Races: atomy, changeling, elf, leprechaun, poucadd, goblin, gremlin, kobold, troll, uruk and selkie
Level: 20
Activation time: 2
Offensive: No
SP Cost: 25
Range: Room
This power allows members of the Seelie and Unseelie court to use the power of faerie magic. It can only be used during the twilight hours (just before sunrise and just after sunset). Seelie can only use glamour outside and Unseelie can only use it indoors. Alignment determines what magic the faerie is attempting to use (Seelie can still try to use Unseelie glamour if they are evil, but then they must be indoors). The faerie cannot be in a shielded room or have his form magically constrained. The higher the level of the faerie, the more powerful the glamour. The following powers possible, from least to most powerful:

Shape Change (to a random form)
Find a Shamrock (wearable brooch item with a bonus to luck)
Fly (if a non-flying race)
Create Faerie Food
Faerie Song (costs SP, heals EP)
Sheeauns Door (faerie dimension door)
Fey Shield (armor)
Faerie Ring (faerie shelter)

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