There are 2 different eq areas in here

1 is Jakke and Jaxxen you can just walk to these 2 kill a little imp and your in the retro room make sure you take df and you must kill Jaxxen on the first run to leave.

2 is Ancient. you need to collect parts to make a fishing trap to catch him then follow the rope to him. If the tank is small under giant size you must have HW on the tank or ancient will just swallow the tank and you pwipe.
To make the trap you need to kill the mob at the well and craft the string, then you need to go over the log and find the large log and get that, then you need to go to the malestorm area kill the fish and get fish for the bait. Then underwater there are rooftops in the old buildings you can enter one of them to get the hook. Then you assemble the trap in the bog and old code be_patient.

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