Races: vampire, werewolf, changeling and muridan
Level: 7
Activation time: 5
Offensive: No
EP Cost: 30
Range: Room

While there are a dizzying variety of races through the Retroverse, humans still dominate the cities. Nonhuman beings can masquerade as humans for a period of time, enjoying the benefits of selling and buying equipment from merchants, as well as communicating with other humans to hide their more terrifying aspects. Best of all, these beings can transform back at will (HELP TRUEFORM).


Here be stats:

Str: 55 Con: 55 Siz: 72
Agi: 55 Dex: 55 Per: 55
Int: 55 Wis: 55 Cha: 55

Can see in light and ultralight..

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