Intelligence (abbr. Int)— This determines the intelligence of your character, not you the player. It applies in situations involving spell-casting and the determination of spell-points.
HIGH INT = Does math computations without writing anything down. A+ student.
Example: Albert Einstein.
LOW INT = Has problems reading, can't follow complicated concepts.
Example: Sheep.
NEGATIVE INT EFFECT: Beings with negative Intelligence will have difficulty casting spells of all types.

Intelligence Races
Unsurpassable Arcanus, Drensieqi, Yaag-nesh
Excellent Argus, Kizanki, Kreen, Myconoid
High Elf, Gnome, Papua, Vampire
Good Dragon, Gremlin, Illex, Jinn, Leprechaun, Suula
Average Atomy, Devil, Gorgon, Hephestian, Kanku, Kuroa, Selkie, Shadow, Treant, Vulpin
Moderate Anakim, Arakun, Behemoth, Boelir, Centaur, Changeling, Dhampir, Goblin, Homarid, Human, Irrdu, Minotaur, Mummy, Satyr, Slaad, Titan, Tortle, Tywimn, Unicorn, Vipyr
Low Bloodworm, Catfolk, Dwarf, Gargoyle, Pudding, Thuul
Bad Dragonian, Murridan, Uruk, Werewolf, Xodar
Poor Troll
Horrible Ettin, Flynd, Giant
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