Damage Types: Holy: 100%
Maximum Damage: 200
Additional Effects: No
Casting time: 4 rounds
Spell cost: 50
Spell level: 8
Spell category: holy
Affecting stats: wisdom
Offensive: Yes
Location: Anywhere
Target: notarget
Range: room
Components: VS


A Templar faced with several foes can fall back on this spell, designed to punish those who would violate the sanctity of Sikkar and attack one of His faithful, as it is a grave matter indeed to attack a priest of the Lightbringer, and He allows His flock to defend themselves. This spell works on a military unit.


First area attack spell for Templars. It can also be used to flush out hiding mobs and as a fast, dirt cheap way to disrupt the spell mirror image on players in a war or mobs in a room.

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