Type: Healing
Humanoid: 750 Animal: 750
Fish: 750 Insect: 750
Plant: 750 Non-Flesh: 750
Undead: 750 Alignment: Evil
Casting time: 2 rounds Spell cost: 140
Spell level: 15 Spell category: bewahrung
Affecting stats: wis
Offensive: No Location: Anywhere
Target: livingtarget Range: close
Components: VS
Alignment: Must be Evil.
Spell Description
This spell allows an evil caster to heal an evil target by calling
upon the divine favor of the evil demon lords.
invoke hellheal at <target>


This is the fastest and most efficent healing spell the Cultist can learn, and is sufficent for tank healing in most cases, especially with biomancer support (for equipment mobs).

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