Necromancer is a primary guild that was completely reimagined and reimplemented by the wizstaff and returned to the game in 2010. It features powerful undead ('pets') built from bodyparts taken from slain foes and the ability to drain the life-force of enemies, channeling the energy into health, magic or endurance points for oneself or one's allies. It has two main paths of power: Puppet Master gives much more powerful pets and Deathmaster gives much more powerful drains.

Leader bonus: 2 Int, 3 Wis
Champion bonus: 2 Int, 3 Wis. Avoids the nasty necromantic fumble effects.

Level Skills Spells
1 attack
study anatomy
study corpse
2 first aid
3 amputate
cure light wounds
4 bone crafting preserve corpse
5 ancient minor animation
6 essence eye
mana save
steal life
7 talking skull
summon scythe
soul travel
8 detect necromancy
heal undead
9 death trance
rend flesh
10 command creation
mystic coffin
major animation
11 siphon life
bone graveyard
12 advance creation
lesser party drain
13 soul rip
funeral dirge
14 fuse armor
bond weapon
train creation
restore creation
remove poison
15 quick chant vestige recovery
major asphyxiation resistance
16 bone armor
prefrontal lobotomy
17 unbind weapon
extricate armor
18 experimental surgery planar travel
19 lifeforce link
sacrifice corpse
major harm resistance
20 greater heal undead
phantom destruction
mass siphon life
death armor

Stat potential:
Str: none (0/7)
Agi: none (0/7)
Dex: little (2/7)
Con: little (2/7)
Int: small (3/7)
Wis: tiny (1/7)
Per: little (2/7)
Cha: none (0/7)

Point Potential:
HP: little (2/7) HPR: little (2/7)
SP: average (4/7) SPR: average (4/7)
EP: little (2/7) EPR: little (2/7)

Category Bonuses:
Necromantic skill: small (3/7)
Healing skill: tiny (1/7)
Healing hermetic spell: tiny (1/7)
Necromantic hermetic spell: small (3/7)

Race Matches:
Good: Arcanus, Boelir, Dragon, Gremlin, Human, Jinn, Kreen, Myconoid, Satyr, Titan, Vampire, and Vulpin.
Average: Argus, Centaur, Changeling, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, and Hephestian.

Necromancer Pet Parts
Necromancer Pet Calculator

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