Races: Flynd
Level: 10
Activation time: 5
Offensive: No
Range: Room
EP Cost: 30

This command turns a flynd into a normal hyena. The change between the hyena and kerit forms consists mainly of weight dispersion. The teeth are smaller and less imposing than the kerit, and the claws aren't as large. The hyena's senses are exceptionally sharp (HELP CSNIFF) and due to their smaller size, hyenas are adept at sneaking (HELP SNEAK). They can see in near-darkness and possess exceptional hearing and smell. Like kerit, hyenas have no hands and thus have a very low dexterity. To return to normal, type 'flyndform'.


This is a hyena's stats :

Stat Value
str 95
agi 95
con 90
dex 10
siz 72
int 35
wis 35
per 85
cha 10
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