Type: Healing
Humanoid Healing: 540
Animal Healing: 540
Fish Healing: 540
Insect Healing: 540
Plant Healing: 540
Non-Flesh Healing: 540
Undead Healing: 540
Alignment Healing: good
Casting time: 3 rounds
Spell cost: 150
Spell level: 12
Spell category: unction
Affecting stats: wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: livingtarget
Range: close
Components: VS
Alignment: Cannot be Evil.


This powerful prayer can heal grievous bodily harm to an individual, regardless of physiology — such is the power of the Lightbringer — but the person in question must be faithful to Sikkar's teachings of good in return. Sikkar shows great mercy to those who are injured fighting against the encroachment of evil. The higher the target's alignment, the more generous the healing Sikkar will grant.


Light of Sikkar will usually provide greater healing at slightly lower cost.

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