About me

My main was Avarice, but I was reluctant to wiz with that character because I wanted a clean break and a fresh start.

Before wizzing I was a vampire "assassin necromancer shadow_of_steel shadow_of_man fedayeen". I had a lot of alts but none of them were over level 40.

IRL I live in England after emigrating from South Africa in 2015. I'm married with two adult kids. I work as a backend engineer for a large dating app in the trust and safety team, trying to keep our users safe from bad actors.

My areas and release dates

Hagrat just gained 80 levels for Eldoria and Caravans!

Hagrat just gained 50 levels for Gremlin Playground!

Hagrat just gained 10 levels for Explore Event!

Hagrat just gained 50 levels for The Poorhouse!

Concept art

This is non-canonical concept art that I generated to help me get into the mood for the theme of the areas.

It is AI generated so is not precisely what I had in mind, but I have tried to tweak the prompt so that it reflects what I was thinking of.


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