Light Of Sikkar


Type: Healing
Humanoid Healing: 750
Animal Healing: 750
Fish Healing: 750
Insect Healing: 750
Plant Healing: 750
Non-Flesh Healing: 750
Undead Healing: 750
Alignment Healing: good
Casting time: 2 rounds
Spell cost: 140
Spell level: 15
Spell category: unction
Affecting stats: wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: livingtarget
Range: close
Components: VS
Alignment: Must be Good.


This spell allows a holy caster to heal a good target by calling upon the light of Sikkar.


This is the fastest and most effective healing spell of the Templar guild. With piety or psalms, it takes only one round. The amount of healing varies with the target’s alignment.

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