Merchant Guild
That the Merchant's Guild makes its home on Wysoom is no surprise. Crypt and Perdow are hostile both in environment and denizen, while Sosel and Raji are not navigable by typical means. While Welstar is nearly as navigable, Wysoom is the obvious choice, with its wide, flat plains, and its large oceans easing transport of goods.
The Merchant's Guild keeps its portal to the Adventurer's Guild in its Training Room. As with all portals between Guildhalls and Adventurer's Guilds, anyone can use the on to the Guildhall, but will need to walk back to the Adventurer's Guild unless they are members of the Guild.
Also of note is the Merchant Guild's Warehouse, which as of late seems to be having some vermin problems, though certainly nothing even the most unskilled of Gifted Ones couldn't handle.
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