Jungle Clearing

This area is level lock 45

From Sosels north gate its down 2 then east to the # sign on the map.

This was a pain in ass to figure out
You have to go to the window in Sosel and you learn the phrase Say BY THE WINDS OF AVIIR SHOW ME MY ENEMIES!

You have to say this in the first room just to get into the area.

go 1 north then search grass then east you see a rune pick it up and type squeeze rune

Then find Zarigan
When you are in the room with Zarigin, answer elza

Then you can explore the area.

You will need to pick a few doors.

Zarigin seems to speak into your mind: 'You did it! The taint of Ikkelza can now be removed once and for all. We have nothing to reward you for your great bravery, but take this charm. Friends of the hollow-wood tribe will recognize it and welcome you warmly.'

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