Fire Building
Action duration: 4 Endurance cost: 15
Affecting stats: dex
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: nature Skill Level: 8
Skill Type: Anytime Skill targetting: none
Offensive: No Location: outside(non-city)
This skill enables the user to create a small campfire that will
help warm and heal all who are around it.
Mwanga are especially skilled in building fires, and at level 8 in their
guild have a chance to build a fire during combat if they are in the middle or
back row of a party.
use fire building


A tinderbox improves chance of success with this skill.
Using this skill while a fire is already in the room will add wood to it, refreshing its duration.
Fumbling this skill will create fire mobs that attack you and will spread (multiply) if not killed with cold or asphyx damage or skills or spells like smother fire, douse fire and extinguish

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