Militades Hostel

The great abjurer Miltiades opened up his expansive home years ago for peaceful travelers to stay without charge. Such is his vast generosity, he has used a great deal of his accumulated wealth to provide for his friends and guests, but it is rumored much more remains in his coffers. It is also rumored that the great man has fallen ill recently. Some say he will finally pass away very soon, whilst others insist he is as strong as ever. If he were to die it is unclear what would become of his remaining fortune. Perhaps visiting old man Miltiades at his home in the Welstar hills might be a good idea?

Militades' Hostel is a newbie area on welstar. Its level lock is 20. It contains travellers and servants tending to them, as well as a few animals. It was coded by Kyrt.
Directions from ngate Keystone: 11 nw, 3w



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