Homeworld: None
Description: Very adaptable and innovative, the Human race has managed to
make its way by hook or by crook into most realms, magical or mundane. The
original descendants of the Creator, they are resourceful and innovative.
Humans claim credit for Keystone City, the Keystone of the World, for
Scarrowfell, and for many other border towns and shanties that seem to
survive through the sheer will of their citizens. Humans may not be as
powerful as other races, but they make up for it by their tenacity.
Eternity leads the Human race.

Stat Potential
Str: moderate
Agi: moderate
Dex: moderate
Con: moderate
Int: moderate
Wis: moderate
Per: moderate
Cha: moderate
Siz: 6'0'
Weight: 60 kg

Maximum Age: 100 years
Dietary Requirements: omnivore
Number of limbs: two
Natural Armor: weak
Natural Weapons: extremely poor
Experience Rate: 80%
Skill Maximum: 90%
Hermetic Spell Maximum: 90%
Spiritual Spell Maximum: 90%
Heartbeat: average
Vision: light and ultra light conditions

Slots: a brow, a head, two eyes, a neck, an amulet, a brooch, a cloak, an
upper torso, a lower torso, two shoulders, two upper arms, two lower arms,
two wrists, two hands, two fingers, a belt, two upper legs, two lower legs
and two feet.
Advantages: none.
Disadvantages: none.
Miscellaneous: natural terrain: farmland.
Resistances and Vulnerabilities: none.

Damage Regeneration: poor
Mana Regeneration: poor
Endurance Regeneration: moderate
Emotes: hman, hproud, hwonder and
Commands: trueform.
Good Guild Matches: abjurer, alchemist, bard, biomancer, cultist, druid,
mage, merchant, necromancer, psionicist and templar.
Average Guild Matches: fallen, fighter, hand, jomsviking, monk, paladin,
ranger and sentinel.

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