Heart Of Darkness


Casting time: 1 rounds
Spell cost: 30
Spell level: 2
Spell category: Conjuration
Affecting stats: Wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: any
Range: room
Components: VS
Alignment: Cannot be Good.


This spell provides the target with a heart of darkness to help darken his way. Casting it at an existing heart of darkness will cause it to emit more darkness and add to the duration of a failing heart of darkness. Note that this spell effect will draw a small amount of your magical energy each time you bring it into a new room. Type 'dissipate heart' to end this effect.


This spell creates a special orb (in this case, "heart") that follows you around, lowering the light level of any room you are in. The heart may not be sufficently powerful in the case of very bright light, thus multiple castings may be required.

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