Greater Identify Guide
Statistic Bonus Hazes & Strength
Very Weak Weak Strong Very Strong
Bonus 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20
  • Note - Anything that's 'dull' has a negative bonus (i.e.. a 'very weak dull gold haze' has between -1 and -5 perception bonus)
Statistic Bonus Colors
Blue SPR
Gold Perception
Green Luck
Grey Dexterity
Indigo EPR
Magenta HPR
Maroon Strength
Pink Charisma
Purple Wisdom
Red Constitution
Silver Agility
Yellow Intelligence
Weapon Specials Special % Description
1-10 Pathetic
11-20 Unlikely
21-30 Poor
31-40 Below Average
41-50 Average
51-60 Above Average
61-70 Credible
71-80 Very Good
81-90 Excellent
91-100 Nearly Infallible
Skill, Spell, Hit & Damage Bonuses
Poor Average Great Extreme
Bonus 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20

Resistance Mist & Damage Type Haze Degrees and Colors Degrees

Degree % Resistance Mist Damage Type Haze
1-10 Faded Transparent
11-20 Dull Semitransparent
21-30 Flickering Translucent
31-40 Weak Semi translucent
41-50 Strong Dim
51-60 Bright Cloudy
61-70 Shimmering Murky
71-80 Pulsing Opaque
81-90 Scintillating Semi opaque
91-100 Blazing Solid
Black Unholy
Brown Physical
Cyan Cold
Gold Disintegration
Green Acid
Ichor Poison
Purple Asphyxiation
Silver Sonic
Red Fire
Translucent Illusion
Violet Psionic
Void Harm
White Holy
Yellow Electric
  • Anything with a 'corroded' mist has a negative resistance to that damage type (i.e. a 'faded corroded cyan mist' means the item has a -1 to -10% cold resistance).

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