The Jotun are races of giants, the children of Oceanus. Their roots lie in the oceans of Wysoom, where they once inhabited the city of Atlantis, ruled by the Titans. Atlantis is long gone now, sunk beneath the waves, and the prophetic Boelir forsee only further decline for all their kin.

After Atlantis sank, the Jotun scattered among the worlds. The Boelir went to Crypt, the Giants to Welstar, and Arcanus and Ettins to Raji. Some also say that the Ettins aligned themselves with the Unseelie Court to try to regain their former power.

A little of the Jotun birthright still survives. By remaining on Wysoom, the Titans and Irrdu were able to retain their immortality, and all Jotun still have a racial memory of certain powerful runes (HELP RUNEKEY) that they can invoke to aid themselves.

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