Greater Miracle


Type: Healing
Humanoid Healing: 540
Animal Healing: 540
Fish Healing: 540
Insect Healing: 540
Plant Healing: 540
Non-Flesh Healing: 540
Undead Healing: 540
Alignment Healing: good
Casting time: 7 rounds
Spell cost: 400
Spell level: 20
Spell category: unction
Affecting stats: wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: livingtarget
Range: close
Components: VS
Alignment: Must be Good.


This spell calls upon Sikkar's blessings to create an incredible miracle. When Sikkar's follower touches one of his flock, the lame can walk, the poisoned are free of impurities, the unconscious awaken, the weary are restored to vigour, the downtrodden have their spirits lifted, and all wounds are healed. Both the caster and the target must be good aligned. The more pious the target, the greater the generosity that will be shown by Sikkar.


Greater miracle (gmiracle, gmir) removes up to three scars from a good-aligned target that is wounded, removes diseases and heals.

This spell works on neutral alignments that are on the Good side of the spectrum, but the spell will not heal hp on neutral alignments and will only erase 1 scar (making lesser miracle just as effective but with a lower SP cost) as opposed to 2 or 3. The target MUST be wounded for the spell to take effect. Lesser miracle is slightly less picky about alignment and will work on some targets on which gmir cannot be cast.

The spell will not do anything for a fully healed target.

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