History Of The Drakhen

Primal Age

"The Primal Age was the undifferentiated state of the universe, before anything specific existed. It is wrong to say it had a beginning or an end, for Time and the other principles did not exist in the Primal Age. Eventually, the Primal Age somehow gave way to the Age of Principles, as the Primal, or Rahl, or Soul, became differentiated somehow. How that happened is a mystery, even to the gods."

Age of Principles

"In this Age, nothing familiar existed yet. There was no energy or matter as we know it today, only abstract principles like Thought, Time, Power, Evil, Balance, and Good. Even the Elder Gods and Dragon Lords did not exist at this time. As the Principles clashed, they gave birth to exponents of themselves, the Elder Beings."

Age of Elder Beings

"Among the Elder Beings spawned were the Elder Gods worshiped by the Yaag-Nesh, the mysterious Implementors, and the Dragon Lords. The Dragon Lords emerged from a Principle known as Rahl-Pir, which means True Dragonfire, or Soul Intent. (Other related Principles gave rise to other Elder Beings.) The Dragon Lords built a great and glorious civilization based on the alchemy of the soul. But they became involved in the war between the Principles of Good and Evil, and warred, friend against friend, until after tens of thousands of years, their civilization crumbled, their glories gone.

Their descendants reverted to savagery and infighting, becoming baser, and brutish….becoming dragons."

Age of Dragons

"The dragons did not have the connection to the Rahl which was the basis the Dragon Lords' alchemy of the soul; therefore, though some attained great magical power to supplement their already formidable physical prowess, their culture lacked unity, harmony, and friendship. Dragons became loners, hoarding power, both physical and otherwise, in a vain attempt to reach peace.

This was the age of the Dragon Hero Firedrake and his younger brother Icedrake, also a Hero. Firedrake is remembered as the epitome of the fierce, agile warrior, while Icedrake is remembered as the cool, confident one. Little else remains, though.

Eventually a few dragons learned shapeshifting magic. A few became involved with the humans of that era, and had children with them. These children, born of both races, though in truth neither, were the first Dragonians. They had humanoid form, but were dragonlike in nature, though those with human mothers looked more human than not. A few could even shapechange into dragons. It was for this ability that they were feared and loathed by humans and their ilk, for the dragonians were temperamental and apt to become raging dragons when provoked. As for the dragons, they cared little for those whose blood was weakened by human frailties.

Slowly, over millennia, the Dragonians began to wander the planes, in bands of friends. Each friendship group took a particular Celestial Dragon as its hero. Inspired by the ethos of this hero, they would raid, hunt, or explore, as was their wont."

The Wanderings

"The Wanderings were the name given to these interplanar journeys, for ill will followed the Dragonians nearly wherever they went. Occasionally, two or more friendship groups would meet in the same world, and war over food, or supplies, or treasure, with disastrous results to anything that stood in their way. Other times, dragonians would rampage through cities at the machinations of some unscrupulous guildmaster, who wished to use them to further his own ends. And more often than not, dragonians would end up dead or enslaved by the hands of humans. The end result was much bad blood between the friendship groups, more so between human and Dragonian, for Dragonians, like Dragons, have long memories and vengeful hearts.

This caused further movement of some friendship groups into other planes. Other times, single dragonians would wander plane to plane, seeking a home, seeking peace. One such dragonian was Palaskar."

The Godswar

"In the universe that came to be called Retroactive, the Gods went to war. Wielding weapons beyond mere mortal understanding, they created huge planar rifts that opened the doorway for thousands of beings comprising dozens of races. Of the Dragonians, Palaskar was the first to discover Retroactive. He liked it, and gathered other dragonians to this plane. Unfortunately, they were not Gifted Ones like himself, and often died to the bigotry of Man, and the unkindness of Nature.

With the ending of the Godswar, the Rift which linked Retroactive with other planes was sealed. No more Dragonians would come through it again."

The Third Age of Retroactive

"It was at that time that Calactyte first appeared in Retroactive. His origins remain a mystery, but Palaskar recalls Cal wearing broken chains about his wrists during this time. It is likely therefore that Cal was a slave, possibly in the jungle mines of Sosel.

Whatever the case, Calactyte acknowledged Palaskar as his liege. Over time, they became more than allies, they became friends. Along with Entropy, who Palaskar remained in astral communication with, they rediscovered the language of the Dragon Lords, dragonic. And they began to develop a unique fighting style, each borrowing from his experiences Calactyte as a Paladin, Guardian, and fighter, Palaskar as a Fallen and fighter. The style would come to be known as tani-rahl, Dragonic for 'hunt the soul', and its highest level of skill would be called Kalak-Pala, in honor of its two founders. (Note the that dragonic has no letter 'c', herefore the two names Calactyte and Palaskar are translated Kalak-Tyte and Pala-Skar."

The Fourth Age of Retroactive

The fourth age was marked by the discovery of worlds other than Welstar, and the construction of the modern cities. It was a time of adventure for the Dragonian people, as they built crude huts in the high trees of Sosel. Many were enslaved, but many more remained and lived to explore the six worlds. Still, the Dragonians were a fractious race, united on Welstar under the Council of Wyrms, but otherwise fragmented into the various friendship groups. "

The Leaving of Palaskar

"Near the end of the fourth age, Palaskar finally became disgusted with the self-destructive nature of his people and underwent magic that reincarnated him as a human, leaving Calactyte in charge."

The Fifth Age of Retroactive

As race leader, Calactyte lead many successful raids against the Kouga Wind Ninjas, who were implicated in the enslavement of many dragonians in Sosel for use as miners. These along with many brave but often foolish deeds earned him a place in Dragonian legend as a Hero.

Sometime during this age Greylord was born. It is said that even after ascending to Immortality, Palaskar dared to tutor Greylord in Dragonian history, culture, and philosophy, as if Greylord was his own son. (An exceeding strange thing, considering that Dragonians are raised with little to no interference from their parents, in order that they might grow independent.) Surely it was this relationship that lead Palaskar to choose him as heir apparent to the heritage and title of Dragon Lord."

The Sixth Age of Retroactive

It is said Dragonhome was created in a single day by Palaskar's wizardly magic and the mysterious power of the Twelve Celestial Crystals. Each crystal contained power from a Celestial Dragon — the Eight Known and the Four Who Are Forgotten. These crystals were placed upon a small hill in the Soselian jungle, and by magic, grew into the largest mountain in the Known Worlds, which was rapidly shaped by Dragonians into a living home.

It is by this selfsame magic that Greylord attained the title of Dragon Lord, though not its full powers, due to the fact that the Isle of the Dragon Lords, reputedly shrouded by mist in the Wysoom Ocean, was still under the influence of T'ku-Rahl, the Celestial Nemesis, at the time. It is said that those who desire the status of Dragon Lord must first find the Celestial Lantern, which discloses the location and allows entry to the Isle of the Dragon Lords.

This age also saw the emergence of three new Heroes. The first was Aer-Rahl, heiress to the Windspear. While hunting one day, she happened upon a Warlord raiding party, and after a brief combat, promptly sent them running. This was only the first of many such encounters which earned her the title Hero.

The second was Chomi'O, a veteran though otherwise unremarkable warrior. He is hailed for introducing Dragonians to the cuisine of the Six Worlds, as before they had mostly eaten fresh raw meat.

The third is Entropy, who wrested leadership of the Dragonian race from Calactyte in the early middle part of the age. A fierce warrior and ranger, he had many adventures across the worlds…but that is not the place of this chronicle.

With the aid of these heroes, and the leadership of Greylord, a fragile peace was established between the friendship groups, which remains to this day."

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