Congrats to Nerina for a really cool update.

"random eq" has been added as an object handling target.

Should make it slightly easier to check them out.

The issues with weapon parrying with polearms and irregularities that occur
in rounds where you almost drop your weapon should now be corrected. I
apologize for any inconvinience.

-Kereth Midknight
The swing command should no longer bug out if used unwielded while at
negative dex.

Because the command is an emote replacement, using it with negative dex
will no longer have non-emote consequences, such as making you drop your
weapons. However, it WILL fumble its intended function (giving a less
menacing message).

-Kereth Midknight
All the bugreps sent about random drop eq have been fixed. There shouldn't
be unexpected behavior with shops or the mystic weapon spell anymore. 

City citizens have had the following fixes:

Their descriptions should now use correct pronouns for their gender.
Their genders should be a valid option for their race.
Their use of articles should now match established grammar rules,
regardless of their profession.

-Kereth Midknight
Starting next boot, there should no longer be two different random eq
effects which can both be tagged as "madness." My bad on that one.

-Kereth Midknight
"Help disease" now documents the effects of disease immunity and disease
carrier status on races.

-Kereth Midknight
"Help random eq material descriptions" has been updated to reflect the fact
that monsters may now be assigned an alternative weapon or armor material
for thematic reasons, which may not be contained in the lists or indicate
the item's power.

Praises for further random eq tuning and customization options go to

-Kereth "Now go idearep those mobs you thought should have random eq but it
wouldn't fit their description" Midknight
Random drop mobs should no longer wield hammers, nails, toy warriors or
pins that they occasionally have accuired, instead of wielding their actual
weapon or wielding nothing if they're intended to not be wielding anything.

Cutting gems was causing them to go from components of type "gem" to
components with no specified type. This has now been corrected. Cutting a
gem should no longer cause it to cease to be usable as a component.

-Kereth Midknight
All the effects applied to those who use the "mercy" command in the Battle
Hall of Areas should now happen to them automatically upon entering the
room, without a need to manually type the command. The command will remain
available, just in case.

-Kereth Midknight
Because some of the causes of effects needing "mercy" can trigger shortly
after entering the room, and because some people might forget to use or not
know about the command, a similar cleansing will also occur when returning
from the battle hall to the normal mortal realms.

-Kereth Midknight
Bulk 4 random drop eq items that go on the head slot should no longer
create a sensitive mind error the following boot or when buying/viewing
them in a shop. Fix courtesy of Nerina.

-Kereth Midknight
Rooms where everyone can see regardless of light levels or racial vision
should no longer ignore "brief" settings.

-Kereth Midknight
Ordering in pubs should no longer be selectively case sensitive for certain
items when ordered by certain names.*

-Kereth Midknight

* Specifically, if an item's full name contains capital letters and the
target used to order the item matches the full name of the item except for
the capitalization. Such cases would fail prior to this fix.
New helpfile: HELP RANDOM EQ (also "help random equipment" as a redirect)

-Kereth Midknight
It should no longer be possible in certain edge cases for mobs to attempt
to load randomly generated gems that trigger BAD ITEM messages.

-Kereth Midknight
Some bugs in randomization of monster races and genders have been resolved,
which may in turn cause a more minor issue for a minority of mobs. Previous
to this fix:

1. Mobs who had both race and gender randomized could get invalid
race/gender combinations, such as genderless race mobs who were male or
female or male-only or female-only race mobs being the wrong gender.
2. Mobs who were bounty hunters and had randomized races would only roll
hermetic races, as though they belonged to a hermatic caster guild.

As a result of an underlying issue, there may be a small number of mobs who
may now stop accounting for their guilds when picking races. These will
need to be fixed on a case-by-case basis, so if you happen to find an
alchemist unicorn or an atomy cultist among randomly set mobs, please
report it accordingly.

-Kereth Midknight
The modifications to exp earned based on differences between player and
monster level should no longer disproportionately affect players of
different base exp rates. 

In other words, two players of the same level who kill the same mob should
now be able to explain the different experience gains by referring to their
exp rates.

This change will most likely affect most experience gains to a small

-Kereth Midknight
Due to a bug, many mobs weren't defending themselves, despite having skills
to do so. Some logic problems in the base monster code were forcing them to
use defense forms that were not compatible with the weapon they were

This should no longer be the case. Mobs should now automatically choose a
defense form appropriately based on their equipment and training.

-Kereth Midknight
I've gotten mixed reports from people who are convinced that the exp
calculations change was a straight up nerf/buff/everything in between, so I
thought at least a little more clarity might help. I've strugged how to
explain this succinctly without going into exact numbers, but here's what
I've got.

1. Exp gains change with your level versus the mob level. Prior to the
change, how steep the slope of the graph was varied with your own exp rate.
Low exp rates got much bigger gains and penalties than higher exp rates.
2. After the change, everyone has the same slope as each other.
3. Obviously, this means we normalized the slope to some exp rate, chosing
a particular rate of incentive to kill big stuff versus small stuff. If
your exp rate was close to the one we normalized it against, you will see
less of a change overall. If it's further, you'll see more change.
4. Your old line and your new line on the graphs always cross. That means
there is a mob level compared to yours above or below which you get more
and less exp than before. If your farming exp went up, your eq exp probably
went down and vice versa.
5. The higher level you are, the more of the mobs you fight are probably to
the left of the intersection, as it were. The lower level you are, the more
mobs are to the right, as it were. Again, whether left or right are higher
or lower than before depends on what your exp rate was compared to the
normalized level.

-Kereth Midknight
After review and discussion with the playerbase, the exp fomula (player
level versus mob level) has been updated. The mechanics remain unchanged,
but the slope of the line, as it were, has shifted. The rate of exp gain
from difference in mob level versus player level should now, for all
players, match what it was for level 80 players before the first change.

Those above that line may notice a small reduction in exp from weaker mobs
compared to a gain in exp against mobs considered stronger than them, while
those below it will notice the opposite.

Compared to gains after the first change, all players will notice an
overall gain versus weaker mobs and an overall loss versus stronger mobs.

This change is effective at next login.

-Kereth Midknight
I meant 80% exp rate players, not level 80 players. Sorry.

-Kereth Midknight
Random town citizens should no longer be targettable as "MissingNo."
(possibly case sensitive)

-Kereth Midknight
Pets should no longer be affected by level locks that due not affect
players (due to the lock being level 45+).

-Kereth Midknight
New target parsing option "except"

Format: command <target1> except <target2>

Whatever is specified as <target2> will be removed from the group
designated by <target1>. For example:

"get all weapons except dagger 2" will cause you get get all weapons from
the ground except the weapon denoted as "dagger 2"

"get all except random eq" will cause you to get all objects except random

"get dagger except all weapons" will cause you to not get anything, because
"dagger" is part of "all weapons"

"cast power word kill at monster except guard" will cast power word kill on
monster unless that monster is the first "guard" in the room, in which case
it will fail to find a target.

-Kereth Midknight
New target parsing option "max"

Format: command max <number> <target>

If <target> would locate multiple items, the total number of items will be
limited by the number specified.

For example:

"drop max 2 all random eq except weapons" will drop non-weapon random eq,
but not more than two of them.

"drop max 1 all MY_EQ except enchanted" will drop 1 MY_EQ that is not


-Kereth Midknight
"Help object handling" has been updated to reflect the "max" and "except"
syntax options.

-Kereth Midknight
As of boot/next login, players can be targetted by "player" by any player
except themselves.

-Kereth Midknight
If too many objects are placed on the floor in a room, looking at the room
will no longer produce a sensitive mind error. However, piling up material
that high may make it difficult to find what you are looking for, as
objects will be buried beneath the heap. You will see a list of items on
the ground ending in ", as well as more things buried beneath" if you pass
this threshold.

-Kereth Midknight
Typing the look command a bunch of times in a row, particularly when one or
more of the commands does not find an item, should no longer produce a
sensitive mind error.

-Kereth Midknight
The eat command used its own custom targeting code which resulted in some
unusual behaviors. For example, you could "eat all" but not "eat all
<arg>". Also "eat <arg>" could target food on the ground or in your
inventory, but "eat all" would not work for food on the ground.

The command should follow more general targeting conventions in the future.
At the request of a player, it will prioritize food on the ground over food
in the inventory and only include inventory food if no ground items are
located (So "eat all steak" must be entered twice to eat all the steaks if
you are carrying some and standing next to some). This can be tweaked if it
seems undesirable after being tested in practice.

-Kereth Midknight
I refactored part of our targeting code and cleaned up some irregularities,
inefficiencies and outright bugs. As a result, some expected behaviors will
actually happen now, particularly around targeting via non-visual senses.

While I was there, I also made object handling allow listing via comma
separated entries. This applies to both targeting and exclusions.

For example, syntax such as the following is now possible:

cast power word kill at max 1 all monster except mayor of suthnas,caravan

use stab at max 1 all animal except players,me

get dagger,MY_WEAPON,all nothread except all scent,all cold,fire diamond

"Help object handling" has been updated to reflect the listing option.

-Kereth Midknight
The pack command should now use standard object handling, rather than
selecting between "inv" "all" "ground" and single object target options.

-Kereth Midknight
The example of putting weapons in a chest in "help object handling" has
been corrected from "put max 2 all weapons except threaded in chest" to
"put max 2 all weapons except all threaded in chest"

My bad.

-Kereth Midknight
An earlier fix to stop gems from rarely producing BAD_ITEM messages was,
due to a quirk in the order in which mobs load different features, not
always solving the problem. Worse, it was causing some mobs to have much
cheaper gems than intended.

The fix has been redacted. It is currently a Known Issue(tm) that certain
mobs with a low ratio of power to level may rarely get BAD_ITEM messages
when loading random gems. Feel free to continue to rep incidents as they
occur, however.

-Kereth Midknight
The code that resulted in large piles of things reaching the level of
having "more things buried beneath" was corrently preventing doors from
being buried, but due to a single missing character, it was not keeping
living things from being able to hide beneath the pile.

This has now been corrected. Living objects can no longer be hidden beneath
piles of objects.

-Kereth Midknight
At player request, the keep command will now standard targetting code,
incorporating both max/except syntax options as well as vision checks.
Enjoy the new syntax, but be wary of trying to keep stuff while blind.

-Kereth Midknight
New helpfile: "help advanced object handling examples"

"Help object handling" has been updated to reference the new
helpfile and to give a brief explanation about how it works if
you try to stack multiple "max" or "except" options in the
same target (i.e. "max 12 all weapon,max 2 all dagger except 
all broad blade except blade of blood").

-Kereth Midknight
If the count command finds only a single object, but that object is a pile
of coins, it will now report the number of coins in the pile, rather than
claiming, e.g. "There is 1 gold in the room."

-Kereth Midknight
Actually, scratch that. To be more logically consistent, any piles of coins
or ammo will henceforth be treated as a number of objects equal to the
number of coins/ammo in the pile when counting them with the count command.
If there are four stacks of 50 arrows on the ground and you count arrows,
it will report 200 items. If there's a pile of electrum and a pile of gold
coins, it will give the total coins if you "count coins in room" etc.

-Kereth Midknight
While still not required, adding an "all" before the thing to be counted in
the "count" syntax (i.e. "count all weapon" instead of just "count weapon")
should no longer prevent the command from finding the things you're looking

-Kereth Midknight
If you attempt to label an object with a string longer than 10 characters,
it truncates. It was possible to use this truncation to create a label that
had one or more trailing spaces at the end, rendering the label impossible
to interact with.

This should no longer be the case. Trailing spaces after truncation will be
excluded from resulting labels in the future.

-Kereth Midknight
The Drehnag Woods, a sub-area of "Scotland" according to areacheck and
better known as "The Treant Area," should now include the coder ("Rayzam")
in its areacheck info.

-Kereth Midknight
Hey folks! So, mistakes were made, especially by me. I messed up the
parameters on a mass replace (always a dangerous tool to be using anyway)
and turned on the random eq setting on Signevda. That wouldn't have been a
problem other than making Signevda wear stylish, statless clothes, except
that Signevda's gear is in the form of craftables, and random eq didn't
recognize them as such.

Worse, Siggy does some unusual things along the way in her fight, which
resulted in getting random eq several times over. In the end, 24 random eq
items loaded and dropped in a kill on Saturday, 10 of which were high-end

I've fixed the bugs on both ends, but unfortunately, I will need to dispose
of those items. If you diced one of the random drop items from Siggy,
please return them to me or another wizard, or if none are online, toss
them via a standard trash can and mudmail me to let me know you did so.

My profound apologies for the inconvenience. I have awarded 5 PE each to
those who have already come forward, as pe
r the "bug" task. Hopefully I can be more careful with my edits in the
future, and we can avoid these sorts of problems going forward.

-Kereth Midknight
At player request, when players recieve a party invite while already in a
party, both inviter and invitee will now be notified that the invite has
failed and why.

-Kereth Midknight
With the dwindling number of areas that do not have complete areacheck
information, the areacheck command should no longer provide a line
indicating that [not set] have been logged. They are still being logged,
but there is no longer a need for a warning about it.

-Kereth Midknight
Using the "exits" command in a room with certain kinds of complex exits,
which may not have a single set destination for all users, may not allow
all users to pass through, need to be discovered before they can be
accessed or similar things, will no longer produce a sensitive mind error.
It will, however, not include those exits in the output.

-Kereth Midknight
Without getting too deep into MUD file mechanics, suffice to say that
bartenders were being handled by the MUD in a way that was fundantally
different from every other mob in the game. This resulted in a number of
usually very minor quirks in bartender behavior, such as how they would
never load with gear, even when explicitly coded to have it.

(Another side effect is that if the same mob design was used as a bartender
in two different pubs, the mob would only appear in one of them at a time,
namely whichever was loaded most recently, teleporting between pubs on
loads and preserving hp/status effects/etc from room to room. They also
couldn't be involved in conversations with other monsters, are immune to
BAD_ITEM checks if they do get gear, etc.)

Since the distinction doesn't show signs of being intentional, I've undone
it so the above will stop occurring. As a result, you might notice some
subtle changes with the bartenders with some of the pubs you visit. If you
notice anything that seems off, let me know, but most of the biggest
effects should only be visible on the wizard side of things.

-Kereth Midknight
Achiral paired slot equipment (paired slot items where the slots are not
individually labeled as "left" and "right") should no longer prioritize
side differently from chiral (specifying "left" and "right") paired slot
equipment when applied to chiral bodies (races whose slots ahve "left" and
"right" specified).

In other words, if you, for example, have four lower legs and one items
that covers "lower leg" and "lower leg" and another item that covers "left
lower leg" and "right lower leg," it now longer matters which order you put
them on.

-Kereth Midknight
Just a head up, I will be having a three-week hiatus from RetroMUD in order
to finish up some RL projects. I will stop by in the event of catastrophic
breaks, but I won t be doing regular bug fixes or updates during that time.
Other staff will, of course, continue to be on hand as usual.

-Kereth Midknight
I've been on retro for almost 25 years and a wizard for just over a
decade.  I've seen, been a part of, and dealt with a few things over
the years and know that this post will strike a chord with several of
you. If your intent is to be all huffy and feel like i'm calling you
out, its probably not far off.  I'm intentionally trying to keep this
post vague because I've always strived to be impartial. The issue is
that i've known many of you for a large portion of time and not knowing
others at all. In any case, I (or other staff) still have to deal with
these issues before they become huge problems for the game.  Many will
know who and what this post is acknowledging. Posting and/or discussing
the individuals that lead to this rant being necessary will not be
tolerated. Y'all have been warned.  Feel free to contact me or any of
wiz staff directly if you have any issues.

With that out of the way, I have been informed that there has been a
noticable uptick of less friendly behavior in the last few months.
Note that public channels and news posts are not the proper avenues to
deal with problems you have with others.  Plans should not disparage
other players. Those individuals should change their plans before
we have to employ more direct measures.

The ignore command can be employed if problems persists after
communicating your position.  If this does not solve the issue,
escallate to community pillars and/or the wiz staff.

On another note, another issues that has been brought to my
attention is calling dibs on an area.  This really can't be policed
with any satifaction, so just note that if we have to come up with
more strict rules, nobody will be happy.

Please be courteous and keep interpersonal conflicts off public
airways. Ill behavior on and off public channels will be addressed
if it continues.

help harassment
help conduct

I Hate Doing This And It Sucks.

Wxyz the irritated bug
A large number of minor items around the MUD, especially random drop
sellables, should now be threadable or chestable for those who have
interest in storing them.

-Kereth Midknight
Most food should now be chestable (but not threadable). This does not apply
to most non-standard food, such as food that doubles as a container, such
as corpses.

-Kereth Midknight
There have been several questions on this from different people in
different ways, but the essential inquiry boils down to:

What is and is not allowed for describing a custom RP item?

First and foremost, I really don't care what your item looks like. It can
be a dumb idea, poorly written, out-of-theme, suggestive or blatantly
copying an actual item. That's on you. Tags on the item will prevent you
from scamming anyone. If you flaunt theme, the RPP community can consider
that when deciding how to vote, and there's whatever pride you possess as a
roleplayer. If you want something for personal use in the privacy of your
castle, that's your business. I won't even ask. There are just two ways I'm
aware of that you can get in trouble.

1. Exploiting ids. If your item has targets designed to troll other
players, throw off their targeting, give you an advantage in war or
sabotage somebody's healer, that's not cool. Not wanting to police that
sort of thing is why this is RPP locked, and if you can't handle that, a
staff member will reduce your RPP until you can. I've been quite pleased to
see none of this in existing shops.

2. RetroMUD has a zero-tolerance harassment policy. If you design or use an
item in a way that makes others around you uncomfortable, especially if
it's even vaguely sexual, and they ask you to stop, you stop. If you don't,
you face worse than losing RPP. You have been warned.

-Kereth "Do I have to make this a helpfile?" Midknight
The Random EQ Customization Shop is now mentioned alongside other perks in

- Kereth Midknight
The "black candles" found hither and yon throughout the Retroverse are now

- Kereth Midknight
Winged flight has been updated. As best I can recall, you should notice the
following mechanics:

Costs have changed:
Most movement is now significantly cheaper in winged flight than with
magical flight. Horizontal winged flight (every possible exit except up and
down) only infrequently charges ep as you flap your wings to maintain
altitude. Otherwise, you glide, spending no ep to move. Downward vertical
movement costs 0 ep as you dive. However, upwards vertical movement costs 5
ep as you flap hard to gain altitude, and beginning to fly with the flight
command costs you 5 ep. Epr is slightly reduced while using winged flight.

It is no longer possible to be left behind or stuck:
If you have wings and attempt to move into a room that requires flight, you
will dive into the air and begin flying rather than failing to move. No
size check is necessary since if you have room to fall, you have room to
flap. Taking off in this way does not cost ep. Size checks related to
taking off and remaining flying and checks for having wings too damaged to
fly have been relaxed.

-Kereth Midknight
 All hail Kereth the Administrator!
Most reps about emotes have been processed and cleared. Known remaining
issues are that goblins still "spaze" and emotes ending with punctuation
other than a period also have a period at the end. Oh, and strangle doesn't
care about the target's gender and 'tasty' is as messed up as ever. Fixes
are forthcoming, but any other issues you note can be reported in the
confidence that they are not known.

Of particular note are that cultist emote tempt no longer references the
Nameless One in its help (the actual emote was already fine) and that the
adjective location in the beer emote has moved.

-Kereth Midknight
Okay, all those other emote issues are now also fixed, except for the
recipient message on "tasty." There's no support for changing verbs when
the subject of the verb is not the person doing the emote. That's a much
bigger fix, so I'm tabling it for now.

If you notice any other typos or irregularities with emotes, please report

Oh, and emotes use* standard object targetting now, so you can target by
sense or similar, but you can't things in the room that you can't detect.

Emotes are now case sensitive, which means you generally have to use lower
case. The advantage is that you can now emote at objects by label.

-Kereth Midknight

* emote targets still have to be only one word, so you can't 'tasty max 1
all food except all corpse'
New emotes: tip, relief and guffaw

-Kereth Midknight
New adverbs: astutely, frontally, unerringly, unjustly, wrongfully

-Kereth Midknight
The unwield and remove commands should now work with the "all" syntax even
when you cannot see. If you don't care what you're putting down or taking
off, theres nothing to stop you from letting go of things or pulling them
off your body.

-Kereth Midknight
The check to prevent you from beginning to fly while wearing a cloak was
removed many years ago. However, it seems there was another check to
prevent you putting a cloak on while flapping your wings, which was not
removed. This has now been corrected. Winged flight should be fully
compatible with cloaks.

-Kereth Midknight
The helpfiles for "sosel," "wysoom" and "welstar" should now match the
listings in "help immortal hierarchy" regarding who the world arch is.

-Kereth Midknight
When a corpse decays in a player's inventory, the weight of the corpse and
its contents should no longer be accounted for when deciding whether or not
the player has enough capacity to carry the corpse's former contents.

-Kereth Midknight
The override that is meant to allow the defibrillate commadn to work even
while stunned, held, frozen, etc, should now work correctly.

-Kereth Midknight
When using the inventory command without any items to display, whether from
filters or lack of goods, the command sould still include money and
capacity information.

-Kereth Midknight
The following new bugs have been fixed in emotes:

Mobs ignoring players' questions should no longer do so with distant
Emotes used by players on other players in the same room should no longer
show the player their own name instead of "you".

Also, vespula emotes have gone back in on a tentative basis, because
apparently there are vespula in the game who can use those emotes.

-Kereth Midknight
Male characters using emotes that contain "yourself" in the message in a
room with other people but without targeting those people should no longer
produce the word "youself" instead of "himself" in the messages those
people see.

-Kereth Midknight

(Affected emotes include babble, beer, cackle, chortle, clean, dust,
excited, excuse, frenzy, grog, hum, huzzah, ingratiate mutter, slobber,
ebellow, fflea, gpose, kpreen and nbathe)
The human race emote "like" has been renamed to "hlike" to no longer
conflict with the "like" emote. Yeah, surprised me too.

-Kereth Midknight
"Help reforging" has been slightly extended to mention the training
requirement, courtesy of Madscience.

-Kereth Midknight
"Shivering uncontrollably in disguist..." (the -cha aggro message) appears
to have been intended as the first part of the message, to be followed by
the more general "<monster> attacks you!" As such, it hasn't had a
linebreak at the end. Unfortunately, the messages don't actually line up
right for that. I've updated the message to be more complete and not break
formatting. If you have relevant triggers, be advised that the new line is:

Shivering uncontrollably in disgust, [monster] attacks!

-Kereth Midknight
Coins should no longer have only 10% their original weight when carried by
a mob (including pets and mounts). You can no longer, for example, get your
pet to hold more gold by having them pick up a pile in smaller chunks if
they can't carry the whole pile.

-Kereth Midknight
New adverbs:


-Kereth Midknight
Also "nonverbally"

-Kereth Midknight
The following new emotes have been added:


The following new adverbs have been added:


The emote "tongue" no longer requires a target.

The emote "weep" now accepts slot arguements.

-Kereth Midknight
Be warned: I have fixed a series of bugs which prevented clones from
properly using most offensive spells.

-Kereth Midknight
"Mostly" should henceforth appear on the adverbs list only once.

-Kereth Midknight
All ammo can henceforth be targeted by "<weapon_type> ammo" or
"<weapon_type> ammunition". E.g. Arrows can be targetted as "bow ammo" or
"bow ammunition" and so forth.

-Kereth Midknight
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