Holy Command


Action Duration: 2
Endurance cost: 15
Affecting stats: charisma
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: religious
Skill Level: 7
Skill Type: Anytime
Skill Targetting: special
Offensive: No
Components: verbal


Through this skill, a Cleric may give his followers an order that they are duty bound by faith and religion to follow. Doing so reduces Templar dues by a certain amount (Biomancers who abuse this skill can find themselves banned from the Templar guild). To make the follower follow, use holy command at follow To make it unfollow, use holy command at unfollow The Cleric's charisma helps in the successful coaxing of the follower. Using holy command at dismiss will send him away.


This works on cherubim created with summon cherubim. TODO: Anything else?

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