Infravision is an imperfect way of seeing by the heat signatures of
creatures. Most living creatures show up as heat sources,
although some unusual creatures may absorb heat and show up
as cold sources, while a few creatures (like undead) may have no
heat signature at all. While it can be used to target (by heat source)
and follow your party leader, infravision is not sufficient to make out
your surroundings or other fine details.

Note: Infravision works as a kind of backup vision, it only comes into
effect when you are blinded with your normal vision. Thus, it is not
toggled on or off, it comes on automatically when the light conditions
are out of your vision range.

"Outside [infravision: too bright](adv,e,nw)
very large weak heat source"

Sources of heat are targetable as heat.

Races with infravision: Arakun, Argus, Atomy, Catfolk, Devil, Dhampir, Dragon, Dragonian, Drensieqi, Dwarf, Elf, Gargoyle, Gnome, Goblin, Gremlin, Hephestian, Homarid, Illex, Kuroa, Mummy, Myconoid, Papua, Pudding, Satyr, Shadow, Suula, Troll, Vampire, Vipyr, Vulpin, Xodar, and Yaag-nesh

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