Casting time: 1 rounds
Spell cost: 30
Spell level: 2
Spell category: conjuration
Affecting stats: wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: needtarget
Range: room
Components: VS
HnP cost: 2
Alignment: Cannot be Evil.


By praying for Sikkar's guiding light, the caster, if he has been faithful to the path of Good, will find the room awash in a sea of heavenly light. For those Faithful that bring the word of Sikkar to others in darkness the Halo can be flipped to heavenly darkness. 'halo flip'.


To conjure a halo for oneself, invoke halo at me. Repeating this makes the halo brighter. invoke halo at otherplayer creates a halo for another good aligned or neutral player, but this cannot be repeated to increase the halo’s intensity.

halo flip toggles the halo between lightening and darkening. This can only be done by the target of the spell. Invoking the spell again at a halo that has been flipped to darken makes the halo brighter, i. e. less darkening. The owner of a halo can dissipate halo to remove it.

There is a warning message, repeated once, shortly before the halo times out and disappears.

Invoking a halo once is more effective (brighter) than casting a light orb once.

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