Spell Characteristics

Casting time: 10 rounds
Spell cost: 150
Affecting stats: wis
Resisting stats:
Spell Category: alteration
Spell Level: 7
Offensive: No
Spell Targetting: needtarget
Location: Anywhere
Range: room
Material Components:ansuz (1 charge)

Spell Description

This spell allows the Jomsviking to shape-journey by sending his spirit into the world in the form of an animal. Forms include: raven, hawk, wolf and bear. The jomsviking can return to normal at any time by using the 'normalform' command. Spell usage: invoke hamfarir at [shape]


This is a list of each form and their stats:


Str: 15 Con: 75 Siz: 15
Agi: 95 Dex: 65 Per: 90
Int: 55 Wis: 50 Cha: 30

Commands: dive, normalform and scrounge.


Str: 35 Con: 55 Siz: 30
Agi: 90 Dex: 65 Per: 90
Int: 55 Wis: 50 Cha: 35

Commands: dive and normalform.


Str: 95 Con: 90 Siz: 72
Agi: 95 Dex: 10 Per: 105
Int: 35 Wis: 30 Cha: 10

Vision: light, dark and ultra dark conditions.
Keen sense of smell and hearing.
Ravenous eater.

Commands: chunt, csniff, howl, normalform (if Jomsviking) and werewolfform (if Werewolf).


Str: 95 Con: 85 Siz: 80
Agi: 25 Dex: 60 Per: 80
Int: 55 Wis: 50 Cha: 25

Vision: dark and ultra dark conditions.
Keen sense of smell.

Commands: chunt, csniff, feast, normalform and rfish.

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