Kobold Caverns

Kobold caves
A fissure leading into the rock is here, leading into some dark caverns.
Rubble covers the floors of the caverns, and something can be seen moving in
the shadows.

The Kobold caverns are a newbie area on crypt. They are directly connected to Gnomevale and the Bloodworm Area. Their level lock is 20. They contain kobolds, bats, fish, and sometimes gnomes that wandered in from Gnomevale. The retroeq DB claims it was coded by Talien and updated by Glimendron as part of the clean-up of a lot of buggy connections in all the underdark areas.
Directions from ngate igneous: ne, 5e, 2se, s



Name # notes
Kobold Knight 1 -
Ashkeg the Guard 1 -
Autognome 1 -
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