
It's fixed.


P.S. Leave Ray alone now, it wasn't his fault. >:)
Thank Elaroid for creating the Summon Chaos Beast spell, which summons
an insane, bizarre monster that attacks everyone in the room and goes on a rampage.  It can
attack anybody, and everyone (including monsters).

New idea for a reaver spell... Cast in a room with multiple critters, this
spell will cause all monsters to attack each other... course, they also
attack you, but then what fun would this spell be otherwise? :P
Isaac, who things Reddist is way too easy. :P
Druids can now summon and control animals from the wild!
Onlyprimary druids can do this - but this shoul dmake being a druid a
lot of fun.  
However, here's some things to consider:
If your animal dies, you lose exp equal to the value of your animal.  So treat it like it's your
own life.  Obviously, the wimpier animals won't
cause you to lose as much.
There's a range of 20 levels worth of animals.
Some animals have skills that are more
useful.  Specifically, two of them fly, some of them track, and some of them
can pick locks (racooons), or pick pockets (monkey).
Finally, gorillas can wield weapons so arm your gorillas! :)
However, thes animals are "instant animals".
The necro has to work hard crafting his undead.
The druid has no such problem.

Mana Drain -
       Costs only 76 sps and can be cast in 8 rounds..

       Get rid of that fucking spell or change it so it's harder to cast
       It sucks especially when 2 or 3 people have it and have 'mana drain' wars
       to see who can drain the most mana.
       I say stop this fucking bullshit.

The end.
new spell antidrain.

currently if protects from energy drain, mana drain and life leech.

it'll prllly get added to abjurers, paladins and templars.

Abjurers get it as tertiary,
paladins get it as secondary,
templars get it as primary.
It's useful.  Use it when necros become irksome.

There is a new Reaver spell.
Summon Chaos Axe  ( 9th level )
No help up yet, but if I may quote an Arch, "This ROCKS"
Try it, you'll like it :)

Necromancy seems to be a little behind the times. :)
Our spells have exceedingly poor SP/damage ratios, and many seem out of whack in casting time, too.
particularly, I'm thinking of darkfire,
but harm is also out of whack... it costs a little much for the amount of damage it does,
but that's not it's biggest problem. It just plain takes too long to cast. PWK only takes 5 rounds! how come harm takes 8?
many of the other spells don't seem to do much... I haven't noticed wither greatly reducing the number of attacks monsies get.
That may be because that isn't implemented yet, dunno...
ghoul's touch doesn't paralyze very often, even versus wimpy monsters (who as often as not die from the damage it does).

I don't expect necros to outpower mages in spellcasting, but I don't think it would hurt to make us a little better at combat spells.

Thanks for listening to my griping. :)
Could we get rid of this spell and have dollify not have a chance to destroy undead? all this does is make it harder to dollify your undead before a reboot, thus reducing your adventuring time.

also, should necromancer's be able to dollify each other's undead? It makes it damn easy to steal another necro's horde, or destroy it with failed dollifies.

-Despair, who is always making more work for Zoob. :)
Ok, I just got killed by a warding skull that took me from 950hp to
-1090hp with no chance of avoidance. This is waaaaay to abusable. Think
about vengeful necros placing these things in the level advancement rooms
or transporter rooms. The spell just doesn't have any use other than
revenge...and on top of that you don't even get to know who wanted you
dead so bad (well..by process of elimination I know who got me..what a
prick). And you can't avoid it..as soon as you walk in the room the your
fate is sealed. In other words, this spell SUCKS.

- Night Child
razor sharp claws
serrated claws
barbed claws
 -- all increase hand damage
toxin glands
 -- chance to poison opponent on hit (unarmed only)
mescalin glands
 -- chance to interrupt spells on unarmed attack

no guild gets them (yet)
Necro spells are not supposed to be any where as near as good as 
mage spells.

Thus you will notice they do less damage, take longer to cast,
    and prolly use more sp per damage.  This is the way 
    it is supposed to be.  Use your horde.  You spells are secondary backup.
    You cant have the best of both worlds.

Also:  Prepping undead.  if you were smart, you'd prep you undead
as soon as you transformed them instead of waiting to do it
at reboot.  This will not change either.


warding skull only works in castles now.  Of course they arent up yet.
Too bad.  Dont make me zap you.

As I said, I don't expect to compete with mages, but necro combat spells are almost useless... quite annoying if you lose your horde and have to start over...
350 damage for 250 sp/10 rounds is way out of line with new spells. I don't care if it's a little slower/less damage/poorer SP ratio, but this is ludicrous
say I can see only getting a 2:1 damage/sp ratio where mages get 4:1, but 4:3 sucks.
Talien seemed more concerned with warding skulls not saying who did it than the damage they do or the fact that they can be used for traps... another idea might be to make them disappear when the necro leaves the game, so the necro can't leave traps behind...

-Despair (who even though he disagrees with Zoob on spell damage, still loves necromancy)
I fixed a few of them.  Mostly lowered casting times.

You commanded necro undead can no longer cast spells they do not have.

imprisonment spell should no longer prevent ghost from going to hell.

control animal now has a dismiss command which you must use if you are
going to quit or go ld.  if you don't the animal doesnt have a chance to
reset your summon status upon its departure.

um imprisonment stops you from going to heavenhell or purgitory ... um this is bad ..me case and rhadaz got stuck in a room with the guy that cast it .. and we did not go to heaven ...
um this is wrong ...
Crygon the ghost ,,,,

um HELP ....this is a problem
  Ok Druids are a neat guild, but a couple things. Our summoned animals dont stay very long. Make them stay alittle longer. The longest mine have stayed is around 4-5 minutes max... Also since all our spells are outdoors types, can you make sure that the wizs set descriptions right, I have benn in some outdoors areas and cant cast my spells (example outdoors on crypt).

  Um the only other thing is mmaybe having some spells for underground....
Thanks to yo and haderak for discovering that you could continuously
reinc someone and keep getting exp, if they left the reinc room by
the last chance exit.

Last chance exit in the reinc room now takes you back to hell
The reincer doesnt get any exp from the spell unless you type continue
in the reinc room (i.e. take the reinc).
The reincer receives half the reinc tax in exp for reincing someone
 - this because reinc is used a lot less than ress.

 - overall you get less for reincing newbies (but they reinc a lot anyway)
 - and more for high levellers (who rarely ever reinc)
The new rates for reinc are fine but i put a cap on the amount you
get.  The max you will get for reincing anyone is 2Megs, which i believe
is generous enough.  As it was you could get up to 25Megs or more from a
single casting, which is positively ridiculous.  Some of the wizzes
some reincers in the older older version of reinc got 90Megs.

This will not happen again.  

I made a mod to DA that cancels them both out if both parties are
using them.  If it continues to bug or cause lost
hbs report the incident and any spells/skills involved.
Also mention whether the EYE of Wetzly was involved.

I agree with Zoob that not having a cap on xp from reinc would be obscene but a 2M cap is about the same for ress unless i'm mistaken and like Elaroid says reincs are a lot less common than resses and so should give better exp. 

You're incredibly lucky if you get a 2M ress, unless it's Case.
Since you only get 10% of the exp when you ress, you need to find
some one with 20M on them when they die.  It's not +that+ common.

 -Varagryne :)
It may not be common, but it does happen. When Nyx, Case, or Isaac is going for a level, they are frequently running around with almost 50 megs on them, from what they've said. So... resser gets 20-25% of that? that's still 10-12 megs.. even if it's only 10%, it's still 5 megs from a ress.
reinc should be able to get more than 2 megs, in my opinion. or ressers should get less, because ressing is so common.

No big deal to me, in any case, because I'm a necro, and only care if I can get their corpses...
I agree with Despair. Since levels costs so much a lot of us often die with a lot of xp on us and ressers usually make the max they are allowed to get from a single ress. This isn't exactly a rarity. When I died last night I didn't have much xp on me but on my 2 previous deaths I lost 20 and 19M. That's an easy 2M each for a resser. Reincing on the other hand is not as common and I don't mind druids getting a bit more xp if that will ensure having a few more druids on and not having to wait days when you are trying to get a reinc. Also, we lose a lot of xp in reinc. would be nice to know that someone else at least is getting something out of the deal.:P

-Nyxy, dies with xpy.
New Reaver Spell -- Ultimate Sacrifice

You cast it and you die, but you take everything in the room with you.
Actually, you do area damage based on how much exp you have :)

New Reaver Spell -- Death Scream

Cast it and you prepare yourself for your demise.
When you finally die, the built up chaotic energies are released in one
mighty wail, damaging all in the room.  It only lasts until you quit
or the mud reboots.
Damage is based on your max hps.

    Um i hate to say this but i agree with talamarian nyx and despair with the reinc thing ..
ass a ress'r i've ress'd most people of mid to high levels than perasonally know me..i usually get only between 100k-1M but on rare occations i have gotton close to 3 or 4 meg ...and that's cause rack or Nyl are usually with isaac or them
reinc is much less common and rareer for the high lev chars that to level like isaac and nyx (just for an example) when was the last time they reinc??
people die alot and we ress them . i usually get like 1-2 Meg a night when i get ress's .reinc is much rare and haveing a cap of 2 meg does not sound quite fair when comparing it to ress...but it's like a ress .. yu get more from the higher level chars .. and they don't reinc as much ..
oh well i'm babbleing on  now so i'll stop..but i am for a higher cap with reinc ..
Crygon the guy who ress's,antidrains,unpains and hebo's....among other things..
Personally I agree that a 2Meg cap is, if not unfair, just not quite right.
The problem is, reinc is based on "total" exp and ress is based on "free"
exp.  So, if a reinc'er were to get 10% of the "total" exp, they'd be
getting... 30Meg off me in one spell, who knows what off Case or Isaac.
You can't make the reinc do free exp, because how many people die and
say I want a reinc not a ress (assuming they aren't planning on changing
guilds or races)?  Another thing, I doubt that any druid will ever have
a chance to get a 2M reinc.  I personally don't have the answer :(

  Oh well,
   Varagryne the Seraphim O:)
Easy Vara. Just raise the cap a little. Not asking for 30M a reinc but at least a better cap than ress has.
 easy solution for your bitchin...
cap ress exp to lower what reinc exp is capped at (=2M now).
think about it, 1-2M from casting ONE spell is a lot.
thanks for hating me for this comment :) just my opinion
and freedom of speech.
There is now a 2M cap on resurrection xp gained by caster.  Dunno how
that slipped through  >:)

As far as the reinc/ress argument.  I dunno why people are comparing the
two as if they should be equal in some way.  Different spells,
different guilds, different demands.  Just because one gets used
less doesnt mean you should get more for it.

I realize ress and reinc are some of the primary service spells for those
two respective guilds, however i would hope that your main exp comes from
partying and regular adventuring and not so dependant on those single spells.

    just a thought but what if you cast it at a weapon that was alread ymagical ..you can't really know if it's already on it .. ?can you ?
and well is this spell stackable cause i cast it on my new moon like 3 or 4 times just ta see if i could ...and it just say's something like you bless the weapon or whatever it says ..?just wondering ...
Crygon who probally makes no sense in this mail ..
Druid animals now return to the wild according to the spell % (as Zoob set it)
rather than any actual code in the animal itself.
They'r all update, hopefully they'll last longer, have fun.

OK imprisonment is really fixed this time.  If you die you go to 
whereever ya sposed to.

um do these spells have a max dmg if so what is it if you don't mind ..
thanks ....

Crygon is bored and thought about this just now ...
life leech no longer relies on a shadow to remove leeched points.
Its hard coded in now.  Quitting and reentering will still cause
points to ebb away.

   Thanks to Zoob, Goodberry now feeds the eater...

   Thanks to Tal, animals summoned never leave, but Zoob is fixing that :(
I've heard gumbles about word of recall lately.

Let me remind you....

Word of recall was made to be togglable.  In order to do this, it's not
an automatic every time you log in.


=\} Ravenkall {/=
dispel good fixed.

control animal at dismiss has a temporary patch to allow it to work
until animals are fixed again.

ok idon't know if this spell works.
if it does please make it so if you cast it on a weapon that the weapon say's
it glowing. And please make it so if not cast on a weapon to say that it can 
only becast on weapons. Also please let the cast know if it's alear cast on the
weapon when you cast it.(unless you want the spell to be stackble wich it should not be) I have tested the spell, and have sucessfully cast it on my new moon
many times in one secession. I have also sucessfully cast it on myself.the spell say's nothing when either of these events have occurred.also please 
make it so that when cast on non-magical weapons that it say's that they are 
glowing when you look at them because they still effect char who only reg in the
dark. When you have the time (I understand that you are very busy) please tell
us if what i'm saying is true...I just want to know because it's a very cool s
spell and i would like to have it working right. Thank you for listening.
Crygon hopes he's not being annoying with this message.
Entropy spell tailored to be quite nasty in conjunction with current
aging system.  If you are a short lived race, ie one who has
a current age of around 15 or less, be VERY afraid of this spell.
You will understand after being hit with half a dozen of them.

   Zoob, for your info, Druids have the youth spell. 
So anyone thats need a youthing just ask you friendly
New Reaver Spell -- Chaos Shape
14th level, replacing Curse.

You cast it and you transform into a random shape.
The better your luck and level, the better your shape... usually.

Have fun :)
Just a note. Do NOT cast chaos shape while wielding the Axe of Entropy
(summon chaos axe). It is bad.
Okie... just some vauge thoughts about this spell...
first off, it takes me below all my stats basically... just get more wis
as an owl, but I can't see as how this would be a useful spell... fun, yes
but not very useful... perhaps an eagle to fly about in Air, or a water
breathing critter to swim about on Wysoon... but not good in combat.
So here's my idea... perhaps have certain critters that add to certain
stats... like Drake would have +strenght as well as fire breathing and
flight ability... prolly lower your exp % like dragon form for Dracs
does, but who cares? Other animals would give you other things.
At any rate, just my thoughts on the spell. :)
-Isaac the Colorless Eagle.
I've made the wearing off messages more visible - i.e. bright red on 
an ansi term, and lowered casting costs to be more affordable

The duration at ten minutes i feel to be quite long enough.

note this is a tuning process so costs may go up again if this makes
low levellers too powerful...
New Spell -- Animal Form -- for Druids (heh, not Reavers this time :))

Level 20
Help spells animal form

Lets you turn into one of 8 different animals.
4 are intelligetn and quick, the other 4 are bestial and strong

Re: Chaos shape-
One) Races will have special abilities once they get added to the 
command code.  e.g. fire breathing for Drakes.

Two) Most races don't improve your stats.  There are four "good"
races as far as stats and wc go, the rest are for you unlucky people.
For the really lucky (I mean lucky, not LUK stat), there is a rockin'
race.  Basically the higher your level and luck, the better your
chance at getting a good shape, BUT it is still random (i.e. a 100th level
player with 100 luck can still frog himself).

As far as improving your stats, Chaos drake should... check again, you
should be getting a str and siz bonus, along with keeping your own
int and wis.  If this is not the case, mail me.

Animal form boosts your stats and will eventually give you race
powers beyond flight, water breathing, etc.

    This is why I didnt want animal form type spell. First it lasts 
2 minutes. Second the animals suck. If we can transform
into an animal might as well make it worht it. 
AS it is now it is just a worthless spell that will
not get used ever.  The only good thing about 
it is I can fly/swim, but that is worthless
considering it lasts about 2minutes...
   Ok, I wont bitch about the spell animal form, 
I just want to know what is the use of some
of the races like deer... I see no gains in stats... 
No new skills while in this form... Also I cannot quit
while in animal form, or get out of it unless
I have someone restore me or it wears off...
Also say I am a fish and way deep in the water 
and it changes me back. I will die... So maybe some
warning before it changes me back...
Don't even begin to give me any slack about forms not giving you any
bonuses.  _I_ get my bonuses when I cast the spell.
As for Duration?  You're only level 23, of course it's only going to
last 2 minutes.  Gain some levels and it last longer.  I doubt I could
get permission to make a spell that can give up to a +50 str/+25 con 
bonus that lasts 30 minutes and doesn't affect your exp rate.  Did you
notice that?  You're getting 2 stat bonuses, natural wc, and no change
in exp%.  Technically I should have given you all 10% exp rates in
animal form.

Further more, animal race abilities will be connected eventually.

   Well, I am a level 20 druid. I think it is dumb to have spells based
on other guild levels. But that is my opinion... As for
skills etc, how do I know what they are? just 
experiment with it??? Or are they not done yet...
As for natural wc, I have no idea how to have it
show me my wc... And I still dont like the spell... But
I suppose I cant like everything..
cast goodberry
   Arlan is right, you get your claws, then about 2 fights at the most 
they are gone. Either casting time needs to be way lower, 
or they need to last longer...
   Last time I say anything about Animal form. I think the spell is
not as great as Varagryne seems to think it is. First, I cant cast
spells or control my animal. I gain alittle stats and natural wc, big deal
I get the same if not better from eq which still lets me cast
my spells. I would rather be able to control my animal and 
cast spells then transform into an animal for a few minutes.
The spell is neat, fun to play with when bored... but not useful...
Unless you can explain to me the uses other then water/air
    the spell Animal Form makes it so you cant
summon a druid animal. I keep getting the message
that I already have an animal at my service when I dont...
Monks lost quick chant, but the claw spells were halved in casting time.
Speak to Elaroid about any other enhancements regarding such spells.

Druids now have the sharpleaf spell, which requires you to hit
with a leaf (throwing it atyour target), turning it into a whirling weapon with the 
consistenty of steel!


This now fills in the gap between call lightning (at 14th) which dose
like 700 hp damage, and sharpleaf, which does 400 hp damage.
Enjoy, druids.

Please make this spell do something, or remove it from the game. right now, it is just an extremely expensive summon spell.
It does nothing that summon doesn't. Perhaps it should be able to summon from no-summon areas?

-Despair, who is annoyed he spent XP on such an inefficient spell.
It summons through no summoning barriers.
Telemantic protection is really screwed up...I lost 2 reapers cause it didn't work...they got teleported to jail by the celestial guardians! =(
The reason yer reapers got sent to execution is because the guardians only
check for heavy weight and some other spell ( i forget ).  I'll look
at telemantic prot and see if its appropriate.
The spell I am sure works fine :)

 Speed spell could also give bonuses to one's dodge or to other
defensive maneuvers. That would help Monks a little.
is this supposed to work or not??
I got ack an eroor blah blah ..after i cast it ...um is it down or just a bug?

Crygon leaves in 19 days
its temporarily down due to changes in the container code, and the
odd code that was used to code floating disc.  It'll be back up
soon.  watch for it in news

sp cost lowered, casting time raised
dollify undead now has a 10% chance of desting an undead even if its
prepped.  This is to prevent people from dolling undead to heal them up.

Heal undead should be used instead.  The sp cost  has been lowered for it.

    How about a new spell for Druids, called Harmony Armor...
It returns a certain percent of magical damage back at the
monster... similar to Death Armor, but only on magical damage
would make druids alot more usefull...
Merchants now have the spell strengthen armor at 18th level.
Rejoice, and be healthy.

The healing spells were finally brought into line
with the damage spells.
That is, 1 sp now heals you for the equivalent of 4 hps.
So your healing spells will actually be a bit more effective for the

  Harmony Armour was a healer spell on batmud that, if i am right,
could only be cast on the healer.  It was a primary healer spell,
and druids wouldn't get something like this.  If anyone would get
it it would be biomancer.
Healing spells were further modified so that they go along with
the level guidelines too.  Some went up, some went down, the 
sp to hp ratio of healing is still the same.


I would like to say on the subject of protect armour that 
abjurers ought to get it, ..i have protect weapon, and about
320 ways to protect a party,person, or area, so i would say
it's in my sphere of influence...also would make another guild
that fighters can complain is never on when they need armor protted

btw, armor DOES take damage too fast from what i've seen..it gets hit
,sorry, DAMAGED about every 20 hits i take it seems., which amounts
to every combat something gets damaged....realistic? and how about
making differenct slots more likely to get hit..somehow i find
'your belt takes some damage' very unlikely.
valheru, the atomic reactor.
   Well Valheru is right, sorta.. We shouldnt have protect weapon
... If anything we should have protect armour instead since
all tanks can repair there own weapons and dont really
need weapon prots unless.... cont
cmw unforgiven
   HAd to heal my tank... anyways... not sure we should get
prot armor though, but between the 2, armor not weapon...
I agree that not all damage types should rebound based on room size.
These are my suggestions for what WOULD rebound if the room was too
Physical- the physical objects bounce off the walls
Fire - the flames envelope the air and you can have a backdraft
Cold - less air means heat gets absorbed much quicker
Poison - poison is a liquid - it splashes
Electricity - Electricity can arc all over the place
Asphyxiation - the less air in the room, the harder it is to breathe
Acid - Like poison, it splashes.

All other damage types wouldn't rebound.  Note that this is only for
area effect spells.  Of course, we'd also have to have something to indicate
that the room was too big or too small, probably part of the look

This is in reguards to why I think thieves should have remove poison...they work in poison all the time..you'd think they could cure it in case of any accidents or experiments, I was told they don't have ti because it is a healing spell exclusively for cleric-types...well then why the hell do bards have it?...I am biased against bards anyways because they make better thieves than thieves but that is another story
Now, there's an actual difference in healing between transfers and
normal heals (transfers are different in that -0 well...
Let's try that again.
Normal farheals heal 1/2 what a heal would do.
Transfer farheals heal what a heal would do (because u trade off
by losing hps to cast it).
The same applies to greater party heal and lesser party heal,
and healing circle.
Did that make any sense?
Good, explain it to me.

    help spell enlarge weapon says it converts a
1h weapon into a 1h weapon, change that please :)
   Airsteel and Shadow Armor are bugging.. Currently they do
not wear off, and they use the same chant, so are actually
the same spell... Please fix this... Well you can leave
it so it doesnt wear off if you want, but make them
separate spells like they should be...
The two spells are now their own distinct spells.  Shadow armour is
still double stackable, airsteel is not stackable but is higher prot.

Both are stackable with each other.

Does Greater Summon summon from no-summon areas? if not, make it do so. I tried to summon
Haderak from "An event horizon" and could not because it was shielded from that type of magic.
Greater Summon costs a lot of SP, and takes more time to cast, is a higher level spell and costs more SP... it should do more than a standard summon.
No spell summon spell will or should ever work in a no summon area.

The principle reason for this is because many areas are protected
from summoning as part of area security or part of a quest.
Removing the blocks that prevent summoning allows player to bypass
various rooms that would normally needed to be traversed to reach the 

For instance the Wysoom Vaults are no summon.  Allowing them to be
acessible via summon defeats the purpose of having guards.

Truthfully the spell greater summon should to something else or be 
removed, as its no longer serves its ghost summoning capacity.

But you won;t ever see a spell that allows bypassing no_summon zones.

    Abj spells due not last nearly long enough. If I am
lucky they last through 1 medium fight. I wont even bother
to say how many times I have to reprot my tanks 
when we go after big monsters.  The main problem is
that they are very expensive sp wise, but short lived.
They really do not last long enough. I have 2 ideas, one
make the duration longer or lower sp costs. 
Or a better idea is a mastery type skill. This
skill would raise duration of prot spells, as well
as maybe other things like increase spell performance
or lower sp cost etc... This obviously would be a lev 20 
skill :)
i am a bit confused about a few reaver spells, maybe a wiz can clear this up for me....

a few reaver spells, namely chaos blast, burning blood and chaos surge, and to a lesser extent destroy mind and destroy body, all are described as "random" spells in their descriptions.

are they then subject to the same sp to damage ratios?

seems to me that "random damage" means just that, it could be nothing or massive damage. but from what i have heard this doesn't seem to be the case.

someone please clear this up for me, so i can decide if i'm gonna reinc:)

Siren Selene wants a little chaos.
Um, I cast cure serious wounds at myself and it said that 'You heal much of Faeryll's wounds,' but I healed none. Something wrong with that, something with the random number healed maybe?
flame strike takes way to damn long to cast. Other people have of 2 or 3
area spells in the time it takes me to cast flame strike

Nylerus uncomplaining templar. NOT!
N is right flame strike takes very long ..to cast tis most annoying to cast a 15 round spell while in combat ..or just to wait there .
Sincerely me agai
I would really like something done about flame strike even with quick chant it
is slow

flame strike may be slow, but it does a LOT of damage all at once for an area effect spell. I suspect the damage will get downed considerably, if it is to be brought in line with other area spells. check out fireball, or darkfire, for example.
lowered cast time for flame strike

Hmm. Darkfire sucks. 10 round casting time. and it's a much higher level spell than flamestrike. it takes forever to cast!
Thank you Zoob

DO NOT CAST ANY AREA's while in the same room with your mount ...but of corse you already new that ...
I was just getting my ass kick'd by my dragon casue of a flame strike.
*laugh* my fault though thank god it didn't breathe
as of november 1, floating disc is still not working, could someone
please fix it, It impacts me a lot since my strength is almost nil.
Death armour is also not up, i could use that a lot too.
valheru, the atomie reactor.
Um Flame strike is like a little out of hand per haps you can adjust it ..I mean 4 rounds and 180 sps fer around 700 damage ..not that I minde But it is a bit powerful ..
ut of wack now
oh well I know yer going to hat eme fer this but who cares you'll get over it by the time I get back hhehehehhe* wave*
Good luck all
the following spells/powers no longer work in no summon zones:

summon animal
summon mount
summon chaos beast
slaad gate power
plane shift power of githyanki, arcane, and ulitharid
trident of fish summoning

fumble % changed for spells.  Mostly helps newbies out for whom it was
massively unfair odds to fumble.  Nite, this has nothing to do with
spell success, jut the fumble % on the occurence of a failure.

not to be picky, but the biomancer spell LIFE SHIELD lasts about
50 seconds (I timed it)... Is it supposed to last longer? I hope

Beale, the new (and probably temporary) Catfolk leader
Yep, life shield lasts 50 seconds for me...For a spell costing 250
spell points, I think that's crappy, ESPECIALLY for what it does
(according to the help page)...
Just got this cool spell today.. but one problem with it... if the 'target'
is already healed up, any way to save your mana, or at the very least get
a chance for a mana save? Pain in the butt to try to heal Nyx from afar
only to find out she'd ticked the last few already... And since they
lowered hp/sp/ep regen so much, I only get 24 sp regen per tick... which
makes it a costly lil' blunder. :)
Floating disc still bugged, -- 11/7/95.
Could some wiz please check it if they have time?
valheru, the atomie reactor.
I made a quick fix to floating disc. Note: you can get stuff
from other players disc for now.

 - Zorm
I don't know what has been done to unpain, but it lasts a whole 1-3 minutes for me...kinda sucks at the cost of the spell. Also, iron will doesn't even last half way through combat for me and I have a wis of 145...sucks.
-Faeryll, still eqless, xpless, epless and stunless.
Unpain's duration was cut, as was iron will's..both of these spells are only
useful if they stay up when cast, they're not reactive type spells-they're
preventive ones that are cast ahead of time--please review the cut and 
perhaps not cut it as much or change it somehow, unpain particularly for
the cost ought to stay up a while...
valheru, the atomie reactor
I seem to fumble a bit too much.  72 luck and 178 int ( not sure how
much certain stats affect fumbles or if they even do).

I have 70% in the spell that I've now fumbled 3 out of about
8 castings.  What gives?  I'm a master of my guild,
that being mage (I'm 20th level).

Well, since my bonuses were taken from me I'm getting my chitin
hiney kicked out there.
Please give us specializations soon. :)

Mirror image is f*$(ed. I use it and every combat nearly I am truly hit in the first round and all of the mirror images fade. This really sucks...
-Faeryll, there can be only one.
mirror image
I'd have to agree with faeryll...I'm a mage, and rely on my mirror images like a fighter relies on his dodges, etc....When I get true hit by everything, it really sucks, seeing as I only get 50% exp for one thing, and I can't be ressed...not to mention undead are still bugging, so if I die, I lose ALL of my exp!
Faeryll wrote:
>Mirror image is f*$(ed. I use it and every combat nearly I am truly hit in the first round and all of the mirror images fade. This really sucks...
>-Faeryll, there can be only one.

Well see, there's your problem right there, no
wonder they find you so soon.

> -~h

*snark* even
damn editor
   This may be old, but whatever happened to the
spell component idea? Was that voted out?
   I kow this is a rip off of Bat, but Merchants should have
some sort of weapon enchants. Would be pretty cool...
   I think blur is bugging, not going away...
or maybe it lasts a real real long time cause of mastery.
PLEASE give casters SOME kinda bonus for our level.  I'm 36th level and
20th in my guild and I constantly fail and FUMBLE spells
from my primary guild, this shouldn't be.  Sigh

With 1200 sp I get 5 of my best spells.  When I fail or fumble 3 outta 5 of those
it makes me next to useless.  Equivilant of 600sp for 1500 damage (or so).. WOW!

Spell Category is Physical, but spell does Poison damage.

Mages get two bonuses to Invocation (with an I).
Some of our spells are Evocation (with an E).
I haven't found any Invocation spells, only Evocation.  Is the bonus we get
a typo?  Just checking.  

heal undead is misclassified. I should think it is a necromantic spell, not a healing spell, because it only affects undead.
just my opinion, though :)
Maillib's spell isn't wrong.
Damage type does not correspond with spell ategory.

  its a poisoned arrow, but its still physical, you are shootin
the arrow at the target according to the spell descr =)
I'm not sure if this is a bug, or just what happens when you fumble/miscast remote transport, but I was transporting haidar, and ended up going to where I was sending him, and he stayed put.
I just wanted to say i agree with Moriant. its sad when high lev players fail most of the time. Why are all spellcaster types failing and fumbling so  much i fail more now than when i had spells at like 40% and i never use to fumble but now i am alot. whats up? oh and if specializations are gonna help mages what are psi's gonna get to help them??
just thought i'd share my thoughts on the subject >:)
Hellcatt who has fumble at 150%
          Could someone have darkness spell last longer?  After 'tweaks'
 my spell doesn't even last a minute and my Int/Wis isn't too scoffable.
      Can someone update the Complete Healing and Greater Heal spell descs.  Th
    _+_SA_+_     P.S.  they dont autowrap.
Just curious if there can be a help file written on it

    Raivenloth The cursed.
Info within the guild is bugged, I get errors.

Moriant, soon to be Cryomancer
Pah Isaac!! Death armour is a Necro spell all the way before its a reaver 
spell!  >:)   You wussy reavers wouldnt know a death armour if it 
wapped you on the nose!!!

Acidic blood just sucks and there is no two ways about it. It lasts a how half a round and if it goes off right after the monsters round of attack it leaves your system before his round of attack again. If the mud lags, if leaves before the round even starts. The only time that it works is if it goes off right when they are about to hit...can it be fixed? If not, it is worthless.
-Faeryll of the pure blood.
   Just dropping a brief note to let you all know that one of our
main concerns here is getting more mages into the game, properly
balanced with the fighters .. I'm sure talien has had numerous 
arguments regarding this .. =) ..

   Just wanted to let you know that all your concerns are not
falling on deaf ears =)

I have a question about the druid restore spell.
Apparently this race can't unstone a gargoyle exposed to light.
(or so I was told) It undoes stuff for other races, shouldn't it unstone

bug fixed - they now have same duration as death armour.
   15 rounds for protect weapon. 15 rounds for protect armor.
   And merchants dont get qc. No wonder no one wants them.
They take forever. It should be lowered.
animation corpse costs are upped.  

Need 100, 300, 800, 2000 for the four animations

The number of undead you can command is now based on their total 
combined levels.

It should work out to a maximum of about 4 reapers.  And these are the
new wimpy reapers mind you.

grim reapers are harder to get, you prolly wont see many of them being made

Summone dweapons are beautiful things.
However, they also are very specific objects of power, and in some respects, aren't as powerful
as a good old hunka steel.
Therefore, the following mods have been made:
psiblades do psi damage
bioblades do harm damage
spiritual hammers do holy damage
All of these weapons do SOME physical damage.
But not all of it, and if a monster is immune to your damage type, you won't harm it much.
So, on one hand, all of the above damages aren't affected by armor, which makes
them more deadly.
On the other hand, the weapons are much more specialized.

   Bug with summon spell. I summon Rayzam and demon
appears, then "ack error thingy" and demon goes away :)

  Oh ya, Also, curse spell at wizs dont work either. Rayzam is a wuss
and cant curse me, and I cant curse him. But I dont get
turned into a frog for cursing him either :)
  Asphyxiation damage..

  Smell of the Shaithisogre.
The spell displacement lasts approx 2-3 mins on average it seems.  Would
be nice if the duration were higher....like 8-10 mins time.  It sure
does not last long whenever I have been with people that have cast it.
Death Armour can only be cast ont he caster.
That is, it's a powerful spell (like mirror image), which is meant
only for the benefit of the caster who receives it.
Don't worry reavers - you'll get your own version soon.

 Necro spell 'Withering' should be an offensive spell, right now
it isn't, or am I hallucinating?
Ummm... wizards... could you look at the spell Dispell evil? I am Angelic.
That's very very good... and I got hit by dispell evil... it did 1300 hps
worth of damage to me... Both dispell good and dispell evil need to be
modded on monsters cause we can't cast a dispell evil spell at something
that's evil and have it do damage... we get 'target is too evil to be
dispelled', or whatever it says. Also, I don't think that we do jack damage
compared to 1300 hps? I want from 1860 hps to 567 hps... That is about as
much as Shihin was doing with Decompose spell on me when he was testing it
out... and Dispell good and evil are not supposed to do that much damage.
Dispell evil: Attack spell... damage: holy... Max damage: 750.
So someone needs to look into this quite seriously...
(BTW, the monster was a paladin in the warlock tower in perdow)
Isaac the holy... yet still dispeled.
The damage being really high for those spells makes sense.
They are highly limited in what they can be used on.  Thats the
idea for gross damage.  A mage can cast his spells at anything.  So
if the patch is made so it does check alignment (or undead..etc..)
when cast by a monster at a player, then all will be well.
Okie folks.. just a word of advice and a word of warning from me...
Holy word from the angel in the top of Gugu's tower in welstar does around
3250 hps of damage per casting... not just 1000, or 2000... no 3250...
couple that with a chainsaw... and any evil person is gonna die qiuck... yep.
I was at 1581 hps.. .you'd think I could take a spell or two, wouldn't ya?
I'm high level... I have some resistance to certain things.. nope... I'm
now at -5008 hps, and -190 sps... this spell is outragous, and I wanna warn
all evil people to stay away from this angel... just stupid to think that
anything evil could ever take it on... I mean christ... no one has 3250
hps, do they? I certainly dont... Anyway... I'm a wee bit pissed off at
holy/unholy damage, seeing as how it's toasted me a few times today...
Isaac the pissed off evil -5008 hp octopi.
Can you make the skill "conceal spellcasting" so that other players cannot
see you concentrating on an offensive spell also? It just makes sense, that
is how the skills is supposed (or should) work... well, just think about it
I can understand changing dispel evil/good to do only what they say they do. but for most other holy/unholy damage, you should be able to hurt anyone who is less strong in your alignment than you are. and necromancer spells should not be restricted at all. undead don't care if you are good or evil, they hate you if you are alive.

Why can ghouls no longer feast on the damned? Or evil priests HARM the unbelievers who follow Armageddon? Why is it that only the righteous fear the Evil Eye?

Changes to those spells make no sense..
There seems to be a bug in iron will, the shadow
kinda bugs and people occasionally get to have iron will
for an entire reboot
Death Grip now is very much like Darth Vader's specialty.
None of this vulcan crap, physical attacks and combat of
that sort are for monks (and it used no combat skills
whatsoever but had a description that it did).  This
spell utilizes the psionicists telekinetic attack to
strangle the victim.  It is obviously not particularly
useful vs. undead beings, as it does asphyxiation damage.

Would be nice to NOT have a spell modded in damage type after I've spent
cash and exp training it to 85%+.  It is now asphyx damage which does 
little to shit against undead.  If you wanna change a spell to asphyx
damage, make it project force or something.  I would like death grip as it
was physical damage.  (which is actually a downgrade..asphyx ac counts 0%
and phys ac counts 100% against)  But at least I can kill/hurt undead with
my party instead of watching them and picking my nose in the background.
The spells I have to use on undead are limited as is already.  Stop messing
with things already.
       Gripe about Summon Life Blade.  (error in title)
Biomancer doesn't allow 2h dagger, just 1h dagger.  So to cast summon life blade at 2h is worthles
to a Bio.    Please adjust or put 2h dagger back in Bio :)
       Could the spell 'Darkness' be added to Bio?   NOT an evil spell and 
we _do_ have the light spell ;)
Hey, i like new damage types from the guild, and for the ratio of sps
to damage, anaconda, project force is about same as death grip, so 
considering you want to use phys, use that, personally, i think too
many monsters resist a decent amount of phys, so nonphys is nice.
 Ack....when is 'confusion' spell gonna be up again?....got it on spell list but says 'no spell in existance' when trying to cast it
I just want to point out that now Psionicists a pretty much useless against puddings and undead. weeeeeeee isn't being downgraded fun :)
Hellcatt...... the confused
Well, I was bitching mainly because I studied a spell up to 85%+ only to
have its damage form suddenly modded.  Yes I can and probably will now have
to use project force (equivalent of mage power blast but physical damage).
So, now I get to study up project force to 85%+.  (joy)
Guess, I oughta look at it this way....I now have 3 damage types instead of
the 2 I only had before.

Summon Life Blade (Biomancer)

> wield dagger
This weapon refuses to be wielded by you.

I made the dagger, it's part of my life essence, what's up?
Hrm...why is gaseous form nonoffensive and only 8 rounds to cast?
Considering the spell is only used on yourself when you wanna cruise by 
monsters or to gas players and steal all their eq.
Please make it 15 rounds to cast (eveyrone has qc) and offensive.

Thank you.
This spell is at LEAST as annoying as curse. It should use a similar formula for resisting it
I have had a lower level character consistently gaseous form me, when he has considerably lower stats. something is not right here.
on a similar topic, why can't a ghost formed character go into the same places a gas formed character can? (even with EQ, they can probably squeeze into small spaces far better than if they were in normal form.
   Bah, lower level sounds so, well, cheap. Just say Haderak.
And considerably lower stats? hmm, most of mine are at 100... 
Thats not to low... Some of mine were higher then yours, so

    But gaseous form spell should have a somewhat higher 
resistance chance. He resisted twice out of about 8 castings...
Or maybe Despair just sucks :)
My naked int is nearly twice haderaks, my wis is about 10 lower, and my con is higher, and those are the stats which determine resistance to curse. Also, I believe one of those 8 castings was a failure... so really I only resisted once, if so. I still feel there is something wrong with this picture.
Gaseous form spell now takes 20 rounds to cast and it can
be cast only on the caster.

 - Zorm
Well i guess i don't like change cuz i would of been much happier only doin 2 kinds of damage types i don't realy want  any other kinds of damage 'sides phys and psi, I am a psi not a mage and that was for a reason.
well like i said i just don't like change much its gonna take some getting use to
I was riposted by a dwarf guard in raklish mines today, while I had death armour going.
despair staggers back in pain.
Huh? I take additional death armour damage from being riposted? Something odd happening here...
it returned to normal after that blow, though, with dwarf taking damage from death armour.
 Not right....I have been gone two days and my only 20th level spell gets fucked?.....just cause someone doesn't think it is right. and btw Anaconda everyone DOESN'T have qc. I have no earthly use to turn myself gaseous, the spell was given to thieves so they can use it to steal eq and such. Especially considering steal skills at 110+ still don't work against even 20-30 range characters much less the 40-60 range which I want badly. So now all you guys have effectively made thieves worthless and I will just eventually kill you all and go somewhere low and die all by myself =(
      Spawn...Prince of People who aren't very scary to idle around with eq on
 Oh yeah and 67th level characters *winks at Case* =P
I was just wonderin why confusion was taken out of the game.
Hellcatt ..... (can no longer be confused)
           Beale, the reason for that, "weapon refuses" remark
may be due to your alignment.  You must be good aligned (supposedly)
in order to use the 'Goodness' of your life essence as a weapon.

        Hope this clears it up for ya!
                  _+_Snowwind Avatar_+_   {Gargoyle BioDancer}
   has been changed ..

   It is an offensive spell, it takes 10 rounds to cast, and can be
   resisted ..

   bugs/comments to me ..

            Just a gripe about when someone else casts Darkness,
I cannot see anything in the same room.   I am gargoyle.  I see in dark.
         Spell Remote Transport reads as level 10 in help docs.  It is
level 13 in Guild.   Please update docs.  Thank You.   _+_SA_+_
         That problem may have been incurred by racial bug.  Please
ignore last posting w/same topic if so.   _+_SA_+_
Often times the spell's level ( or skill's for that matter ) will be
different from that in your guild.  It is no cause for alarm.

telemancers get it at level 12.. Thanks for the suggestion...
dimensional_portal has no level setting or category setting!
inform a wiz immediately!  Process aborted.
Just wanted to let ya know =)
    Ok, phaze shift gives an ERROR whenever you finish casting
it, and i can get into the room that i mind stores, so i don't think
it's cause the room is bugged.  Please fix this.

    - Case, who now has to WALK!
Well I have 3801 copper coins on my disc, and 3 other items.
I go to put another item on disc and it cant carry more?
What is up with this?

                              Anaconda *
Talien when I mentioned the problem on 'retro' said it is probably due 
to the changes in container code.  So, Elaroid, Zorm or whoever modded
the container code can you please, PLEASE fix floating disc spell.
Right now its totally useless.
Floating disc....sorta fixed.  If it held 2x what it does now, it'd be about
right.   Thanks...
Floating disc...needs to be 2x its capacity as it is right now.
And it needs fixed.  Right now I load it up...empty it. and Then try to put something
on it, and it cant carry it, but it is empty.
Both have been updated to new rules, damage went up and down, casting time went up and down, spell costs mostly went down.

yessireebob (I'm a paladin, i can't swear now.). Anyway...

>cast detect alignment at knight

Young infernal knight is very evil.

(repeat twice more with same result)

> cast minor dispel evil at knight

But young infernal knight is not evil enough! 
But now that he saw you cast that spell, he's gonna kick yer butt!!

I'd hate to think how evil you'd have to be for the NON-minor version.
Please fix this as i trained that spell, and not too much else, before
I ran out of cash... reincing is not an option either.

How can ANY of us reinc now? We'd have even LESS money to retrain with. Oh, bleacchhh.

chrome the disgusted
I fixed minor dispel evil.  It should work properly now.  Target has
to be at least slightly evil ( defined by det alignment spell ).
Caster must be in mid range neutral or better ( ie some neutrals
closer to the evil side than good side cannot cast it. ).

Night just cast 'flip' on me.  I was neutral leaning towards good according
to detect alignment spell.  After casting...I am dead neutral.  Something's
wrong here or with spell doc.  Either way..someone please fix.
Ok, disc seems to be doing weight ok now when adding it and taking off.
But as I asked...could the capacity be set at twice what it currently is.
                                 Thanks ...
  well if night had 100% effectiveness you would have been fully flipped.

  skills and spells will continue to be changed over where your 
effectiveness in it matters for the result..

  this already occurs for spells since your damage is affected by the
effectiveness.. that is for combat spells..

  its slowly being worked into everything else.
WEll Ray if someone would have posted here in 'spells' like a good little
wiz I may have known that the spell was changed, and trained it up some more.
Right now I just have it trained enough to get it off in a few tries. Post 
changes. No matter how small. Do it. Have a nice day. :)
Healing spells are NOT consistant at ALL... i am doing
on a HEAL (heal spell) from 50hps - 800hps, total horseshit.. it's
completely random, can you make it take in your wisdom a little more please?
It like kina blows to cast a HEAL and only do 50 hps of healing instead of doing like 800...
Can you make the duration last a little while longer, the spell costs 500
sps to cast, and only lasts like 2 minutes, that's a little too much
if it's possible to fix that a litlte, so it either lasts longer, or
costs less, that would make it at least usable... thanks
woops, i'm a dumbass, typoed the . and the s =)
    Ok, just a couple comments on floating disc...  One anaconda
has already mentioned, that the amount it can hold should be upped.
Maybe not 2 times, but i'd say 1.5 times what it is at now.  Also,
could it be coded so that the warning that it is about to go is a
little bit farther away from when it actually disappears?  At the
moment, it could happen during combat, and 30 sec later, it will
disappear, because i didn't have the time or sp to recharge it during
combat.  Probably a bit more urgent on the latter, but both would
be nice :)

    - Case da MasterMind
is it possible to make it so at least the CASTER can walk through
his own imprisonment?? i can't, and I don't have destroy field
kinda stupid... well... if that can be added, that'd be kinda kewl... later
Drame's lich paralyzes a LOT.  Might be a special or might be a spell
its casting.  Either way...the spells didnt prevent my tank from
being paralyzed.  They should.  I tried both.  No difference.
Shihin wrote:
>is it possible to make it so at least the CASTER can walk through
>his own imprisonment?? i can't, and I don't have destroy field
>kinda stupid... well... if that can be added, that'd be kinda kewl... later

I think it works that way so you can't go leaving traps all around the
place for people to walk into. If you cast it you have to stick it out
...or you can always get out by quitting :P

- Night
Lose my hb when I cast this.  Try casting it 1x or on someone else then on self again.
Its messed.
                 Jump spell needs a description in the help files.
   cast jump mentions to specify a target, and cast jump
at a memorized location wields 'youve never heard of such a place.'
              Jumping to people is the key :P
            Oops, guess not.  Not memorized locations, monsters,
people, cities, worlds work.  *shrugs*  go figure :)
                 _+_Snowwind Avatar_+_  {Empty Telemancer}
Something is very wrong with Holy word I hit the assassin in the
tower with it 5 times and he is only bruised. Would someone please
look into this.


Nylerus the lowly templar
 Floating disc's capacity was increased slightly.

 - ZOrm
To briefly go over the long and garrolous reincarnation

Chrome said he couldn't reincarnate without losing a
lot of cash, so he was stuck in that guild.

Rayzam said that reincarnation wasn't an unalienable

Night said that it was a necessity due to changes
in guilds and races.

Haderak said that druids suck.

Apologies if I oversimplified some things, but that
seemed like the general gist to me...and now my view:

We continually work towards creating a balanced system.
This means we create a structure, and build upon that
structure, and create structure upon structure around
it.  Thus, merchants can sell castles, and we give them
that ability so they can make money, and thus merchants
create an economy, and merchants sell chests, and players
get to keep their items permanently without rent, and
thus players MUDwide save thousands of gp.  This is a
serious effect on the game, as every chest created
effectively takes that player out of the "rent room"
equation, because he never EVER again has to rent.

Now, if we make reincarnation tax free (or easy to do):

I start out as a kobold thief because I want to make
lots of exp.  I horde it up.  I reincarnate into a
merchant, and with my exp and cash still left over 
(since, kobolds make a lot of exp), I buy a castle at
no cost, getting around those pesky merchant prices.
After playing havoc with prices by selling castles at
super cheap, I reincarnate into a mage so I can get 
into parties.  Then I find out bulk rules are implemented
and that just sucks, so I reincarnate into fighter.
People tell me this rumor that the guild is going to 
get downgraded, so I reincarnate into Templar.

Who does this screw up?  You.
1) You never have a kobold race leader, because everyone
is in that race for the sole purpose of reincarnating
to something better.
2) You never have a thief who sticks around, as you
reincarnate to thief as a "screw around" guild, and 
use your thief abilities to kill whoever, but then you
reincarnate into something else.  This is also a great
way to avoid being caught for items you steal, as only
thieves can have contracts put out on them, so you 
break into someone's castle, and then stop playing a 
3) You singelhandedly ruin any kind of guild loyalty
among merchants.  After all, all merchants in the guild
are just guys who want to get a castle cheap.  All
merchant prices mean nothing, because you bought castles
for all your friends too.
4) Mages, which were originally thought to suck, suddenly
don't.  Weird how that happens?  Not really, because they
never did suck.  Mages surged in popularity without a
single mod done to them.  Because players THOUGHT they
sucked, and they all told their friends, who believed
them.  Great.  So now, when the rumor gets out that
they don't and make easy exp, everyone reincarnates into
the guild, and when they hear a rumor about how they
will be downgraded, everyone reincarnates out.
5) Guilds that are known for one thing become one thing
and one thing only.  Fighters become known for easy cash,
so that's the only type that gets attracted to it.  Instead
of each guild developing its own distinct personality
type, guilds become stock cardboards solutions to players
who want the easiest way to achieve their varied goals,
and they are taken on or discarded as soon as they change
their mind.

In essence, reincarnation destroys the entire framework
of permanency around which the MUD is based.  If we were
to go along with the idea of leaving your guild and
race up to TOTAL flexibility, then certainly, you should
get entirely remade - everythign should be liquidated
with you into cash so you have total flexibilty, including
all castles you buy, all items you own, all turned back
into cash.  That way, you cannot keep what you started
with when you reincarnate, you are given the full choice
of flexibility - and of course, you have ruined basically
the entire game.

We don't want you to reincarnate.  We don't want you to
because we want you to stay with the code we slaved over,
and we certainly want you to have some incentive to STAY
in your guild - something stupid as old prejudices
carried over from BAT can make you think Templars suck
when they don't - and thus, cause a wizard who worked
damn hard to make that guild good suffer because of
rumor and happenstance.

So the compromise is to keep reincarnation in, make it
heavily taxed, and let the player know what he's getting
himself into.  You have control, even more control now,
because it's more based on cash (which you have control
over even more than exp), and because you can cast
estimate worth to figure out how much you will lose.

The only problem with this is that Night's point is
partially valid (no wizard "runs amuck", thank you
very much), that the guilds and races DO change.  However,
we did give you a free reinc as a result of that (no
exp penalty).  And the rest I can only answer you with
the entrance screen - until we're done testing, you can expect
MAJOR TUNES to everything, very little stability, and
basically expect little security in guild or race.  All
we CAN promise is that we will try to inform you ahead
of time as to what will happen so you can try to contribute
your own input.

From what someone wrote about this spell before, how they used
it on a mob that was evil, and it only bruised it
well... this is what I think should happen if it's casted
check the caster's alignment, then check the mobs (or player's)
alignment, figure out the damage from there, and since it is a decently
high spell, make it do SOME amounts of damage, and the paralyzation part
of it is nice... that's all I had to say =)
One more thing about holy word spell... do you think you could lower the
cost, just a TAD, it's WAY to expensive, remember, us templars/paladins
don't have the spell points that those mages have, we can't afford a spell
like that hardly, if you could lower it to something like 200 or so... 
it would at least be useable, please, thank you.
Darkness spell costs 30 sp to cast.  Considering it is a newbie
spell, and doesn't last that long for newbies, and is tough to get
off successfully, could you lower it's cost, the current cost is too
I'd suggest a sp cost of 10.

This is rediculous, can you make healing spells take your wisdom into
the equation a little more?  I am wasting spell points using the spell
"heal" and only healing 100 hps, and cure serious wounds duz 100 or so
Seems slow undead is bit gross.  1 slow undead (and it lasts a loooong time)
and Sadisto gets only 1 hit a round.  Skeleton warrior stops fighting period.

Forgot to mention with holy word (which stuns and does massive damage and slow undead
any level 20 templar can solo Sadisto.  Combine that with 2ndary paladin you get 100 free honor points and 11k + exp, and armours.
slow undead fixed so it doesnt strip an undead of all attacks.

it duzn't work, enuf said, i can't even stop em for ONE round, they
just keep hitting me like normal :(
Maybe it doesnt work well on high level undead.  Slow undead
sure rapes them over the coals.
Word of recall works again the way it should.
ie. teleports you to the start loc, not the church.

 - Zorm
I laugh at that opinion, you ever use those spells and see what they really do?
Me and shihin as fairly decent level paladins and templars would get our butts
kicked.  And soloing him would be even more ridiculous.
Maybe if i had 2000 hp and 3000 sp and shihin had at least that many we could do it.
But we don't so no way.
This spell bugs..i lost hb twice in combat with beholder crawlers trying to
cast it..please check it , it might be useful, but not if it dead-hb's me
every time..
Entropy and Youth have been downgraded (equally).
Youth was returning a huge amount of age but it
was a lot more random than the damage done by 
entropy.  I consider this unfair, and made the 
following mods:

*both (un)age you an amount relative to the amount of
sps they cost.

*both are directly based on your % in the spell now.

*both do significantly less.  Age is supposed to be a
significant and relevant statistics that makes you
sweat when you get aged.  While being aged is no
longer such a terrible thing (one age could have,
for example, wasted an atomy in one shot), it's no
longer such a convenience either.  You'll want more
than one youth as well.

  actually just because a guild 'specializes' in a damage, doesn't mean they 
do it best..

  they specialize cuz thats the only damage they can do.. not that they do that
better than anyone else.

  I can specialize in repairing vw bugs, meaning I can't repair other cars really
but that doesn't mean that I repair vw bugs better than such and such mechanic who can
repair all kinds of cars.

  your damage types as templars, paladins etc.. are a restriction in what you
can hurt.. not saying you are gods at it =)
Heheheh arlan, shihin solo's sadisto 4x a day and i went with hiom 3times also.
Paladin templars fuck up undeads, nuff said.  It is gross, oh and shihin never died to him either on any of the runs i was with him.
Unforgiven is glad he aint an Undead or Shihin would kill him.
Free action currently does NOT provide protection from the spell
hold person, as we found out and bout died from last night.  When someone
gets time could they patch?  Thanks...
    PLEASE fix the spell free action so if you have it on you
can't be paralyzed by hold person!  Thanks.

    - Case
   Let's quote the spell help:

  Gives the target the ability to move
when hostile ENVIRONMENT would normally prevent it..

  Hold person is a very specific spell effect..

  the point of free action is to allow you to walk through imprisonments, shelters, etc.. that kind of 
stuff.. it is not a lvl 9 replacement for intellect fortress, iron will, emotion song, etc.

  No change will be made
    Ok, is intellect fortress supposed to make you immune to
hold body?  I'd think so...  But last I checked, it didn't,
canya check it maybe? :)

    - Case, looking for ways out of being paralyzed
Just a note (or more):

First off, kudos to the wizzes/arches/schmucks (depending on your
guild, opinion, rank, time, and phase of the moon) for having
all of the stuff that works working...

Having said that...

It _feels_ like something is wrong with the spell success
system.  I have low level spells at 60% (Magic Missile)
and I fail it around 60% of the time.  I'm not the
only player who has encountered this.

Anyway, could someone look into this?  Or else could one of the
wizzes look at my plan, which will (in a few minutes) have how
I envision/assume/would like to see the spell success system work...

Rayzam, quote the WHOLE thing: This spell gives the target the ability to move, even when MAGIC or a hostile environment would normally prevent it.
I have not been able to move through shelter/imprison with it, has anyone else had luck with this?
So, the spell description is pretty vague and very broad... either make it do everything it says, or fix the spell help. :)
  That should be a magic environment or a hostile environment.

  in any case, there really is no way a lvl 9 spell
is going to be able to do the work of a bunch of other [much higher] level spells.

  besides, isn't this a telemancer spell? teleportation, right?

  whats that have to do with hold person?

  has anyone been paralyze/stun/hold person/other holdy type spells/ resistant
because of this?
  Lete me quote the spell code:

set_short_help("Protection from restrictive environments");

  nuff said
[about free action]
  Funny, I tested it.. and hell it does work on imprisonments and 
[the offline] shelter spells..

  Please, quote me some more about the helps.. I love being wrong when 
ya haven't tested it out..

  its like a blind man telling me how to code combat =)

[yea.. this is a stressful time for everyone, but be happy
there's no way a whim death is gonna appear here =)
The spell solidity doesnt show up with aura detection.
Due to the fact we have three (soon four?)
highly capable druids, I will no longer be offering my
personal reincarnations.
Note this does not mean that I won't give FREE reincarnations,
it DOES mean that I won't cast the spell just to get you into
another guild.  That would mean I was harming the other druids
who like getting that exp, so I'll stop now and let them handle
your reincarnating needs.
ANd, by the by, there's been several reincarnators over
the past few weeks despite all the moaning and complaining.
Imagine that.

is fixed so that if you are immune to paralysis, you can't be held.
25 rounds......too damn long for alot of tps..faster wouldn't hurt much Ray....
not like I am asking for axes or anything =)
Modded the helps for free action and intellect fortress.
One ought to protect from mental/magical holds.  The other from
magical barriers and physical holds .

Things will slowly slide into place with these spells.

I don't care what anybody says Holy Word was a good spell and now it blows

Ok. been doing some thinking. Im reincing to abjurer soon, and i was thinking about those 500 sps major resistant spells. now bear with me here for i shall ramble
All the major resistance spells cost 500 sps. If an abjurer is in a party with many people, those spells are useless, except for the mapr one
Lets say a party of tank, abjurer, and say....4 other spellcaster were attacking the black pudding lord. i know they dont need that many, but this is an expample
abjurer casts mapr on tank. pud lord casts acid like a mofo. or big pudlord casts kc. yeah lets use big pud lord
mapr goes on tank. EVERYBODY, including abjurer, wants major asphyxiation resistance before going in, because an abjurer should be able to protect everybody in party, not just himself and tank
but the abjurer cant do that cuz each of those asphyxiation resist spells cost 500 sps. maybe a wished abj, with tons of eq could pull it off
but even a lvl 30 abj, would never be able to cast mapr, and 5 major asphyx spells. that is 2500 sps. 2500! i mean cmon. that is if he doesnt cast ANYTHING else, like iw and blurr and such
by the time you regenned enuff to cast it on everybody, unless he had mastery of abjuration at like 900%, the first ones would be falling
i just think that for the abjurer to serve everybody in the party, and thus protect more people than just the tank, the major resistances should be dropped just a tad
mapr can stay where its at, since it is just casted on the tank
if they dont get dropped, im just saying that the other major resistances are useless in a party. and thus useless.
cuz you wouldnt use it solo'ing, cuz lets face it, a solo'ing abjurer (kinda an oxymoron) would not be fighting critters who wwould be casting that stuff
and in solo'ing, the phys damage is what he needs to be protected from, so mapr is the only spell right now that an abjurer can use. of the major resistance that is
anyway, hope this wasnt too long, and its not a flame, but an idea-wanted type spell thingie post
and maybe it should go on abjurer news, but im not an abjurer yet, so it cant
AND i talked to zorm about it already, and he semi-kinda agreed with me. i think. or at least he nodded his head a lot and said i know :P
but  i put it up here whrer talien, rayzam, zoob and co. can shoot it down at their leisure. so there it is =)

    -Thud, soon to return home to the warm and cozy place that is abjurer-dom
   you think anyone is going to read that?

I read thudbutts post, in it's entirety.
and I gotta say I agree with him, too.
At least on this issue. ;)
The way it's supposed to work is you MAPR tank (500 sps).
You mas shield everybody else (480).
And maybe if you're still desperate you either spell parry yourself
or you cast a minor resistance vs. his spell type
Or, if you're particularly intelligent, you join merchants as
a secondary and put it all into wands.  That gives you another
three different spells - what I would do, actually, would 
put mass shield, MAPR, and spell parry into wands, and then
cast my normal spells in addition to that.

yeah thats what im talking a out. you mass shield everybody else. that makes those spells worthless
the major resistnace ones. exactly what i said. see. you do listen talien
and as for wands. that means that if you want to use them, you have one route to go. one. merchant secondary.
and for you to make spells that the only way you can use them effectively is to join another guild to, that is ridiculous
but i dont want to start another big back and forth news argument with another wiz
*cough* Bearskin can only be used outside?  Its a magical defense spell,
not mr. magey type going bear hunting and skinnning me a live bar.  Please
remove the outdoor only restriction for this obviously 'magical' defense spell.
  You can really call unpain mana drain now :) I have unpain it falls, and
I have to unpain and heal again...makes draining much mana.
Can you perhaps do timeout of something like a minute till hps fall ?

Can you fix doors and fist of sikkar please.
It wont let me blast doors with this spells. Says
not allowed to destroy NONAME... please fix this
really annoying to be stuck behind a door in
a no summon area with no wizs on...
not gonna happen..

  all fighting stops.. players can then re-backstab or dim-mak or deathroar, etc..

  or ya got this monster that imprisons... so ya peace 'im till
the imprison drops.. regen yourselves, 
heal, reprot whatever..

  Something like that would quite awfully powerful, which is what ya might
have had in mind when ya asked for it =)
Heh, not exactly..that'd be useful spell of course but you can make it be
not that powerful..like wis dependent..monsie with wis 100+ or whatever
would be very hard to fool down, or you can make it long casting one or
what you feel like to do with it. Just there is not spells of such kind in 
this mud and so it'd be fun to have something like that, besides it would
turn monks to guild worth joining, while I can't see no primary monk in this
What's to imprisonment...heh, give my shelter back ;)

Invisibility spell still doesn't work:
You are done concentrating on your spell.
You utter the magic words 'Vanish'
Shihin vanishes from your vision.
You turn back Visible.
This is really annoying. If I misspell a name
it takes off all the sp for that spll... Can this be 
changed to like, not taking any sp away when we
typo a name, or like half or something...
whats the use of this spell are you spose to be able to go through doors in this form or what 
if so it would be a cool spell if not i dont see what use it is

The spell intellect fortress does not show up when you do aura detection.
Fix when ya can...thanks.
It seems...one can not cast intellect fortress on target if they have iron
will already on them.  Does this mean iw gives protection same as intellect fortress?
Or is this a bug? I can cast fortress 'before' iw...but not in other order.
Duration on intellect fortress is way way too short.  It should last approx
as long at iron will in my opinion.  Esp considering sp cost, level of spell.  I have
high % in spell and high wis/int and still crappy duration.
well, remote transport is now seriously less useful.
someone decided it should only work on players in the room with you.
WTF!? I used remote transport to move people about from world to world when
I didnt need my sps.  Why change the spell?  Why change jump?  Tell ya what
follow Moriant's advice or better yet, close the telemancer guild period.
Unpain 'and' intellect fortress still dont show up with aura detection.  THanks.
I cast world transport at crypt...and get message that I moved.  However
I didnt move.  I'm casting it from Wysoom's adv guild.  Figure that one out.
Oh...its not 'crypt' but 'stone'.  If Mercutio hadnt told me I never would have
figured that out.  

So for others that use the spell...thats what you have to use.
Hmm when I use complete healing, I come out of my trance, but am still
paralized for 3 more ticks, then I can move again.  Shouldn't we come
out of the trance and be able to move?  If possible can ya make
it end when we get the messege 'You come out of the trance'.
Punisher Of'Sinz the newbie psion.
  I used what was being used by transporters actually..
  with 3 different naming conventions, its hard to see which is which.

  help spell world transport does mention which ones are used tho.
Get this...I have a location in the Crypt outerworld memorized.
Cast jump at X.   Spell goes off, you cant jump to indoors.
Now...first I'm pissed cuz things were modded that didnt need to be. (like remote transport)
Now I'm pissed cuz whoever modded it fucked it up.  I'd be 'happy' to show
a wizard this if they snoop and watch.  It is outdoors...and I cant jump to
In reference to the remote transport problem, the
issue is no doubt done to death but I'll touch on it
briefly for those who missed my long-winded posts 
(this one is short). >:)

Monsters are set up to block, often in order, mostly
to prevent you from doing quests by jumping past the
critical critters who are, collectively, supposed to
make the adventure worthwhile.  If you can teleport
around it, that ruins the quest.  Case easily avoided
the twisty and winding maze (the forests?) around the
lich by (I believe) phaze shifting there.  This ruins
all the hard work that wizards put into coding the
area.  Comparatively, even the justification of (well,
I got there ONCE) ruins the idea of a quest - that'd
work fine in AD&D where you likely play one module
once - monsters reload in the exact same fashion and
fight in the exact same way each time.  The various
transport spells WITHIN the area provide basically a
skeleton key to get around the area itself.  This is

Unfortunately, yet again following in Batmud's footsteps,
we soon learned the above, so now it is limited to
outside - I'll discuss limiting it not to outside but
to "outworld" so that it can be used to get around getting
lost in the oceans of Wysoom (or avoid drowning).  Mostly,
transport spells are not the SOLUTION but a convenience
to getting to an area - it should never let you bypass
guardian monsters, etc.  It SHOULD let adventurers not
have to worry about stupidity like getting lost (how

There are faults to this system, but it's more cleaning
up than being a flaw with the idea itself - Crypt,
for example, is all indoors, Elaroid's attempt to make
the place dark all the time may have done that, but 
we'll look into it and fix it appropriately.  
Transporters are meant for inter city transport - the
spells are not meant to replace that either.

One point of note, don't know if I posted about it...
Bless weapon was giving the item light levels = your LEVEL.
40th level guys were glowing like suns and that's not counting the
rest of their light equipment.
It was reduced to something like 1/10th ur level.
So, that should help a bit.

Force shield for psis went up in level.
This is based primarily on the fact that force shield is one of
the strong protection spells in the game.  Its cost made it
fairly useless to newbies (as Flyxx opointed out).
It went from 3rd to 13th.

Bearskin is no longer outdoors only.

 - Zorm
Intellect fortress and unpain still do not show up with aura detection.
Just a thought, the help for holy word says it can desentigrate or swallow, as well as parayize and do damage.  
I only  ever get the parayize message, and half the time the thing isn't paralyised.  Does holy word really do the other stuff it says it does in help?
Cool spell but if you have 3 member party its more effective to use summon individually on them.
How bout making party summon a sliding scale for sp cost.  At most it would cost
the current sp's if a party is say at 5 or more members.  Otherwise it would
be less cording to how many u transport.  Say around 150 for 3 person party (2 members
besides caster)

Thanks..and I think it makes a 'lot' of sense.
The memorizable location types, et. al, have been modified (as I prediced
they probably would) so that they only work in virtual areas.
Anything else taht isn't virutal works for start locations.
We've gone over why this is the way it is.
So I won't beat it to death yet again.
However, those areas that arent' virutal will be fixed so they are.
The good news:  You can now relocate to Perdow and Crypt again.
The bad news:  Sosel isn't virtual. :P

Well, as I see it now, memorize is just useless.  Its now a simple novelty.
Its no longer really a big time saver.  I used it for rent room locations, the bank, and
a few good cash areas.  Guess I'll stick with tert telemancer so I can 
summon/relocate, if I'm a telemancer at all.

Moriant, former Telemancer, future hell, I dont know
all 6 rent rooms and adv guilds should be 
start and memorizeable
as of boot if not already...
works again
Bug if you ask me, it dont say that the spell is up
if you look or whatnot... it should say in room desc
The spell is broken could someone please fix.  Thanks.
While I like being able to use remote transport others from other places
it would be nice if syntax and change to spell were in spell doc.
could someone put in a check in unpain so that is lasts
more than a second. Hawkeye cast one on
me and it wore off instantly. not asking for an hour but a 5 minute minimum or min
based on wis/% or combo would be nice.

Demonknight the flesh shield of the future.
Well, ok I can deal with the changes to Unpain, but at least make the 
help correct on it.  I believe it says 8-15min in length.  Ok i have
had 3 which have lasted 1min.  Come on gimmie a break, what good is it
if it drops before combat stops?
Unforgiven hate Unpain or is that Mana drain, oh same thing..=(
Rayzam modified Unpain now so tha the higher ur % in it the more you get.

  sheesh... ppl were complaining it dropped in seconds, right
after casting.. now it actually lasts some time.. effect and duration
depend on your stats and percentage in the spell =)

  this goes along with the standard: effects should depend on your
stats/spell %ages.. so that getting spells higher means more than
just not failing them as much..
Should now show up on summary.
They were't working right before, not by a long shot.

  modded. [btw that was the suggestion I put out on retro 
and noone seemed keen on it. but oh well =)]
Ok...its not in spell doc but I see you can 'accept transport from (name) now.
Fatheroffire did...it said he accepted, I cast at room I 'just' memorized (cuz they
wipe out at reboot) and it says after casting that he hasnt accepted.
Not working right I guess.  Gimme a yell if someone fixes and needs someone to
test etc...or anything.  I really sorta need my teleport spells working properly.  As myself and others have 14 or
so levels tied up in a guild that is broken.

Well, if you have made scrolls be equal with spells, make at least abort 
reading scroll if you move. As it's now, you wimpy, but still read scroll at
no target and it disappears.

Ok whatever happened to Holy word,
it is now almost unusable. I tested
it on a player whom was evil. First time
it did nothing, second time it GAVE
hime 10hp. This is supposed to 
be a paladins and tempalars most powerful spell. 
Now it is worthless... It doesnt
paralyze foes, it dont kill them instantly, or
anything like the help says.
Haderak, holy word works fine.  In fact it is one of the most potent spells to 
use on really evil shit that is in the game.  Dont try to gauge the damage
it does on a player.  Get diagnostics skill and blast something like Sadisto
or Lady Venovel with it.  Then tell me if it sucks.
As Attanar is in a panic, lemme post this while the other
wizards (not I) modify spells some more:

Now that undead have vulnerabilities (meaning, they
take more damage, e.g. undead take up to 50% more
damage from holy), and both holy and unholy spells
do more damage to beings of evil or good alignments
respectively, all spells of that type (vs. good, evil,
or undead specifically) no longer get their full sp
bonus.  But let's go over it again:

An anti-undead spell which does 1k damage can now
do 1.5 k damage (if it uses holy damage, which almost
all of them do). 

An anti-evil spell which does 500 hp max damage can
now actually do more.  It all depends on how evil
the target being is.

Despite what you may think, this is an upgrade.  Many
spells were given outrageous casting times to justify
the damage they did, which also isn't fair - now they
match mages point for point.  Finally, all you templars
griping about how mages are better at what they do -
you got your comeuppance.  You are now capable of
doing to undead what a mage can do, only you're more
suited to it.

Wasnt complaining about damage, but the specials
that it is suppose to be able to do with I have never
seen.Or very rarely, and half the time the specials do nothing, 
the monster keeps right on going when it is supposed to 
be stunned for instance...
I apologize for notposting last night, but the mud crashed.
I made mods to about a dozen or so evil/good affecting spells.
What started as some searching on where to place spells for cultists
revealed some discrepancies, which led to other things.. anyhow,
I modded the following spells:

minor dispel good:  faster casting, removed save for 1/2, damage matches
                    the rules on spells vs aligned.
dispel good, dispel evil, minor dispel evil: as above, some didn't even
                    work properly.
holy word:  fixed disintegrate, sp and cast time modded
sunray:  lower cast time, removed save for 1/2, damage and sp mods
fist of sikkar:  cast time mods, sp cost mods, fixed some bugs
holy hand:  sp cost mods
holy cross: sp cost mods
castigate: cast time down ( alot ), fixed it so it works, damage mod to rules
inquisition: cast time down ( alot ), damage modded to rules
flame strike:  removed save for 1/2, damage and sp mods
divine awe:  sp cost mods, cast time mods, can actually stun foe like supposed 
penance stare:  modded damage and sp cost up to match a 4th level spell like it


alignment changes from castigate and penance stare were removed.

The alignment requirements for the spells were put in sync.  Higher level
spells require more extreme alignments on behalf of the caster and target
to work.  Some require less however.  see spell helps.

In most cases the spells were upgraded.  The few downgrades were in sp cost

HA! See I wasnt wrong. Thanks Zoob. Even 
if they got downgraded (not sure yet) thanks
for looking.
cause light wounds, cause serious wounds, and cause critical wounds
were all rearranged as far as levels, damage and sp costs needed.
harm, soul scourge, and withering were all modded in sp cost and
cast time to be within the rules.

My iron will seems to work okay, from what i've seen, perhaps the
affecting stats are low, or your percent is low, that might affect
its eficiency...otherwise, remember, it's been tuned some back and
forth, perhaps they weren't done with it when it was giving you lots
of probs.
valheru, atomy reactor.
my force shields last a while, but i'm an abj, we have skills for that,
i do think it should be tossed from psi guild and have something
more psilike replace it as a prot spell, though, but if it stays, 
i also think it should be 200 sps..you guys can't just keep coding
300 or more spell point spells, that is way too much, and i think
fighter types by comparison don't get charged that much for their 
endurance point cost stuff proportionately. 300 is 1/4 to 1/5 
of most people's spell points, 1/6 of people with a lot, 1/3
of people who are not high level maybe in caster guilds...that
seems excessive for something that goes away after 5 mins
valheru, the atomy reactor.
compared to over 1.2k for casters =) econmines of scale my friend =)
CMS blows I was relating figher ep regen and caster regen
and fighter max eps mine like under 300 and spell casters over 1.2k
so to compare skill cost to spell costs is not really a fair comparison
unless ya take economies of scale into account =)
if you want darkness-dependant races to survive, 
and if you want to end the conventional wisdom that says they are 
unplayable as newbies and shopuld be reinced to if you want to 
play them.
Then, at LEAST, do something about the stinkin' darkness spell!
30 sps for a newbie is no joke... god forbid you should want 
to cast any other spell or, as most vamps and shadowen and crap
are spellcasters, NEED to cast... and it takes too long.. 
and it ends too fast (always before i can even regen what i spent casting it!
make it cost a MAX of 15 sps. At that rate at least trhere will be a net gain in SPS... however slight.
And make it faster... when melkting in the light, we need to say "Na Ful"
realk damn fast and save our asses.

Also there need to be wasily accessible, darkened newbie areas
but that shoild go under "ideas wanted" i guess...

Why does this happen?

You start concentrating on the spell.
P: 1266/1266 SP: 936/936 >Invisibility: #####
nvisibility: ####
visibility: ##
You are done concentrating on your spell.
You utter the magic words 'Vanish'
Mercutio vanishes from your vision.
You turn back Visible.

Is the automatic re-vis a bug? I have 65% invis spell. Can't be that short of 
a duration. Thanks for looking into it.
  Sounds like invisibliity is having the same problem as hide. I think i heard
rumors that the spell system would be redone as well as the skills system..:)
Rayzam requested my input on eq so here it is:
*NOTE: this will be mostly about spellcasterish eq
but I'm sure there are fighterish things that will need changing
as well. I'll post on that stuff later.

1) Band of the Beholders. Current bulk 4 I believe. Belt slot,
standard belt eq for most casters. Reason for bulk is it
oops. it's made of copper and meant to be worn around a beholders head.
Other options players have: Belt of Bones, bulk 3, not quite as good.
Possible mod: Change its desc to be some sort of beholder sash or something,
it becomes cloth, bulk 1. Easy to change long desc and mod bulk, leave everything else.

2)Lich Crown. Head slot, bulk 3, standard headgear for casters. I haven't 
found or heard of any head slot mage stuff that compares with this,
so I don't think there is a piece I can fall back on.
Possible mod: Kinda hard to make a crown out of anything but metal or thorns, etc. Perhaps
lower it's bulk cuz it's such a small and lightweight item.
Well dammit. I gotta go. anyway, expect more from me soon.

*To all you whiners out there, if you want something changed, post like
this and the wizzes might listen to ya instead of just yelling
Though I will admit there is a time and place for evertything. ;)
Ok more ideas from me on spellcaster eq.

1)Blue steel bracers. These are currently bulk 4, making them nearly useless
for casters. Possible mods: Well I don't really see any mod for this piece
without them not being steel anymore. I dunno. Mod the desc entirely, both long and short, but keep the same
filename so everyone keeps the set they have? That way ya don't have to reimb
everyone. Then we'll have blue silk boxers...err bracers :P or something.

2)Belt of bones. bulk 3 belt slot. Not too widely used these days since the
advent of Band of the Beholders. No mods for this one either if they stay made
of bone. I must admit I like this item the way it is, it's bone, deal with it.
Draco shouldn't have any wimpy pink and purple panties on him. :P
(Only some of you will know what I mean. :)   )

To the wizzes: kudos! Y'all have done a stupendous job on this place, really.

To the players: Hang about for awhile, things will get changed, modded, etc.
  Post on the items you would like changed, and they might be. :)

1)  i think that changing an item so that spellcasters will use it, or fot
(for) that matter, anyone will use it is not the point of these mods, however
it brings up a point,.. i've heard you wizzes say 'i don't like players not
roleplaying and just going out to get the best regen eq, who cares what it
does or looks like'..well ,now you're going to get players who say 'sp regen
eq needed, low bulk, anything new out there?' and things like the bracers,
which have a neat varible in em and so are really cool, are probably not going
to be used by many spellcasters, and more than likely are going to just sit on
their monster each boot while players whine that they want silk bracers.
I *don't* think wizzes should change their items to fit what players want for
bulk, now you have to go thru inconvenience to have a good set of regen eq,
or work harder at assembling something creative, but the point is, those bracers are bulk 4, and its' too bad, cause as soon as some other wiz makes bulk 2
or 1 bracers that have spregen 1 or more, no one will probably wear the blue
steel ones anymore, and i thought zorm made a cool item there, so that' too bad

2) belts--i wear draco's xiombarg, it has better regen, same bulk, and 
-10 con is annoying, they took that off this one when they made the beholder
one...and personally, i think it's better. Only Super Golden Puffs who can't
 solo draco wear that wimpy beholder belt...
(well they're really about same, just depends on if you want +/- stats or more
 regen...see Rings: wiz,ebony.)

3) wizzes if you're reading this, some spellcaster cloak that has regen would
 be really cool to code now, thanks :)

4) i'm confused by raklish's torn leather gloves, they say 'made of some
 spidersilk material taht seems to band to your hands' (approximation, not
 looking at em now) but they are bulk 2....
 i had thought bulk 1 was cloth and supple leather, and bulk 2 was hard leather,
 and hide....  now are these spidersilk gloves a hell of a lot bulkier than
 supple leather, or more like dried and stretched hard boiled leather?
you tell me..

Xodar are immune to poison right?
Spit of th 

damn wrong group

 SPit of the CObra very clearly says it does POISON damage.
xodar are immune to POISOIN of all tytpes, including even not being able to GET DRUNK.

WHY, then, do i keep taking MAX DAMAGE from Spit of the Cobra??
not even like half, or some, but FULL DAMAGE
from this Poison spelltype!!! :P :P :P :P :P

died TWICE now... he only casts hit when i have less than 400 hps
say just as i try to run, he spams me and POW

this shouldn't have hapnned. Immune is immune. It's not set rught,
and if it IS set right (as a poison spell), this needs to be
re-evaluated in a MAJOR way. 

cc: flame

Floating disc help says only the creator can put stuff in/take stuff out of the disc, yet
I'm always accidentally putting stuff in someone else's disc... can this be looked into? =)
       About floating disc, some post back it said that you can now put stuff in other people's discs.  Posted a while back ;)
There is still something very wrong with this spell, seeing as how
it is suppose to be a paladin and templars most powerful spell.
Case in point the Assassin in the tower I hit 5 times with holy word with
little or no affect. I can mortaly wound him with 1 Castigate spell. 
Would someone please look into this, it has been mentioned severl times 
by many people and it is still screwed up.  Just thought I would mention it 


Saint Nylerus
Heres the scoop.  I checked it over again, and what the deal was, was
if the target had a certain alignment range, a modifier knocked the
alignment to 0, which the damage got multiplied by = thus with other
mods almost no damage.  It was just for a certain range of alignments.
It should be all fixed now.

Note also that castigate and holy word work quite differently, and it is
possible that in some cases castigate may do more damage depending upon
cast and target alignment.

Reread the spell helps and decide which to cast.

This is just a little mod i think that's needed..
mirrors are annoying when they're on the monster because they
don't show up when you enter or look at him...i've wasted quit
quite a few spells hitting geo when i come into his room and 
find he's mirrored himself, which i have no way to detect except
for trying to hit him for a few rounds and seeing if a mirror disappears
i think the chance that 'you are truly hit and all mirrors vanish' is too
high, considering many /most monsters i fight get 4 to 6 attacks a round, 
why in they hell do they also get a 20% chance per hit to take out all my mirrors, it's annoying to spend spell points and time to put up the prot
and then have them fall in first round 1/3 of the time, by 3rd round much of the time...

it would be nice to have them show up on 'aura detection' since occasionally
i'll cast them then read news to regen and can't remember if they're up and
like on the monster, only way to find if they're up is the hard way or to
recast and find out they're already there. and of course, we all know then
you get hit with the spell point loss then. :(
anyway...those are some comments..thanks
valheru, atomy reactor
Well Holy Word was rocking for me, ie: 2 of them killed the banshee, well it took 2 HW's and 1 hr of fighting. So maybe you % wasnt up or like Zoob said maybe you werent using it on the right monsie.

changed the spell a little.  Added a few more messages.  Shifted the
ranges for receiving various messages too.  You will likely get
different messages than you used to on creatures that may heave been 

I have infravision up and I cant see in dark from one of my party members eq.
I hear Nightmare likes to cast spells on his mount ;)

hahaha ya all shoulda been there heheh
Death armour is not by any stretch within the realm of
abjurers.  Its not defensive or protective in any way.
Its a cloud of feral unholy necromantic nastiness.  While it could
possibly remotely fall into the realm of reavers, my changes to the
aesthetics of it make it even less so anymore.  Not only that, I was
under the impression that reavers got some other replacement spell
similar to it or whatever.

Its unlikely DA will ever be returned to reavers.  It was removed for
more than the reason that it no longer worked properly at the time.
Thus, its unlikely to return in its current form, especially with the
new conceptual changes.  Maybe some similar spell, who knows.

druids have 2 new spells:  fish gills and eagle wings.

Ltes see if you can figure out what they do.

I think camouflage and tracking were yanked and replaced.

huh uh huh. huh uh huh. he said...he said...yank
This spell doesn't seem to work properly.  I cast it successfully,
got the Word of Recall: Enabled message, but when I wimpy, I just
flee as usual....not port back to start location (as per spell 
desc :).

this spell bugs, i think it's a psi spell, not sure,
more of a monk spell anyway...anyway, kills your heartbeat
um, i believe it checks your percent when you wimpy to see
if it goes off, so if you just got a bit of it, you won't be
able to use it much to transport home, it might work, but is
low percent, check that maybe :)
valheru, atomy reactor
Word of recall works fine. But as val said it checks you % when you 
wimpy. I have it a 60% and I have wimpy 5 6 times before it will work sometimes

Saint Nylerus
Can you make it stackable to just like 2 or mabey even 3 :)
then it would be a cool spell :)

Ok, this is patently ridiculous.  I just spent a pile of sps
because accept kept running out due to lag.  And the last time,
I had demonknight (the party in question) accepting very frequently,
about once per minute.  This is a problem.  Please fix it somehow.

Haidar, the rather unhappy tree :(

Note:  this is about the Resurrection spell, btw :)
SPell duration is way too short for 20th level spell.
Iron will lasts longer than it does...I'd like to see at least as long
of a duration as iw if not longer.  Thanks..tank died and whole party
due to its lousy duration and wearing off mid combat.
In order for us to make mounts 'safe' from spells, very many spells
would have to be rewritten.  Fear not, however, the new spell system
which is being diligently worked upon behind the scenes is likely to
take such thing into account.  At thismoment its just not practical.
Until then, have a care, use a little caution, watch what you type,
and you mounts should be ok.  Have a very pleasant day :)

ZOOB is happy
What you seem to be saying is not "mounts should be affected," but rather
"making it make sense would be a Really Huge Pain." If so, i understand, and assume
(correctly..?) that when spells are redone, it WILL make sense.
As i said, how can one cast Flame Strike on the thing you're sitting
on w/o taking damage...? =). 

Meanwhile... would there possibly be a way to, when a mount is
mounted, to add a party flag to it? The code seems to already work
for not harming party members. Maybe a mounted mount
could be bagged, flagged or tagged as being in a party with
you, and then we all wouldn't have
useless spells we spent so much effort studying.

For all i know this would be even more complicated, so don't get
upset if it is a useless suggestion. Just a thought from the mind of metal.

ehehehee talien pointed out to be that if yer mount was in your party,
it would get a share of the exp :P ... blush

equal pay for equal work! Mounts demand...!

SETTLE DOWN, boy! damn uppity dragon. Anyway, he ALSO pointed out that
Elaroid is working on the aforementioned spell mods, since she is the 
one true Codenator, so just forget my whole last post =/

pink-tinged chrome
Bearskin a spell I really like and used a lot now blows my hb every time
I attempt to cast it on my tank.  Please fix.
Hey who upped casting times for area spells in mage?

Mrr Grr.

area spells were not upped.  They were fixed.  All area spells are supposed
to have a +2 round addition to a spell of similar level.  Those that didn't
were fixed.  In addition the sp/damage ratio was fixed to fit previously
agreed upon ratios  ( although there is currently 
a disagreement upon what we agreed on :)  ).

my poor toes Hurt from being stepped.
What study of the body could allow a biomancer to remove a poison caused by nature better than a person in tune with nature.  A biomancer should have weaken poison because they are strengthening the body's ability to combat the poison.
I know you wish to make biomancers more enticing but I fail to see why you should take obvious skills that belong to one guild and give them to another so they are appealing.  
Sorry that I kinda ranted there.
I want druids to be my idea of what a druid should be.
Maybe I'll post that in druid, as a philosophical debate.
Thanks for listening to me whine about my toes.
A minor offensive spel for biomancers, this one attacks the victim's
spiritus (biomancers, look it up in your book), which directly
harms the target's blood flow.  It's not a powerful offensive
spell, but it has its uses.

It was stackable 3x.  Its a minor prot spell and I only can stack it 2x.  
Why was it changed and can it be changed back?
Was 2x stacabke...grrr stackable.  Now is 1x.  Please change back.  I 'did'
like having prots spells but having them all modded to hell is making
being abjurer less and less and less worthwhile.
I think there is somethin up with blink  lose HB when ya cast it and all you might wana look into it
Elaroid thanks a ton for changing party summon spell like the idea I
gave ya.  Makes being a 14th level telemancer and having it and using it instead
of summon worthwhile.  Also remove transport seems to ebe broken
still.  I have someone accept then cast it and I get message they have not 
accepted yet.  So if you or someone wizard wise could check it would be appreciated.
I have yet to get it to work...even with them accepting after and during and
before casting the spell.  Nothing seems to work.
Remove scar was moved up to secondary in all guilds...mostly so that 
scars are atually some sort of penalty for many guilds - tehre
are a rapdily growing number of abilities that cause scars...
who cares if u have remove scar at 5th level?

Remove poison and weaken poison were respectively moved up
to primary and secondary guilds...this was for the purpose of
making the ability to remove poison a special privilege enjoyed
by healer types, and not the tert  mage who just doesn't want to
be poisoned easily.  Also, it makes the less useful remov epoison skills
of no small measure...as now they're basically your only 

Blink does the following: 
1) Blink does not discriminate between what hits hit
you - it avoids all damage.  EVERY damage.  It doesn't
matter how much damage.  Attanar used it vs. a dragon's
breath weapon that can do up to 200 points of damage.

2) Blink moves with you.  Mirror images don't.

3) Blink lasts till you use it.  Blink just sits around
all day until you get hit.

4) Blink works in the back of the party.  No player can
dodge a monster's spell from the back row.  With blink
you can.

In essence, blink is extremely powerful.  But you are not
meant to rely on it - I consider it the equivalent of
a "spell dodge", or a "super dodge", as it's better than
just simply dodging.

Combine dodge with the blink spell, and you end up basically
adding both blink spell and dodge skill percentages 
together - what you don't dodge, you blink.

If you're lamenting your inability to solo as well as
you did before - you're right, you're not supposed to
be able to.  Dodge was an artificial replacement until
blink did a better job of it.

Destroy Spiritus has been upped in level as well as damage.
At Attanar's suggestion, this spell should make biomancers a force to be dealt
with.  The damage maxes around 800 if the target fails its con check.
Note that other spells in the bio guild have been shifted around somewhat

  Major physical resistance is now Crowe's major physical resistance.

  change your command aliases, etc.. as appropriate =)
those who had mapr should automatically be converted over into having crowe's mapr =)
could you change the name of crowe's major physical resistance to something a little bit shorter or something please? it really messes up the 'show spells' and while not terribly important is just really annoying
maybe crowe's physical resistance, dont need major in there to distinguish it from minor, thats what crowe's name is for. or crowe's no phys damage spell or something. anything at all thats shorter =)

    -Thud, back where he should be atop the abj guild
Remote transport still doesnt work.  I've had them accept after and before casting
the spell.  Get same message always when spell goes off.  This person
hasnt accepted yet.
Oh...I did 'not' have the person in room with me.  Thats the idea
of 'remote' transport.  Spells says they do have to be.  Though I was
told that the accept thing added in would have the spell modded to work
remotely like it did in past.  So thats likely why its not working when I
have tried it.
Hmmm.....have a little problem with divine ascension.  As the 
spell help says, you can only use it if there is light.  But, on
edon I tried it and couldn't use it....in and out of the city.
And Edon is supposed to never get dark, right?

Haidar, confused
should be fixed.  Rayzam typoed the accept stuff.
no. really. can we change the name of that mapr spell to something shorter  PUHLEEEZE?

The desting when you go through virtual areas problem has
been fixed.
actually I like the suggestion to have em survive, but make ya pay some upkeep over that..
sounds fair and reasonable.  
  I didn't do the accept stuff.. but sure, I'll take teh blame for remote transport
Crowe's major physical resistance is a really long spell name.
It's kind of strange when within an hour I've failed twice 100% spell..and
in second time, I fumbled it (??!!). I don't understand how I can fumble
anything with my stats and how I can fail 100% spell twice in an hour when
supposed chance is about 0...or .9 as I've been told

Like attanar i have been failing 100% spells too, but i failed a 100% spell
7 times last night, 7 times while we where killing odie, if 100 isn't really
100%, it should at least be close, and it didn't seem to be last night.
Heal spell is up and back in action.

.9% was skill system.. new spell system isn't up yet =)
nothing changed with spell system then ? How come we started failing spells 
then ?
Attanar is right. My spell failure rate has gone way up just
recently and no its not my imagination or just bad luck. :)
I agree with Attanar I'm failing way more often then I was, and my 
% are higher.

Saint Nylerus
Shhhhh....don't tell noone, but we fail spells about trice we used to fail 
before. And the biggest secret is...(keep it your voice down!) we now fail
spells with 100% in it.

 I don't quite understand the aura of secrecy around it. If it was the 
downgrade and it had some reasons, why the hell not post it ? If it's bug
why pretend it doesn't exist ? Someone take time and clear the issue..PLEASE!

All sarcasm and stupidity aside, nobody really knows the answer.
I suspect it may be the new OS, but I am not sure.
But then, we've all been too busy doing lots of other stuff
But shhhhh, the secret is that we secretly changed Attanar's coffee with Folger's crystals...

Yo had a goo dpoint when he said the curse spell was essentially 
instant death.
The spell now turns the caster into a frog and sets your wimpy
to 100%, giving you a chance to escape.
Also, the solidity spell now protects youa gainst it - to
prevent this kind of death, solidity will prevent it...this
also differentitiates it from heavy weight.

Talien, who can't spell for his life
Talien wrote:
>Yo had a goo dpoint when he said the curse spell was essentially 
>instant death.
>The spell now turns the caster into a frog and sets your wimpy
>to 100%, giving you a chance to escape.
>Also, the solidity spell now protects youa gainst it - to
>prevent this kind of death, solidity will prevent it...this
>also differentitiates it from heavy weight.
>Talien, who can't spell for his life

 BULLSHIT! That aint gonna work. Like in my case, from 1463 hps down to
           hp:21 maxhp:21 when monsters curse hit me. next to follow
           was full round of hits from the monster. that 'new' wimpy 100
           setting is not gonna save anyone's butt, do ya see what i am 
           saying? during the same round you get first hit by the spell
           followed by full round of hits. ie. cursing is insta-death
           unless you have solidity. I want a curse spell that works on
           monsters, dammit. 

Juustokakkua sullekin erkki.
Well, put aside the coffee comment, your note was what I asked for, Talien.
It's bug => it wasn't dgrade => it will be fixed in time => I have nothing
to worry about and only wait for it to be fixed.
Forgive me for my sarcasm, but without it, me and some others were asking
for that answer for about a week and haven't got it, though it was that 
Btw, I would really doubt it has something to do with new OS, but as it's
bug I hope it'll be fixed some day.

zodiaque travel used with the create mark skill provides a novel
form of teleportation.  Its not wonderful, but great
for those who dont have memorize or want
to teleport to unmemorizable areas.

Basically you create a mark in the destination and 
where you are, then you can teleport between them if the marks are

Marks dont save over boot or resetting of rooms.

Marks adjacent in the zodiac are compatible, as are those of the same
element.  A mark is not compatible with itself.
Dark signs are associated with the winter zodiac and light signs
with the summer zodiac (2 signs per planet).


Telemancers get it at level 8, and alchemists will probably get it.

If you ask to go to a mark of aquarius and theres 2 of them, you'll go
to a random one etc.
 Once more about curse spell, or should i say INSTA-DEATH spell.
I know solidity protects one from getting cursed, BUT still that
spell seems way out of damage guidelines. (and curse spell
setting your wimpy to 100% is a joke)
how as combat goes...

<monster> curses you, you turn to a frog.
at this point, no matter how many hps you had, you are screwed.
curse just set you to like 21 hps out of 21 hp max.
(last time i had ~1300 hps, *curse*, down to 21.)
battle continues, on SAME round after getting cursed:
<monster> hits
<monster> hits
You DIE.....
<monster> hits
<monster> hits

see, no matter how high my wimpy was set, the monster finishes the round
with its hits and finishes you as well. with 21 hps I wouldnt fight a pigeon.
seems odd that i can take ANY other damage spell in the whole game,
but get an insta-death upon getting cursed.
You say frogs are small, thus current hps are reduced to frogs racial
max, why cant it damage the player like 500 hps, and set the hpmax to 21,
leaving current hps over the current max. Frogs can be big too,
it's a kind of magic, eh?
Or are you telling us NOT TO FIGHT monsters that cast low level 
insta-death spell, unless one has solidity?

--Yo, comments please.
you havent memorized any locations, so you cant list them.
i heard stik says it's bugged..
if so please fix it..i am in need of some. :(
You can no longer cast curse from a no transport area at a
distant target.  This is to prevent people sitting in rent rooms
and cursing with impunity.
     The power room aspect of masonry gives a read the help message when cast.

  Flip spell has been fixed/tuned again.

 instead of a full random, your percentage matters for how much
alignment you lose.. that is, if you are 1000 alignment points and you are flipped
you won't be at -1000, you'll be somewhat closer to zero than that.

  also, there is some random loss in alignment on top of that.
 can now use spells.
  an area spell will remove all your images. since it hits them all.
  blinking will not avoid area spell damage either.
  fish gills or water breathing cast upon someone underwater and drowning will now save them 
from drowning.
  Identify and greater identify now show if the armor or weapon
refuses to be damaged =)

  this should help yall out some =)
  works right now.. 

  if there are any field spells that can be cast on top of an existing field, 
please let me know.
Help spell brightbeam.  Inidividual attack illusion spell.
Sonic damage is the province of bards, which is why
it was insituted. 
Slip's right - mages are offensive, they're good at offensive,
that's what they do, and if they need defense join abjurers
(their opposites so to speak).  Mirror image, mystical
shield, and displacement are hardly "lame ass" defensive
spells.  I've watched mages solo and party...none of
them consider any of those spells "lame ass."

The fact that you bitterly resent the loss of dodge is
absurd.  Blink is far better, as a mage with blink and
mirror image is powerful indeed.

I never said I was bitter at losing Dodge.  Dodge is a fighting type
skill anyway.  I also agree that Blink is VERY cool.  What I'm 
bitching about is the fact that when I converted, several months
ago, Blink S-U-C-K-E-D.  So I only advanced Tele to level 11 so 
I could pick up some other guilds that (at the time) I thought I
needed.  Now that blink is cool I dont have it and need about a meg 
of exp to get it, fun fun.  I make descent exp in a party, but 
on occasion would like to solo.  Soloing I can't make near the exp
to make it worth the time.  I dont wanna spend 10days to make a 


P.S. didn't realize about Brightbeam, its cool.

Soooooooo..now blink is entirely soloing spell ? It's kinda strange to see
that change since it was supposed to take the place of the dodge and protect
those who are in the back of the party. Now blink doesn't protect me from
areas, so it has no use for partying. Only soloing.
Oki, make me solo...though I've thought you were trying hard to make me party
I don't really understand what are you thinking about when changing that area
stuff. I have 395 hps, without mirrors and blink, one area is enough to toast
me. I can understand your reasoning for the reality of that, but grr...that's
a hell of downgrade.

  Attanar, who stays away from monsters who area now.
shouldn't Telemancers have Solidity?  

Got heavy weight, banish and everything else. :)
I would like to point out that not only psis get this spell,
and would like to know why i can't quick chant it, since i'm an abjurer..if spell is done psionically,
take it away and give me something else, i have enough acstuff
really anyway, but 10 rounds to cast something i no longer get
any casting bonuses to so fail at 80% anyway is kinda annoying.
I really meant sunlight. :)
You cast the sunlight spell, it takes a ray of sunlight,
capturing it, and then it lasts - a lot longer than the
current light spell.  It's not as accessible as the light
spell but twice as good when you do cast it...smart druids
will cast it close to sundown.

One of my major goals for druids is to make them eminently
aware of the weather, time, and water.  There really is 
a difference between sunlight and light. :)

  actually, partying was already upped... lessdamage in each row..
so with a 500  hp max area spell, if you're in the 3rd row, there's no way
a person with 360 hps could die from it.  

  soloing is still more dangerous than that..especially if ya only have 360 hps =)
  death armor and biofeedback now only give those messages about 1 in 10, tho the effects are the
also modded same way..

any other spammy ones like that.. let me know.
You now only auto-wimpy if you were in combat at the time you were
cursed (changed after isaac wimpied into cutter)
Please make Greater Identify show if a piece of armour has an
alignment restriction.. It shows for weapons, but not armour.
At least it doesn't show for the Angel's Ring (halo)

Moriant, the Loan Shark..
Field Tolerance doesn't save on a chested wand.  Is it supposed to
or not supposed to and if it isn't.. can it be made to? :)

Oops Tempest:
Yes it does exist. :)

Help spell damage analysis

Then make friends with an abjurer. :)

Its not meant to save on chested wands (this is to keep the ability
for primary merchants instead of letting those bard wimps
at it)
Second Sight, Minstrel's Sight, and Psychic Sight all went up
in sps cost to 150 - still a bargain.
Mostly, an oversight on my part that got propagated by similar spells. :)

How about this: 'cast rush limbaugh at monster'. It has a 50%
chance to turn the monsie into a brainless thrall obeying your
every whim and a 50% chance of making it berserk with rage...
either way it takes 100 pts. of Cellulite damage.
I have a few problems with the spell invisibility. It seems to serve no purpose as far as monsters go. The help states that you can go unnoticed by agg monsters and monsters hunting you. This doesn't work at all. The lowest level agg monsters in the game attack me when I'm out trying to do nothing but get my e% up. Do I need a tank to walk me around the mud these days??! Tal tried to convince me that I can get past blocking monsters with it but i know I can't. Like we are going to be allowed to walk into tert guilds or bank vaults without fighting stuff? I don't want that. Only want what the help for the spell promises to do. The helps for spells aren't supposed to be advertisments that promise something they don't do and trick us into buying them...or are they?:) So this is what a fairly high level spell lets me do...I can walk past low level blocking monsters. If anyone knows of any low level blocking monsters that I might want to sneak past instead of killing with one blast please let me know so I can feel half good about studying invis.:)

While I'm posting, telemantic protection doesn't seem to be working. Supposed to prevent tels in a room but my tank got banished. 

-Nyx, all the bullies attack me even when I don't have -cha.:)
 Know what ya mean nyx. The spell definitely does not protect you from
aggressive monsies, and putzy little monsies can see through it easy. 
The only thing invis seems to be good for is sneaking up on unsuspecting players
Can the rate on mip be raised?  As is, the spell is pretty much
useless.  You mip 10k gold and get a whole 1.9k exp (that is the
best ratio I've gotten so far, at 85%).  Just seems with the
way money is right now (scarce compared to back in the old days), 
that mip ratio could be increased to compensate for this.

Moriant, the ever dying.
When are we gonna get the much-promised
"no loss of SPs when you misspell the target"? Hm?
Ummmmmmmm.... can we get this spell fixed? I summon people all the time to
try to get them places, because I'm a telemancer... I try to cast remote
transport spell constantly with these people, and no matter where I am,
no matter where I'm sending them (all my memorized places) I get 'That
area is shielded from transporting'... even when I transport there all the
time myself, and even when I relocate there and have to waste the time
and spell points summoning them again to the area they wanted to go...
this spell's currently just a waste of my sps.
Telemantic protection still doesn't work at all. Can someone acknowledge this so we know that it will eventually be worked on?

    I cast the power room option on masonry a while ago...
   It worked for that boot and one subsequent one...i got a damn damn damn message when i cast it, zorm looked at it then...
    My power room is gone.
     With the cost of skills and spells, who is going to want this cast on them?
    Just a thought for the future.
     Chaos lace can replace damage type with a new, random damage type, only thing is this sometimes takes the total amount of damage types over 100 percent according to gid.
     I haven't had a chance to test it with an abjurer with damage analysis yet, so i don't know whether it is actually doing over 100 percent damage or what the deal is.
    Something to look into.
   Here is an idea:

   How about water and air rooms for castles?
   Seems like this would be a nice addition for a lot of castles.
   Both as traps and places to do business.
   Bonuses for hydrophiliacs, etc.
Has replaced detect alignment in both templar and paladin guilds.
You must be good aligned to cast it, and it will only give you an
alignment range for evil beings.

The solution's a lot simpler than you think:
you keep your spell, as is, and can still use it, you simply cannot
train it higher, and new people to the guild can't train it at all
(er, study it).
So, no, y ou don't get it replaced, you get to keep it. :) Even

Latest updates to both paladins and templars:

the holy light spell - just like light
only it does not rely on wisdom and requires the caster
to be good aligned.  Replacing the old light spell.
Some new spells and mods for both Templars and Paladins:

UNPAIN:  now lasts a duration based on the caster's alignment.
It bestows hit points based on the RECIPIENT'S alignment.

WALK ON WATER:  Water walking - duration based on recipient's

DIVINE WILL:  Iron will, which is based on the target's
alignment (lasts longer the more good aligned he is).

HOLY STRENGTH:  Antidrain, requires caster and target to
be good aligned.

DIVINE CALLING:  Greater summon, requires caster and target
to be good aligned.

Paladins have lost the more minor healing spells, but to
replace them, lay on hands has been lowered in level (and
heals more), and it costs a LOT less, the Ep and SP cost
was outrageous.  Likewise, lesser miracle now covers the
higher range of healing spells.  Before the outcries of
rage and anger hit, let me point smoething out:

Lesser miracle now allows you to remove a scar, remove
some poison, among other things.  This is a BIG boost.
Yes, in terms of healing you lost some (from 600 hps
to 400 hps), but what you gained (the ability to remove
your own scars and remove rounds of poison), I think
outweighs it quite a bit.  It ALSO adds spell points,
and endurance points (a small amount but still), as
well as awakens someone from unconsciousness.

Pretty good I think. >:)

lesser miracle will no longer subtract a scar if you dont have any.
Thus giving you the default message 'scarred mess' for having
negative scars.

Is it just me or does magic mouth have way too short a duration? Can't exactly annoy people if what you have the mouth say is only repeated twice.:)

Is it just me or is magic mouth the most worthless spell in the
game? Why even bother with it? I have better uses for my hard won
XP. :)
For all of you who were made into scarred messes before the lesser miracle
scar stuff was fixed you need to see a wiz to get your self fixed.

no one ever reads 'typo' i bet, so thought i'd put this here,
prot weapon says 'Big stick glows purple for a momnet.'
just thought i'
d be annoying and point that out.
Could you set it up so that if there is no target matching what's
typed in, the spell doesn't cost normal sp? Obviously if the
target is misspelled or not there we wouldn't be casting the
spell, RIGHT? Sate the demon Realism, and simultaneously keep a
slip of the finger from costing us 300 sp...
you'll be glad you did...

Push the button, Frank.
Welp, Bel, since this arguement has been brought up a gazillion times and NEVER
ever been responded to by a wiz, I think that means they have no 
intention in changing it. No answer = forget it.
here's an idea...
distant blasting :)
I posted this before but i think i didnt explain myself clearly, so here goes..
There is a problem in spell fist of sikkar and holy word...
In every other ofensive spell, for example dispel evil, when you do:
'cast dispel evil' while not fighting anyone it'll tell you 'You must
specify target.' and you are not charged the sps the spell costs.
In those 2 spells when you do 'cast fist of sikkar/holy word' while not
in combat, it says 'This spell requires target.' and you are being 
charged the sps, the spell costs.
Those spells cost lots of sps and its very annoying to loose those sps, which
happens really often.
So please could someone take a look at it and maybe fix it if its not too hard,
please :)

  invocation spells don't use quick chant anymore.. 

  they use: psalms/piety if you are good aligned.
         devil's tongue/bloodpact if you are evil.

  expect to see them in the appropriate guilds as the guildwizzes set em up
I think that the split of invocations from other spells for purposes of QC is kind of punitive... maybe I don't understand what a invocation spell is overly well (are there any help files out there? If you can point me towards them I'll probably be quiet for a bit while I read up... ;)
Isn't the extra damage mages get enough, without making other guilds have to learn multiple QC variants?
Or is there something I'm missing here?
Or do mages get hit by this too?
Anyways, some more explanations might be in order.

Lord of Despair.
  its not the first, nor is it the last.. quick chant is a magey thing ya..

 don't use qc: psionic, charm, sonic, invocation.

  they aren't 'quick chantable' by definition.. can't speak mental spells any faster,
can't speed your talk and expect to charm someone, can't speed up the sound and have it work the same,
can't speed up asking the powers that be [invoking].

  on the flip side, this also makes qc more important.  these guilds now get very 
specific spell speeders, but don't get quick chant... that does limit they're
overall speed in casting.. so now they are good at what their guild is meant
for, not for the rest.  Which kind of makes sense.

  besides mages bread and butter are the other types, the 'magey' ones,
combat spells, teleportation, abjuration, evocation, divination, etc, etc..

 hope this explains it better..
could we possibly get a  command so that in any guild,
you could as well as 'list spells all' or list spells fire
or whatever, list all spells in that guild by <type> 
like list spells invocation
so 1) we could see how the guilds spells are arranged,
and 2) we could see what spells our nice bonuses like 
bonus spell category: elemental effect
So basically what you are saying is that you don't want
any non-mage caster to get invited into parties. After all, who wants to wait for a cultist
to cast harm body (not invocation) for 1k damage
when you can get a mage to cast twice as fast at 1.5k?
The rate at which offensive spells can be cast is actually more important
than the amount of damage they do. 1k damage in 5 rounds is useless when
you could cast 500 damage spells in 2 rounds. Does anyone else think this doesn't make sense?

- Night
(ps sorry if text wrapped..I hate this editor.)
As an addendum to my previous post I just want to show you my own
situation so you see what I am talking about. I'm sure other guilds have
similar conflicts. I am a Cultist. You would expect us to be centered
around invocation type spells and we are. however, unless you are
completely out of touch you must know that offensive damage spells (ie bla
blah..(ie. blasting) are ...ARGH I turn off all channels and get Zorm giving
me chocolate now..weee..ok lets try AGAIN...
(ie. blasting) are the most valuable since killing things IS what parties
[shit i forgot to turn off crystal..grrr]
Offensive damage spells is how you kill things, and cultists is full of
these non-invocation damage-dealing spells. The main, central, blasting spell
of the cultists is harm Body. Harm body does 1k max, 5 rounds time, and
is category HARM. Next in line is Number of the Beast, 900 max, 
5 rounds time, and category INVOCATION. Harm body is supposed to be our
best blasting spell but now, damage types aside, I see no reason to ever use
it again if quick chant is removed. It would be stupid to not use 900 damage
at half the casting time. Is it time for every
caster to reinc to mage and every tank to reinc to fighter so we can just
end the charade? Like so many
wiz ideas it looks great on paper but in pure game terms it
simply doesn't make sense! Maybe if you had to play by these rules
you'd see it but you don't play.

- Night
Giacomo cast this 'wimpy song' at me earlier... it is the really long
and spammy one with the quote from Andre Norton on it... it lasts
way too long.... we regened, sat waitin... assumed that it was off, so went
back in, only to find out that it wasn't.... it finally went off about 10
minutes later, but it lasts too long... also, there is no defense for this
spell.... or way to remove it.... anyway, this is just a pain in the butt,
and while monsters should be difficult, they shouldn't have this spell as
powerful as it is.
  Unbelievable.. here we have a system that's been in place for 
other types of spelss, charm, psionic, sonic,
and an upgrade for a bunch of guilds that don't get
nor should get, quick chant.  And 'we didn't
think it out, it looked good on paper, but
forces everyone to reinc fighter or mage, or suicide'.

  You're point about harm body was valid, too bad it was hidden
in all that other nonsense, where you wrote without thinking.

  give zoob a chance, either if cultists will also keep quick chant if 
zoob feels its justified, OR *gasp* harm body could be changed
to an invocation...

  I can't believe the rantings you gave over one spell in one guild
without giving anyone a chance after you realized the problem.

  and I had even tried to explain the concepts behind it all in
the other post.. mebbe I shouldn't bother from now on?

  You could have just said 'Ack! harm body is cultist's main damage
spell, and its not invocation, can something be fixed here?' instead of the um interesting posts you did make.

  We do think about things, it has worked, not just on paper, this is an upgrade
for 3 or 4 other guilds [and has been since its been around a
while now].

  blah, I'm tired of even trying to explain this reasonably.. i fyou think
we're pricks, think this screws you for life,
feel like ranting and raving at us, then even saying you'll
get to be rm'd and leave this place, oh and threaten suicide, 
go for it.
in reguards to charm spells not being affected by quickchant and talien 
asking you expect to speed up what you are saying and stioll have it work?
the answer is YES! have ya ne never hear of fasttalking talien :) it has been 
used by conartest for centuarys to litterally carm unsuspecting fool er ah um 
make that victoms out of their money.  All you have to do is turn on a news 
show to see what new swindler is out there to know that this is true and well 
as a charming druid i need all the help I can get now that my unpain has been
taken way when it was soooooo close to my grasp (note tongue in cheak needeling :))

Ah, was nice of Elara to look up some estworths for people
today, she is SOOO cool.
Could any wiz maybe try to fix estworth, even if it just tells
use strike at what w'ere worth now, not after a rinc, and put it in a guild
or two, at least til it's decided who will get it later, we 
really like to know this info,
valheru, 7something and happy
I've got a question about the way bloodpact/devil's tongue works:
if you have both trained high, and the appropriate alignment, etc, can you end up getting less than half of a spells normal casting time? ie, (casting time/2) -1
or is the minimum just half, and having one of those skills useless?
anyways, even though I don't have access (or any real need for) those skills yet, I'm curious...
- Lord of Despair
Its fixed.

with 100% in the spell you can expect a relative error in estimates
of no worse than +- 3%
most forms in chaos shape will allow you to cast spells.  However,
I havent made the final mods to the cast and use commands since not
all temp races are converted yet.  When they are you will be able to.
Hold tight :)

I got Piety and Psalms skills which act as a quick chant for templars but only
on invocation spells....well II works fine for holy word, but holy hand spell it doesnt seem to work for. both say invocation in the helps. I get the quick
chant almost every time with holy word and never with holy hand which can only
lead me to believe that not even I am that unlucky }:)
can someone check into it please. Thanks
this spell should be unholy damage...
Mordrin wrote:
>this spell should be unholy damage...
Mord is just sore cuz I killed him with it in war. It is supposed to
be fire.

- Night
Number of the beast is fire dmg read the help on it ..
it calls down fire 
Once again lets clear up certain things with free will and its
relationship with intellect fortress and emotion song.

the latter two protect vs mental paralysis.

free action protects vs physical paralysis.

examples of mental paralysis are many: psi spells, mental holds, gaze
attacks, vampire charms which lock you in place etc,

physical paralysis examples are:  webs, tentacles, vines and creepers,
slime and goo, and anything tangible.

If at any time you see the appropriate spell not protecting vs a
certain special effect inform us it may be worth tps.

if at any time a spell protects you from a certain special effect
that is opposite ( ie if your intellect fortress protects you from
say some spider webs ) inform us as well, because not doing so it
is cheating :)  and we know what happens from there.

If darkness is cast in combat, it ends when combat ends.
Irritating for me, but not deadly.
It now summons out of no transport areas.
RRRRROCK! Elara rocks, thanks much for changing that... now it's worth
it to get it. :)
Isaac :)
can't be cast to or from castles.
Could mana drain disrupt spell casting?  That would be cool :)

Somehow racial powers, as well as skills like headbutt, are able to stop
skills/spells from being used... for example, I had mirrors up aagainst
some headbutting monster and was casting some spell, and boom, you lose
your concentration. He wasn't hitting me, he was hitting my mirrors, cause
I hadn't gotten the 'Isaac is truely hit' message yet, and I kept seeing
mirrors breaking around me, yet I was losing my concentration... I say
that this also occurs in wars with racial abilitys because this same thing
was occuring with nyx in the last war with someones racial ability... So
is there any way to fix this? Mirrors are supposed to block this, yet they
do not. :) I also was losing my concentration from the spell Soul Scourge
in the last war through mirrors... Anyway...
Ummm... any way to make it so area spells don't tell us what all they're
hitting? :P Nyx casts killing cloud, and it hits blah blah blah blah. :)
I get plenty of spam in combat as is. :)
Can accept times be raised, In lag it alwways
times out. QUite annoying
ps: accept times for reinc and ress that is
wierd messages from malign mending.
I cast it on myself, then immediately get a combat style HP readout:
--- HP:540/581  SP:1274/1374  EP:118/118
lit in red
also, I got the message:
Despair heals ALL of your wounds, and still had a number left to heal...
messages may need a little reworking. :)
This spell has a lot of promise, however... it can be cast with the target,
'at such and such wizard'... however, I got 'ILLEGAL AREA! Mail the wizard
who coded it.' error message when I tried to go through it... Another
problem with the spell is the exit name. :) Should just be 'portal',
instead of 'dimensional-portal'... that's a long exit name to type out. :)
Isaac the tester. :)
Okie... another small problem with this spell is how long the exit lasts. :)
I finally got one to work (not at Shaithis, though I wanted to go beat that
bum down a bit. :) Anyway... cast it at case, walked through... the portal
exit was there still, so I went back through then that exit was gone. :)
should be more than one usage... should last for a set period of time, like
dimdoor. :)
I dont think transfers are healing at a 2hp healed to 1hp taken
ratio like they are supposed to.  I'm taking 300hp damaage and
only healing around 300 it seems.
Now it seems if I dont have enough hp to fully heal someone it
doesn't heal hardly any hp. 

I just tried to heal someone twice and it only did 14 hp to me 
both times, said I didn't have enough hp to complete the healing
(the target had 200+ damage and I've got 300+ hp)
Something very strange going on with it.. was major distant transfer

Well, I can transfer now even if I dont have enough hp to fully
heal the target (takes me to 1hp), but it heals at a 1:1 ratio.
I thought it was 2:1, or do I have to be good for the 2:1 ratio
to occur?  Also, do Transfers adjust your alignment towards good?
I seem to remember that they used to, not sure if they still do.

Transfer heals are 1hp to 1hp.  You are transferring the wounds
from the target to yourself.  As a result the SP:Heal ratios are
much better than they would be otherwise.

Casting these spells will NOT make you more good aligned, as it
was decided that the act of using an ability should not shift alignments
any more, as the repeated use can really add up to huge alignment shifts.

Also, biomancers are no longer a good aligned guild - the theme is that
of physicians rather than mystic healers.  You dont have to be good to
be a biomancer, and being a biomancer wont make you good.

Also, crystal payrate stuff has been removed from these spells - It never
worked anyway, and encourages robot healing.  If people want distant healing
from you they should donate stuff to you, e.g. regen eq which will actually
make you a better healer for them.
Hmm, the sp:heal ratio is better, yes, but you also have to analyze
the fact that when a biomancer transfers wounds to himself (or herself)
he will have to heal those hp.  So in effect the sp:heal ratio, after 
you factor in the heal to the caster, isn't as good as say a cure serious.
(food for thought)

Biomancers not being good or evil: cool, makes sense with the new 
theme of the guild.
Payrate: its nice, but its much better to simply party or have someone
donate, and yeah, payrate leads to robots.
Here is an interesting fumble.. that turned out okay I guess.

You are done concentrating on your spell.
You chant the words 'Demons words that steals the will, I scream the phrase:  
You FUMBLE your spell!
A warping magical flux surrounds you.
You chant the magial words 'Rathkarr leomuss makirak'.
Your dark lord, indwelling your body, touches Midnight and great, open wounds 
--- HP:357/603  SP:1010/1677  EP:121/121
get all from corpse
with the new system, you are at a major disadvantage with a
spell at low %. How about this...if you succed in 
casting the spell,  it uses say the % dmg/heal done
plus 10% in SP up to the full cost of the spell. That
way for having a low % you are not so badly penalized
in SP's just time, instead if SP's casting time and regen
time. this would make it a little more fair you people
starting out.

Also, another thought for tuning, the range of dmg/heal 
is much to large. if you were a human with say 100% in
a spell and 100 wis, the minimum effect would be 65% that
to me seems kind of low. I would think the highly 
proficient casters would do better than that. I would
a formula that would raised that to just over 75%.
instead of min = (% + (stat/10)) / 2 + (stat/10)
i suggest min  = (% + (stat/10)) * .6 + (stat/10)
in the above example this would yield 76% dmg/heal on
success. this is a range of 25% and i think would be
more fair. 

Just my suggestions.
heh....I don't believe it!!!
Moriant FUMBLED a spell?!?!?!?
Keeeeeeerist! This spell is nasty... I just cast it at 'Uryoan' (should be
spelled Urayoan) and cast it... blah blah... it cost me 400 sps and there was
no one by that name... (he was trapped in hell, so I spent another 400 trying
again, with no luck) anyway... please fix this spell.
cast divine retribution at bone golem[undead].
Debug: Bone golem isn't evil enough...thought it's spell against undead.

Should be checking upon target being undead, I think.

divine retribution is an anti-evil spell which does double damage
against undead.  (actually triple since they are vulnerable to holy too).
Doesn't work.  Just so you know.,
the 'power room' option seems to work, but is slightly buggy.
I lost my hb when I cast it, but when I came back, the room allowed
me to cast recharge, etc.  It DID take the 50k gold also.  Now I
hope it saves over a reboot.  Let you know if this place actually comes back up after a reboot, or in a couple of days (if it crashes, like usuall)
power room didn't save over reboot.

Please fix this, oh, and my money or the room fixed would be cool
too.. grin.

Fighting a wight on perdow, it cast cause serious wounds on me
it worked, but i lost nearly 100 exp! i went from 19011 exp
down to 18923 exp. this is a serious bug if it is taking away my exp.

Are you sure it was cause serious wounds and not energy drain?
Its possible they have the same chant...
Don;t know which Elara, just know what the chant was

there is a lack of people that can flip alignment.
How about a templat version
that flips evil to good, call it baptism
or repent or Sikkar's Preaching
Being a paladin and getting flipped by a monsie and not being
able to get flipped back sucks.

Just my idea for an improvement.

Tarlon the currently evil paladin
there is a way to go from evil to good, its a skill called tempt, get
a paladin to use it on you tarlon. it is not as fast as flip, but it will
get the job done.
Hiya there is a way to get fliped quick and easy...
simply ask your friendly Hellcatt to do it..
yes thats right I have the spell flip all trained and ready to use
if i'm feeling nice and ya ask me i just might flip ya
HC, is the only one on the mud who can't be fliped
oh yah .. but if you realy want the spell flip just join discordians
HC, big crazy evil chaosy discordian flippin around
Flip spell should have a saving throw added to it. This mud is WAY
to align-dependant to have a simple spell ruin hours and hours
of work.
blows hearbeat nuf said
i take it spells in summary is just for offensive
cast mother lode at mltarget
ones, or is it for converted ones in general? just wondering
Not true! The leader of the Fallen guild is immune to being flipped.
Which now, just coincidentally, is me. };>=

i don't know if flame strike has been converted to the new
spell system yet, but it is an offensive spell, i failed it but 
combat was not initiated. This should not be, too easy to abuse
against non-aggro monsies

healing spells do seem to be bugging. I got a crit message
for cure minor wounds which has a max of 200, so I should
be healing 200 or so + biomancer bonus, however, i only
heal 180 max. I have tested this extensively so I know that my results
are consistant. Thanks for lookin into this :)
    I don't think it's all THAT bad to fail 100% spells just a
mere once in a while...but it seems that it's becoming a regular
occurance...and i have even FUMBLED a 100% spell.  Anyway, maybe
make it a little less often?

    - Case FUMBLES ball lightning and is stunned for a few rounds
     I wouldnt mind all that much either if it only
    happened once in awhile, but it seems to happen every 5th
    time I cast.  Seems sort of high for having it
    trained to 100% to me...ah well..
     I dont mind failing an 80% spell every 5th time.
    That seems fair:)
First of all, I think reavers should get 'flip' spell back because it is a
chaotic spell..And I know you wizzes agree with me too because Reddist <Reaver
Gm> just casted flip on my tank....
blows heartbeat
topic should be mirrors
how about being able to see if you are still mirrored? would help a bit i think 
because no telling how many times i have wasted sps on myself cause i still had
like 1 mirror on me or something...maybe just put in long desc, You see 3 images
of Newman or Newman has 1 mirror
Why the hell do i stop fighting when a warlock in tower on Perdow
cast a silence on me? i don't need to make noise to fight. Please
look into this.

    I have been using destrucitve shock now for quite a while, and never had a problem
with my mount..now all of a sudden I cast it, hit him with it, and am force to kill him. 
Whats up?  If a wiz wants to know particulars, where and who I was fighting, lemme know and I'll give em to ya..
    Weapon SHOULD glow when this spell is successfully cast.

                    Scyld the Merchant
fixed displacement, bearskin and upped IW effectivity a bit.
Ac prots and resistances aren't showing up on aura detection. Please, please Fix.:)

-Nyx, lost abj
I don't know, maybe it's just me... but isn't being stunned a little
much for fumbling a spell, at least the low level ones?

Can heavy weight be set to show up as heavy weight in aura detection and not iron will?
    Getting "fart" message instead of Cast Not Allowed.

                        Scyld the Merchant
Fixed a bug in spell daemon thus fixing distant transfer spells
and maybe others.

 - Zorm
Thanks Zorm for fixing that bug in spells!
Greater Id still doesn't seem to ID shields correctly.  
The weapon update works and looks great, but shields are
still just showing the old weapon style 'sheet'.  Also there
are still some shields that show up as purely armor (ie haven't
been updated to new shield code).  One of those shields is
the shield from Raklish.

I know I sent mail about this, but there was a crash
immediately afterwards so i am still unsure that
mail was delivered.
aynhow a recap:
demon blade should create a 2h blade when"
cast demon blade at 2h
as the spell demon whip does.
however when i cast it such, i still get a 1h-er


I tried casting this spell at Britelord, who was tanking
and got every time a message reads:
Invalid Target
DEBUG: cast not allowed.

now i checked his alignment, and he was slightly evil, and
the spell works on anything negative (more lenient than evil heal)
and i myself was evil enough to cast (tried on myself.)

is there something which can prevent healing?
he was a sladd. could that affect it?

fixed malign mending

 - Zorm
I dont mind failing the occasional 100% spell, thats reasonable
I guess... but when I fail a level ONE spell 10 times in a row or
more and its at 60%, that is plain stupid.  I'm a 50th level
spell caster for christ's sake, I ought to have some bonuses
to casting one of the basic enchantment type spells (aka a level
one spell).  

Disgrunted and really tired
At 50th level you should be able to take a freaking spell above 60%...!
Me thinks it's because you are a tightass and don't wanna pay the money for
training it...Prob trained when you were 13th level too }:)
Spawn, who must give Moriant some shit since not many others will.
  light spell converted
darkness converted
can someone look at this spell it keeps blowing my heartbeat and i know rayzam has tested and it worked for him so i dont know what is goin on.
  special spells such as toxic blood, etc, that do things when you take damage
shouldn't do those things anymore if you are shivering from poison yourself..
[nor should your armor take damage, etc, etc....]

 bugs to me
is converted
The spell Death grip in psi guild 'still' bugs and blows the casters
heartbeat.  Thanks....
ok, what up with this mirror image in who now? If people were secretive enough to want to be hidden from where then why are you people pumping more and more info into who? As it is, I completely agree with Newman. 'who' is a mess of slayer titles, ms'ed images, mirror imaged and wraith possessed monsters. What happened to the days of names being right there after the levels so you don't lose the name you are searching for in a string of unecessary or unfair information? Yes, too much information is a bad thing. Put some of that stuff in the fingers if you want but get it out of who.
It makes no sense that the people not in the room with me would know if i have ms up or how many mirror images I have since they can't even do a 'where' for me anymore.
Please, please reconsider changing things back to a simple readable who list.

Nyx, doesn't need aura detection with the current who list.:P
Hrm, could it be possible to make certain spells circumvent the
ep restriction, namely, the ep restore spells. Like i have the refresh
spell and some nasty monsie drains me of eps, my only chance
is to refresh my self or something. Thanks :)
Telemancer spells up to level 12 are converted.
Most of them now have the fumble effects they were intended to
(no MCdemons though).

Elara snaps into existance some 350 feet above the ground and falls
to earth with a thud!
Elara is dead, R.I.P.
umm... nyx, i don't want to upset you or anything, but...
1) why was this posted to spells?
2) if you hate it THAT much and want only terse, brief info,
command who who short
will ensure you never see the icky thing again };>=

chrome the ever-helpful
  This spell costs _way_ to many eps to cast.  Spell casters tend
to have races with low amounts of endurance.  70 ep is over half the
ep I have at 35th level, I think thats a bit excessive for a spell that
only lasts about 3 minutes max.
  Both astral projection and zanshin circle give fart messages.
I'm getting triple damned fart messages when I try to do show spells,
right after Mana drain. Only spell I can think of that might be immediately after that, is Mystic Coffin.
master animation is bugged:
Help for spell:
A spell by that name exists but has an error in it.
I think this is the spell that is making my "show spells" break.
The spells summon, relocate, and jump are broken, I'm assuming
due to some bug in spell conversion.  Try to do help on them or
cast them and you'll see what I mean.
Oh and iron will...blows heartbeat too.
I 'really' hate it when spells are converted but not tested.  Really do appreciate
the hard work ya'll do, but damn...1/2 my
most used spells dont work right now due to it.
*frustrated groan*
It blows hb too....
In light of the current changes to - eps and skill and spell
usage.  Could the spell anti drain found in abjurer
also include prevention from loss of eps drained due to other
'outside' affects.  (It of course wouldnt prevent normal ep usage and
drain by the player.)  Just an idea and no clue how tough it would be to
It seems this spell is 'still' buggy.  Our tank was taking
damage when it was cast on him, much more so.  Seems it
works fine when cast on caster, but bugs out when on someone else.
Someone please take a look when you can, I thought Zoob had
fixed it awhile back, but it seems buggy still.
blows hb still
    Relocate is bugged, blows hb after the spell is finished.

    - Case
Can't stack darkness now? What the hell is someone who is hurt by light,
or even worse, turned into stone by light, supposed to do if he is
in Sauronan NOW?
Even loaded down with 2 ebony rings, ebony circlet, and a darkness spell, I was still getting hurt last time I was there.
Well, Case, I hardly ever go to Crypt anymore because some wiz
stacked it up with mega-undead who'll kill any paladin who
wanders in - and THAT started cuz some OTHER wiz set up guards
who'll kill any NECROMANCER that walks into a certain OTHER
city... there are certain areas I just can't go. I accept that
and move on. Mebbe ya just should ignore all the Sauronan
areas. Better still, get all the dark-dwelling characters to
boycott that whole world until the wizzies relent. If they
never do, well, at least you're not taking damage just for
being there.

Of course, if they get mad at you, they might make it cost
big money to cast Darkness... the No Light Tax. :)
This spell is spelled wrong (no pun meant! ;)

the correct spelling of "bureaucracy" is <--

Major choler makes you lose your HB.
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