Magic, spells, etc…

First off, hermetic spells are performed by the 'cast' command. Spiritual spells use 'invoke'. To use a spell such as missile you would type:

cast magic missile

However, you would want to put a name after the missile spell, to direct it
at someone. To do so simply type:

cast magic missile at foobird

This would cast a missile at the foobird.

The RetroMUD Universe is an unusually magic-rich environment, primarily because it is closed off from other realms. As a result, few are the Gifted Ones who do not know magic. Magic comes easier to the more gifted (that is, those with higher INT or WIS). Those who are more mentally capable have more control over the incantations that release spells. Note that the powers that all Gifted Ones have is not considered magic at all.

Magic, practiced on all the worlds in the Universe, is a potent force that is stronger on some worlds and weaker on others. Magic is released with a rhyme. RetroMUD magic involves few somantic gestures primarily because no caster can afford to sit still during combat.
There are many types of mages and mage specialists:

Biomancer: Biomancers specialize in the study of the corporeal. They are the equivalent of Earth's doctors, using healing spells to soothe, calm, healing, and rejuveante their fellow beings. Biomancers are usually peaceful and non-violent, since they are often committed to saving lives rather than destroying them. They do take a special hatred of all undead beings, however. Biomancers are commmon on Sosel, Wysoom, and Welstar.

Mage: The mage is a spellcaster who specializes in channeling one of the four elemental energies through him, drawing power from the four elemental planets (Crypt/Stone, Raji/Air, Sosel/Fire, Wysoom/Water).
A specialist who specializes in one particular type is twice as effective on the opposing elemental world, and half as effective on the elemental world of the same type. There are eight types of elemental specialists:
Asphyxiamancers, Corrosionists, Cryomancers, Electromancers, Geomancers, Illusionists, Pyromancers, and Toximancers.

Merchant: Merchants are not the typical behind-the-stall types. They are fully versed in the ways of magic and trickery, and capable of
utilizing both to their maximum potential. Merchants are found all over the place, even on Crypt.

Alchemist: The magic of the alchemist is closely related to that of the merchant. The principle conceptual difference is that merchants usually create, and alchemists usually change. The magic of the elements is the alchemist's speciality, and they can change one constituent element to another without harming the whole. However, alchemists don't usually spend too much time with this. They tend to be tinkerers dabbling in various magics, trying to get the best from them all. Witness golems, arcane automatons which would seem to have very little to do with changing lead to gold.

Necromancer: The bane of Biomancers everywhere, Necromancers specialize in revitalizing the dead, allowing only part of their captured spirits to animate their corpses. While a Gifted One can always return from his 'out of phase' state, a mortal cannot, and will be trapped as a spirit until the RetroMUD Wards are released, the being is somehow brought back to life, or someone binds partially binds their spirits to their corpses, creating undead. Necromancers are tolerated only on Crypt.

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