Mad Merchant Mines

*Many years ago a young merchant by the name of Angus McLauchlan heard of the riches buried inside of the mysterious planet of Crypt. With a contingent of eager and greedy diggers he headed for Crypt to begin excavation. Years past without much luck, until he met a beautiful gorgon, Trixol Vihn. Trixol was instantly enthralled with the little leprechaun and they soon became lovers. Trixol knew of a young Argus, Xyron D'Vex. Xyron was a dabbler in the archane arts of necromancy and used his powers to speak with a deceased Boelir that knew the location of the richest vein of gems in all of Crypt. Angus, his new bride, the necromancer and his contingent of stalwart diggers made haste for the location the Boelir spoke of. Sure enough the gems were there and within months Angus was the richest creature on all of Crypt. One night Angus was beset upon by brigands while roaming outside his mines. Near death, Angus was saved by a decrepid old hag who nursed him back to health. She convinced Angus to build a castle above the mines and declare himself King of Crypt. The hag's advise was headed and Angus left the runnings of the mines to the few remaining diggers from his original crew, the brothers; Wynken, Blynken and Nod. Above the mines Angus built his castle and with his money declared himself King of all Crypt. Upon completion of the castle Angus was set upon by a group of assassins. He barely escaped with his life, through the help of a small gremlin named Sneed. Angus boarded himself up in his throne room, charging Sneed with finding him bodyguards. Ever since that day, the King has never emerged from his throne room. He is certain that it was his bride, Trixol that hired the assassins but cannot bring himself to order her death. Rumor has it that he has gone mad and that the mines and the castle are now run by three factions: Trixol and her assassins, Xyron and his guards and the mysterios Hag.

TODO: add room descs for entrances

The Mad Merchant Mines and the Mad Merchant Castle are an area on crypt. They are not level locked anymore (lock used to be 50).
They were coded by Faeryll and went ingame on 01/15/2000
Directions from ngate igneous: sw, 4w, 3nw to the mines, and one up for the castle entrance.



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