Major Bugs

Firestorm Phoenix/Shield of Honor glitch: The phoenix's fire breath applies damage incorrectly to shields, with the result that it's capable of permanently damaging or even desting a Paladin's shield. This doesn't seem to happen all the time, and the only Paladins who have reported it have been Dragonslayers. It's been theorized that the effect is related to the Reflect Dragon Breath skill somehow. Status: Reported to Faeryll.

Questioning and mirror images: It was posted aeons ago that Questioning would not interrupt monsters with multiple images up, causing them to aggro. This is not the case. Status: Unknown (may have been reported, but probably not).

Sadly, the post is long since off of news. DragonRider said he had a mudmail from a wiz saying it was supposed to be fixed, but I don't have a copy of it~ —aggrona

Fighter harness: Garg reports:
I've found several strange things at my fighter harness:

1) Looking at it bugs it:
wield 2 weapons - sheathe - draw -> 2 weapons wielded (okay)
wield 2 weapons - sheathe - l harness - draw ->1 weapon wielded (wrong)
looking at it shows only 1 weapon in harness too.

2) sheathe weapons while right hand is empty and left hand is with a weapon
produce a sensitive mind error.

I can reproduce those - just ask. Flik back checked and found out that for
1) it doesn't matter if both weapons are of same or different.

Wets, Frosties, Emits, etc:

Many armor enchant effects are applied when the armor is equipped and removed when the armor is unequipped. When equipped armor is enchanted with these spells, there is no immediate effect. When the armor is then removed, the effect (that isn't really in effect) is removed, causing the wearer to incur a vulnerability or emit light or darkness. When re-equipped, the armor enchants take effect, leaving the wearer in the state they were before any enchanting was done. For this reason, always remove armor before enchanting it.

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