Mystic Weapon


Casting time: 10 rounds
Spell cost: 225
EP cost: 50
HP cost: 0
Spell level: 17
Spell category: enchantment
Affecting stats: wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: obtarget
Range: ground
Components: VS


Using this spell, a Bard meditates and considers a weapon, to determine its true name. If successful, the Bard sees the real power in the weapon and where its powers lie. The Bard then calls forth the mysteries and legends of long ago, and gives the weapon a name that is truly legendary; so all that see the weapon know its power. In effect, this gives it bonuses to hit and damage, and a small increase in disintegration damage. Thrown holders gain increased capacity. Ranged weapons gain a small amount of increased capacity, and a bonus to ranged attacks. Usage: cast mystic weapon at weapon


1. Mystic weapon gives 30% disintegration damage, +5 to hit and +3 to melee damage
2. Note there is a bug (as on 2013/01/12) with the ranged weapons. The ranged weapons capacity is increased by mystic weapon. If you don't unload it before the boot, the ammo weight adds permanently to the weapon weight.

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