Golem F.A.Q.
  • What is a golem?
  • How are golems made?
  • How do I give it spells/skills?
  • What is a skill/spell rating?
  • What Equipment should I use?
  • How big should I make the equipment?
  • What about weapons?
  • What about the other enchantments and resistances?
  • How do I set it up?
  • What's all this gonna cost me?
  • How long will it take?
  • Planning a golem
  • Special Notes


A golem is a special alchemist constructed monster (please do not confuse castle golems with stone or straw golems) that is placed in a castle to provide passive or aggressive defense.


Golems are created by taking several pieces of equipment and welding them together (help skill welding) into a golem construct. The Items need to all be of the same size for the welding to fit properly. After the contruct is finished, an embalmed (i.e. preserved) player corpse is needed. At this time a 20th level Alchemist uses the Animation skill to install the brain from the corpse into the construct and viola, you have an active golem.
NOTE Once items are welded to the frame they are effectively gone, only the use of the Salvage skill can get any of the items back (one try, each item is checked and whatever doesn't make the salvage check is destroyed).


Ok that's the hard part. Skills and spells are gained by using equipment that gives a % bonus to the spell or skill you want. The skills and spells possessed by the golem are equal to th total skill/spell % squared. In other words since a horned helmet give +5% dodge, the golem then has the Dodge skill at 25%, if you add something else to increase the total dodge to 8% it would have dodge at 64%. The hard part is getting equipment with the skills and spells, most items give little or no % bonuses and equipment with things like weapon skills and combat spells are few.


A Skill or Spell rating is the % that a Golem uses for each of its spells and skills it can use. Like player characters, a Golem has different ratings for each skill and spell it uses. Once again the skill or spell % is eqaul to the total from all gear that give the same skill or spell squared.
1% = 1%
2% = 4%
3% = 9%
4% = 16%
5% = 25%
6% = 36%
7% = 49%
8% = 64%
9% = 81%
10% = 100%
11% = 121%
12% = 144%
13% = 169%
Keep in mind skills or spells over 100% simply get a better chance at criticals.
Also note that some (not all) skills and spells may have a bulk restriction, the average bulk of items on the golem will determine the bulk rating of the golem, and bulk 0's are counted here.


Here is a list of suggested equipment and the skills/spell they would give, note that this information is old and many new items exist.
For more information on items check out the retromud eq site at:


Amber Necklace Amulet Stun 2%, Enhance Criticals 5%
Anakaran Platemail Upper & Lower Torsos, Shoulders, Upper & Lower Arms, Upper & Lower Legs Holy Strike 4%, Parry 4%
Antlered Helm Head Headbutt 8%
Arm Wrappings Of Immolation Upper Arms Maleficents Flame Breath 5%, Fireball 5%
Barbarian Boots Both Feet Double Strike 3%
Behemoth's Skin Cloak Harm (hermetic) 4%
Belt Of Movement Belt Tumbling Attack 5%, Instant Stand 5%
Black Alchemist's Cloak Cloak Flame Arrow 1%
Black Wooden Bracers Lower Arms Guerilla Fighting 2%, Sniping 2%, Animal Handling 2%
Black Wooden Circlet Head Triple Death 4%, Mother Lode 4%, Reinc 2%
Blurred Belt Belt Dodge 5%
Boots of Elvenkind Lower Legs, Both Feet Dodge 6%, Forestry 6%, Pass w/o Trace 5%
Boots Of Quickness Both Feet Dodge 5%
Bracers OF True Striking Lower Arms Broad Blade Mastery 1%, Bludgeon Mastery 1%, Holy Strike 2%
Breastplate of Clan Warhawk Upper & Lower Torsos Stunned Manuevers 7%
Brooch of Sikkar Brooch Dispel Evil 3%
Burnished Half-Plate Upper Torso, Shoulders Stunned Maneuvers 3%
Choker of Light Neck Bansih 2%, Brightbeam 2%, Blink 1%
Chromatic Lenses Eyes Chaos 2%, Brightbeam 2%
Cloak of Rage Cloak Bearsarkergang 10%
Cloth Pants Upper & Lower legs, Lower torso Power Word Kill 3%
Crystal Bracers Lower Arms Whirlwind Attack 6%
Drow Gloves Upper & Lower Arms, Both Hands Whip 5%
Engraved Iron Gauntlets Both Hands Strong Grip 3%
Fencing Armguards Lower Arms Riposte 2%, Tumbling Attack 4%
Fencing Leggings Upper Legs Dodge 4%
Gauntlet of Cruelty Right Hand Intimidation 8%, Hand of Hell 8%
Gloves of Blademastery Both Hands Broad Blade Mastery 3%, Riposte 2%, Parry 3%, Broad Blade 3%
Gold Brooch Brooch Divine Awe 8%
Gold Ribbon Neck Psalms 8%, Holy Word 8%
Golden Chainmail Upper Torso, Upper Arms Protection From Evil 6%
Grey Robes (caster) Upper & Lower Torso, Upper Legs Quickchant 5%
Grey Robes (tank) Upper & Lower Torso, Upper Legs Dodge 3%
Headband of the Rising Sun Brow Stunned manuevers 10%
Healers Cloak Cloak Cure Serious Wounds 4%, Cure Light Wounds 4%
Helm of the Ancient Head, Eyes Enhance Criticals 4%
Ice Ring Finger Moriants Iceball Swarm 4%, Cold Bolt 4%
Leather Boots Of Balance Lower Legs, Feet Dodge 4%, Whirlwind Attack 4%
Lens of Ice Eye Cold Bolt 6%
Lich Crown Head Quick Chant 4%
Magius Gloves Hands Cold Bolt 3%, Dissolve 3%
Magius Slippers Feet Cold Bolt 4%
Mud Covered Pants Upper & Lower Legs Energy Drain 8%, Heal Undead 10%
Night Black Shirt Upper & Lower Torso Tumbling Attack 5%
Phantom Shard Amulet Death Armor 3%
Piece of Cloth Neck Mirror Image 5%
Pirate Boots Lower Legs, Feet Dodge 5%, Attack 5%
Ring of Balance Finger Focus Root Chakra 7%
Ring of Unrelenting Force Finger Stunned Maneuvers 4%
Rose Brooch Brooch Backstab 5%
Ruffled Silk Shirt All Torso Quickchant 10%
Sandals of the Wind Feet Dodge 6%, Steady Footing 6%
Simple Leather Sandals Lower Legs, Both Feet Steady Footing 5%, Dodge 4%
Skull Ring Finger Energy Drain 4%, Skeletal Form 4%, Withering 4%
Slippers of Kicking Feet Circle Kick 3%, Flying Kick 3%, Martial Arts 3%
Snakebone Ring Finger Quick Chant 5%
Snakeskin Gloves Hands Stun Palm 1%, Cobra Touch 1%, Martial Arts 1%, Fists of Fury 1%
Spider Silk Gloves Hands Strike 3%, Firm Grip 3%
Spiked Kneepads Upper Legs Kick 5%
Spiked Shoulderplates Shoulders Random Weapon Mastery 4%
Steel Toed Boots Lower Legs, Feet Enhance Criticals 5%
String of Silver Beads Neck Focus Root Chakra 5%
Swordfighters Chainmail Upper & Lower Torso, Belt, Upper & Lower Arms, Upper Legs Broad Blade 5%
Tail Spike Tail Strike 4%
Tatty Old Rags Upper & Lower Torso Power Blast 2%
Thick Leather Belt Belt Shield Ram 5%, Holy Strike 5%
Thin Plate Gloves Both Hands Ambidexterity 10%, Double Hit 10%
Translucent Red Hat Head Watery Lungs 4%, Ball Lightning 4%
White Fingerless Gloves Both Hands Riposte 4%, Touch of Death 3%, Weapon Parry 4%
Winged Helm Head Headbutt 5%, Combat Readiness 5%

*NOTE: this is not a complete A-Z list, just some suggestions, avoid skills/spells that have Good/Evil alignment restrictions since golems are Neutral.


The eq should be sized depending on what weapons you plan to use, making the golem bigger increases its HP max and gives the combat modifiers for size. I recommend the golem eq be sized 1.5 x the weapon size so for a size 72 weapon go with size 108 eq to maintain a good size margin (sizing golems is not and exact science yet).


Golems can use any weapons that a normal player of the same size can use, but keep in mind that golems are neutral in alignment unless enough aligned eq is used and weapons will need to reflect the golems alignment. Note that enchantments on golem weapons are a waste. Each boot weapons will re-clone from files and lose enchantments in the same fashion as items in a chest.

*NOTE: Golems do NOT acquire skills and spells from weapons or other held items, but they will get any additional bonuses from said items


Paladins and Reavers have enchantments that can be stacked with alchemist enchantments, these are also random bonuses and should be added if desired once the alchemist has achieved the proper alchemist enchantment on an item.


Once Animated you simply type "configure golem". You will be given a list of 5 options:
1> set aggressive flag. (switches the golem between passive and aggressive, aggressive mean it attacks anyone not on castle friends list). **
2> set blocking flag. (golems can block one direction only and the full name of the direction must be given)
3> set up actions. (allows you to select which spells/skills are to be used and at whom) NOTE auto-skills do not need to be set up
4> name the golem (may be changed as often as you like, but cannot duplicate a player name)
5> move the golem (allows you to move the golem around within your castle)
You can re-configure as often as you like.

** Special Note: Golems set to agressive will NOT attack intruders if the castle owner is present in the room with golems when the intruders enter, this is safety feature to prevent accidental golem induced deaths.


Well that's the big question isn't it? As you may imagine a good golem constructed of good equipment will be expensive. And to improve a golem will cost more in the form of enchantments.


Basic animation spell on a prepared frame = 5k (decorative golems can be set up cheap)
Custom enchantment for STAT/REGEN bonuses = 3k per item (Permanent and very necessary to get SPR, HPR or EPR needed)
Reaver enchantments = whatever they charge (getting them customized will probably be as expensive as my own enchants)
Resistances added = 500 gold per item (Permanent on golems), limited by number of items in golem, 1 resistance type per item and adds 3% resistance per slot.
Strengthening items = 200 gold per item (cheap and adds 5 PV per slot on the item)
Welding items together = 1k per item over 3
Golem arming = 2500 gold per weapon (free on initial animations, I charge to arm/unarm golems later on)

EXAMPLE : a 13 item golem with custom enchants, fire resistance, welding, strengthening 8 items, animation and arming will cost 72,100 gold (49,000 for enchants, 10,000 gold for the welding 5000 gold for actual animation, 6500 gold for 65% fire resistance, 1600 for strengthenings and I arm the golem free on initial animation). This is assuming that the equipment is supplied by the purchaser. If I personally have to scrounge up eq, I pass the expense along to the customer plus 10% fee and I won't haggle with ppl on prices for your golem eq, if you want eq bought cheaply then YOU buy it.


Actual animation time is less than a minute, getting the corpse and preserving it takes a minute, but the real time is in the enchanting. Custom enchants are gained through the "Enchant Armor" spell which gives one of 14 random enchantments. This mean it often takes a lot of castings, dis-enchantments and re-enchantments to get it right. Average time to enchant an item correctly is 30 minutes per item. In other words a 13 (bare minimum) item golem will take 6 hours of doing nothing but casting and recasting or so to enchant right. A full golem of 20+ pieces will take approx 10 hours. Please note that any and all enchantments to be added to a piece of equipment MUST be added before it is welded to the frame. I sometimes built "premade" golems that are ready to go (just add corpse) that I typically sell for a price based on item costs and enchantments done (this covers the normal costs for full enchants and resistance plus the time and money I spend gathering the eq). These "premades" are of good quality but I tend to work on a budget and do the work slowly so I don't often have them ready at any given time.


When planning a golem start with the basics:
1. Tank type or Blaster type? If Tank you'll want high PV and combat skill eq. If Blaster you'll want some SPR and Spell skill eq.
2. What Skills/Spells do you want? Find eq that will give these skills/spells, if at all possible plan by slot, for example Weapon mastery skills are hard to get, so fill those slots first, however Dodge is a fairly easy skill to get so you want to fill it later.
3. Gather needed equipment. Plan your equipment needs out and have back-up items in mind in case you cannot get your first choices. For Tank-golems get a weapon mastery item if at all possible assuming you can get enough percentage to be usefull, then get other combat skills and as much HPR and EPR as possible. For Blaster-golems try for 2 spells one direct, one area, and then get as much SPR as possible. If you have extra slots after gathering all the needed eq fill those slots with high bulk high PV items (this works for blasters too as golems ignore bulk).
4. Talk to your alchemist, discuss plan for golem, eq you have, eq you need (the alchemist may have access to eq you don't), the golem's planned size based on weapons, and pricing.
5. Size the equipment (please use a merchant for this, shops can break eq).
6. Deliver eq to alchemist for golem construction and wait, it may take a few days to correctly enchant and weld all the parts.


Items that are impervious to damage either naturally or because of protection spells from paladin or merchants can NOT be welded to a construct.
The Corpse to be used in golem animation must be within +/- 10% of the golem construct size, other wise it will not work.
Unless the golem is equipped with Ambidexterity it can only attack once with its left hand.
Golem HPs seme to bee approxiamtely 8 to 8.5 hp per PV point plus approx (3 x size) additional HPs.
Level of corpse used seems to have minimal impact on golem stats, but will affect barehanded damage.
If you have any unanswered questions feel free to contact your local Alchemist.

Source Material: William Travis

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