Object Handling

Object handling on RetroMUD is quite straightforward, with objects being referred to by their 'ids' or names. For example, 'a battered mace' can probably be referred to as 'mace' or 'battered mace'. If you have several maces, you can refer to 'mace' or 'mace 2', etc. Note that articles are usually ignored.

If you want to refer to a group of objects, prefix it with 'all'. For example, 'put all mace in chest'. Another version closer to english would be 'put all of the maces in the chest' which also works, as do any combinations. Some common terms which are supported:

[wielded] weapons
[worn] armor/armors/armour/armours
[wielded] shields
carried/noeq/non equipment

Note that not all commands use the new parsing yet, check inform news group to get the current status.

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