Kanku Tree

You seem to have come upon a rather large root, which is thick and soft. As
you follow the root's path with your eyes, you see it eventually leads to a
huge tree in the distance.

The Kanku Tree is a newbie area on sosel. Its level lock is 16. It contains young kankus and a few mothers, an area quest and several shops. It was coded by Pebby and updated by Elthan.

Directions from wgate Edon: 2 d, 5 w, 5 nw

All the mobs here give (and respond to) the "kanku" slayer, although getting it would require breaking the level lock as normally only people of level 16 and below who won't gain slayer status will be allowed in.




Name # notes
Wary Kanku (Kanku Tree) 1 -
Young Kanku (Kanku Tree) lots -
Mother Kanku (Kanku Tree) 3 in nests
Chico (Kanku Tree) 1 -
Citan Uzuki (Kanku Tree) 1 -
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