Retromud's guild system is like no other. While it allows for very complex combinations, here are the basic guidelines.

You may start out in any of the primary guilds. In the character creation room, it is your final choice using "select <guild name>".

Each primary guild has a list of choices which are, basically, comprised of other primary and secondary guilds. Once you have advanced to at least 13 in your primary guild, you may join any of the guilds in your choices list (type 'choices' while in the game). It is highly recommended that you take your primary all the way to guild level 20, however, as it provides you with many unique and powerful skills and/or spells.

Secondary Guilds: The first guild in which you advance to level 10. You may only advance 14 levels within your secondary.

A path is then opened to you once you have fully advanced in your secondary guild. A path consists of a set of tertiary guilds that are related to your secondary. Each tertiary guild must be joined in order, and each offer an additional power within your specific path.

Tertiary Guilds: Any guild you join after you have taken a secondary. You may only advance in them up to level 9.

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