Haelis Manor

A ring of dead brambles and thorns
A tall, broad, and formerly dense growth of brambles rises out of the
ground here, forming a dead ringwall around a house you can just see the
roof of. Between two pillars of stone, you see an opening in the wall and
the beginnings of a path.

It is no guarded secret that there a necromancers on Crypt. The place is a haven to those who would learn the darker arcane arts, and the very planet itself seems to breathe life into the corpses of those who are slain or murdered. Not all necromancers, however, are crazed and bent on raising armies of destruction. Some aspire to much more civil goals, and those who succeed build grand homes for themselves to live in comfort and wealth. One would no doubt find all kinds of treasure and magical devices kept hidden in these houses. Be wary, though, as even civil necromancers value their privacy.

Haelis' Manor (also known as Haelis' Graveyard, after the surroundings of the manor) is a newbie area on crypt. Its level lock is 20 (used to be 21 until genevieve changed it on 3-4-06). It contains a necromancer and his undead servants. It was coded by Risim.
Directions from ngate igneous: 2nw



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