Guild Dues


The guilds provide valuable services to their members. You
get a place to train and study and special bonuses. These
services must be supported by the elder members. The guilds
are non-profit organizations and cannot do these things free.
Guild dues help support the guilds in which you belong and
show your allegiance towards them. The dues also prevents
those who would jump from guild to guild and influence them
without the trials and knowledge needed to lead the guild in a
proper way. Since the guild responsibilities differ, their dues
are impossible to translate to other guilds. If someone works
very hard and spends time in a guild they should be more
eligible for leadership than someone who newly joined the
guild through a reincarnation. Think of it as if you were a
map maker and spent years studying the necessary skills and
supporting your guild. Now you decide you want to be a
sailor. You couldn't possibly be experienced enough to be a
ship's captain just because you were a great map maker.

How they work

New characters do not require dues to advance their guild level.
You'll probably only need dues if you reincarnate with a lot of

At level 16 and above in a full level 20 primary guild, you
are charged dues against your guild credit balance. For most
guilds: it is 1k at level 16, 3k at 17, 5k at 18, 7k at 19,
to 9k at level 20. If you've converted, you will skip dues
until you use up your converted dues levels, 1 for 1.
For a table of the costs, 'help dues costs'.


show dues — will show you the exact amount of dues you've earned to date

How to get dues

  • Merchant - Find the "advancement room" in the guild and 'donate' jewelry there.
  • Alchemist - Use the "extract essence" skill on corpses. Find the "advancement room" in the guild and donate the essence there.
  • Assassin - Use the "grisly trophy" skill on corpses. Use the "assassin pike" command to create a warning sign from the heads for more dues.
  • Fighter - Use the "warning sign" skill on corpses.
  • Jomsviking - Use the "hallow slain" skill on corpses
  • Abjurer - You get dues when your protection spells fall, so get into parties and protect people
  • Biomancer - You get dues from healing players

Special Dues Systems:

Bard requires that you've explored at least 5% for level 16,
15% for level 17, 25% for level 18, etc, up to 45% for level 20.
Bard also requires you to complete level quests. 6 are required
for level 16, 8 for level 17, 10 for level 18, etc, up to 14 for
level 20. Exploration is not lost over reincarnation.
These dues are not spent when advancing.

Fallen require that you've built up a worthy Fellblade.
Only points spent on the Fellblade count towards this.
2k power points are required for level 16, 6k for 17,
10k for 18, up to 18k for level 20.
These dues are not spent when advancing.

Necromancer requires you to present undead to the council
of Necromancers. You gain 100 dues per level of undead
presented. You need the same amount of dues as
the regular guild dues system.

Paladin requires that you've built up a worthy Shield.
Only points spent on the shield count towards this.
2k honor is required for level 16, 6k for 17,
10k for 18, up to 18k for level 20.
These dues are not spent when advancing.

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