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Welcome to the Fallen Guild on Retromud. Fallen are a guild of
fighters who work to bring their Master, the Nameless One, back
to the world of Retromud. To this end, the Nameless One has
given to each member of the fallen guild a small mote of its
power, which takes the form of a broad blade of orichalcum.
Fallen take this blade forth into the world and reaps the life
energy for their Master, in return the Nameless One passes
back some of that power to each Fallen.

The Fallen guild, more than any other guild, derives it's power
directly from the monsters who are killed. To be a Fallen is
to be dedicated to one's Fellblade. In return, the Fallen has
a weapon that will someday outshadow all weapons in the game.
Fallen must be evil, not because the act of killing is evil,
but because the Blade commands it.

As a newbie on Retromud, you will start out at level 4. While
the blade commands that you race out and kill something, it is
far better to explore the mud and discover where things are.
Fallen have few defenses, and the true path to great power is
to party with other people. Exploring will gain you experience,
which you can use to advance your spells and skills. It will also
give you the experience you need to lead parties. Fallen are
required by their blades to stand in front of parties, as
leader or what is known as a "dual-tank." Parties will look to
you to lead them.

You have a few spells at a low level. You get some protection
as a "newbie" or player under level 15. You also are allowed to
train your skills and spells to 60% without having to pay any
cash to do so. Use this well.

ATTACK: This is your ability to actually fight. This skill is
basic, and should be trained to maximum skill as soon as you can.
Note that attack does not increase the damage you do with your
Fellblade but how often you hit with it, as a newbie you get some
hit rate bonuses, but as you level up, these bonuses decrease,
so don't be mislead if you are hitting often, this will change
later so it would be wise to max this skill early.

BROAD BLADE: This skill is your ability to use your Fellblade.
Your Fellblade will be the only weapon you will ever be able to
use, and this skill determines how well (or how hard) you hit
with it, max this skill early, you won't regret it.

CONSIDER HUMANOID: This skill allows you to see if the monster
you are considering is more powerful than you are. This skill
does not always guarantee victory in battle.

OATH: This skill can come in handy at newbie levels when your
spells aren't fully trained up yet, by using this skill you
increase your chance to succeed at casting the next spell you

LIGHT/DARKNESS: These spells make an orb float around you which
either brightens or darkens the room for better visibility.

SOULSEARCH: This spell is rather useless, it tells you your
'ranking' of evilness.

SPIRIT EYE: This skill is rather useful, it is like a countdown
for your spiritual spells, which will show you how long it will
take for the spell to finish invoking.

HEAR NOISES: This skill will let you listen to your surroundings
carefully and note in which directions there are living things.

EVIL EYE: This spell can do up to 200 points of damage to your
enemies. With a low power fellblade, it is important to use this
spell to kill your stronger enemies. To use it, you need to type
'invoke evil eye at <enemy>'.

INFAMY: Rather useless at newbie levels, this skill will let you
know if a mobile will let others know of your evil, sometimes
mobiles that recognize you because of your slayer status, might
get hostile and attack you, or run away in some cases.

SMOOTH: This spell removes your scars. Scars affect how much
experience you lose at death among other things, it's wise to
keep your body free of scars.

WARD OF RIGHTEOUS WARNING: This spell sets a little invisible
field around you which triggers a small explosion if you are
hit by a specific damage type.

FELLVIEW: This spell allows you to determine the alignment of
those you are about to fight. You must remain evil, so battle
evil with care, if you become neutral or good your blade will
attack you.

BLOODBLADE: If you are hungry, your blade can make you a pool of
gelled blood that will feed you, whatever your dietary requirements

POISONING: This skill allows you to add poison to your Fellblade.
Unlike the spell Imbue poison which adds poison damage type,
poisoning adds poison to the blade which could literally poison
your enemy.

ILLFIRE: To gain dues, you type 'insert' after a battle and
drain the corpse of it's life force, sometimes you might be
wounded after a few battles, you can chose to use the skill
illfire at a corpse, which will gradually radiate, and heal
any evil beings in the room.

BLADESIZING: This spell increases the size of your weapon. To use,
find out what 'size' you are by typing score, then to cast type
'invoke bladesizing at (2 times your size)' In the case of a size
72 human, a two handed weapon would be sized to size 144. Keep in
mind that two-handed weapons, damage much more than single handed
weapons. Also keep in mind, your blade will remain the size you
made it until you either change it, quit or the mud reboots.

HEADBUTT: This skill headbutts your opponent, your size plays a big
role when using this skill. Also this skill might even stun your
enemy, which will leave them unable to attack you for a small period
of time.

OFFERING: This skill will let you sacrifice good aligned objects
for extra power points.

WORLD RIFT: This spell will be of most use after level 15, when
you lose your newbie guide, this spell when invoked will transport
you back to the fallen guild, train it!

CLEAVE: This skill allows you to cleave through some wooden doors
or chests with your Fellblade.

DEVIL TONGUE: This skill will let you reduce a round of casting
time for your unholy spells.

DOUBLE HIT: Train it! Train it! Let's you get an extra hit in
per round, during combat.

CONCEAL DRAW: With this skill you can attempt to wield your Fellblade
quietly, without a player or mobile noticing it.

MASSBLADE: This spell generally doubles the weight of your blade
with each casting, to a maximum of 100kg. Increasing your blade
weight increases the amount of damage your blade does, increases
how well it parries, but generally lowers the number of times
you hit with it.

By now you would have hopefully learned how to strengthen you blade
but I'll briefly explain how to:

By typing blade help you get the following argument on how to
'guide' your blade:

Weapon class: wc * wc Max 80
Hit bonus: hb * hb * 1000 Max 15
Damage bonus: db * db * 1000 Max 10
Special Attack: sa * sa Max 90
Nonphysical damage: np * np Max 50

Stat: stat * stat * 1000 Max 10
Strength, constitution, dexterity, wisdom

Skill: sk * sk * 1000 Max 5
Attack, double hit, whirlwind attack,
follow up, finishing touch, tumbling
attack, enhance criticals

Holy resistance: resist * resist * 100 Max 15

You start with a weapon class (wc) of 10, above it mentions
that weapon class costs wc * wc… This means that to increase
your wc to 11, you would have to have 121 power points (11 * 11 = 121).

Try and get your Fellblade as strong as possible, and try not
to rush in advancement.

By now you would have figured how to read skill and spell help
files, so I'll only explain the main skills and spells for the
range 10-15 and if there's and skill or spell you are wondering
about, just type help skill <skill> or help spell <spell>.

IMBUE SPELLS: You can imbue a number of damage types into your
blade, how this works is, as you add more 'nonphysical damage'
percent to your blade, you cast an imbue spell and your blade will
hit for that percent for that damage type. For example:

If I have a non-physical damage status of 15% on my Fellblade,
and then I cast imbue unholy on my blade, my blade will do 85%
physical damage, and 15% unholy damage when hitting.

Also, if you have special attack rised on your Fellblade, whenever
this hits, it will hit for the imbued damage type, take note that
whenever a special attack kicks in, it uses up 1 power point, even
if you are below level 15.

Imbueable damage types include:
Disintegration, Poison, Fire, Cold, Electric, Acid, Harm and Unholy.

BEHEADING: This skill can only be used to initiate combat, but
it causes an enormous amount of damage to your opponent, it is
well worth training.

FOLLOW UP: Very important skill, chance to get an extra attack
per round.

BLADEPARRY: This skill makes attacks into parries, so you
inflict less damage, but you dont take as much. Different
people have different opinions about this skill. Train it
anyway, since you may have use for it at some point. The rule
generally is that if a monster is larger than you are, parry
is less effective.

TUMBLING ATTACK: This skill allows you to hit through a monsters
dodge. Many monsters dodge, this will prevent them from avoiding
the attack.

BLADELUST: With this spell, your blade fights on and on even
after you are paralyzed or unconscious or stunned. This may
be the most important spell in the guild arsenal.

After level 15, you are out on your own for the last couple of
levels, hopefully you would have explored some areas by now,
It is always good to know where you are heading. Also you might
want to choose to party with other players, before you are
even able to level to 16, you would have to have at least
14,000 power points in your blade, so this will allow you to
have an above average weapon for that level range, just remember
not to rush, and always strengthen your weapon.

You might also choose to party with other players, This is always
a good idea, because as Fallen, the perfect fighting machines, we
too have weaknesses, and with backup help we can always get along


WAVE SPELLS: At later levels you will get 'Wave' spells.
These spells send out a blast that inflicts damage on all living
things that are not in your party. These spells are useful to have.

STUN: This skill automatically stuns your opponent. An opponent
that is stunned cannot move, cast spells, or fight. Various spells
and skills counteract this. Keep in mind that, as a Fallen,
stun is your friend.

STUNNED MANEUVERS: This skill allows you to continue to use
your weapon skills like bladeparry in combat. As a Fallen
you will spend a lot of time stunned, train this one up.

DETERMINATION: This spell allows you to not be interrupted when
you are stunned or jarred in combat. In other words, when you
attempt to cast evil eye, the spell will go off with
determination even if you get stunned while casting.
Most of the other spells in the guild are extremely useful, train
them up.

RIPOSTE: This skill allows you to hit the monster despite their attempt
to parry.

ENHANCE CRITICALS: When you get a critical hit, having this skill
trained up increases the amount of damage your hit does.

Remember you have to try and always keep yourself evil, here are some
area suggestions depending on your blade's strength.

WITH WC OF 10 - 15:

The Monastery (Perdow)
Trimers Area (Wysoom)
Utopia (Crypt)
Toolpark (Welstar)

WITH WC OF 15 - 30:

Kanku Tree (Sosel)
Gnomevale (Crypt)
The Quarry (Raji)
Azalin's Lodge (Welstar)

It is also a good idea to consider being in a party for these:

Wemic Village (Welstar)
The Citadel (Wysoom)

Fallen go out into the Retroverse and kill things. Keeping evil,
it really will not lower the power of the fallen to kill evil
beings. All things feed the blade. When a monster dies and is
a hacked corpse lying on the ground, type 'insert' and the blade
will suck the life energy out of the corpse. This is then converte
into power points. Type 'blade status' to get a listing of what
your blade is capable of. Type 'guide fellblade <what you wish to
increase> to increase the power of the blade. If you have enough
power points, the blade's power will increase.

Fallen are said by many to have no defenses. Fallen have defense, but
having the best defense to a fallen is a slain enemy. If you have any
questions about the guild, you can type 'fallen say <text>' to turn on
a channel to speak with your brethren.

Duadan, Titan of the Fallen.

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