Newbie Village

You stand amidst the fields surrounding a small village, Smoke risesfrom the
burnt husks of the houses on the eastern side, and you can hear shouts and
screams from within.

The Newbie Village (official name: newbie goblin area) is a newbie area on perdow. Its level lock is set to 10 (but locks lower than 15 default to 15 now). It contains human villagers, goblins, and some animals. It was coded by Elaroid, updated extensively by Talien, and Rhadaz added a forest that was however later replaced with pastures in the last big round of changes, which was done by Kereth.
Directions from ngate scarrowfell: se, s, 5 se, 30 e



This area is the location of level quest 6:

There are objects here that can be obtained by means other than killing a creature and looting them:


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