Description: In a great battle between good and evil, before even Sikkar's name was whispered, two gods warred in a titanic battle that shook the heavens. Evil lost, and was imprisoned in the planet Crypt.

Some say its very presence siphons the life out of the planet, and that long ago Crypt was a beautiful, living place. But the Nameless One, as it is often referred to by its worshippers, has awoken. And to return to this universe, the Nameless One has parcelled out its very soul to warriors of exceedingly impure and foul standards. Its servants of choice were once honorable and just men who have fallen from grace - hence the name.

Fallen are said to wield their Fellblades, but in truth their Fellblade wields them. Their very personalities are subject to the whim of their blades, their lives are dictated by what their blades wish of them. Their swords forever lust for souls, driving them onward like starving vampires, pushing them further and further along the edge, rewarding them every step of the way with more and more power. Its ultimate purpose? Not even the Fallen know, for their swords keep their own council… but some fear that the Nameless One will awaken still when he has 666,666,666,666,666,666 souls.
Leader bonus: 5 Str
Champion bonus: 5 Str. Gains a chance for an extra right hand attack.

This guild uses Spiritual magic.
This guild is Evil aligned.
Hermetic Bulk: Minimal (1/4)
Spiritual Bulk: Very (4/4)

Level Skills Spells
1 attack
broad blade
consider humanoid
2 oath spiritual darkness
spiritual light
3 swim
mana blessing
4 spirit eye
hear noises
evil eye
5 infamy smooth
ward of righteous warning
6 push fellview
7 illfire
8 headbutt
world rift
9 poisoning
devil tongue
double hit
conceal draw
10 lightning cut imbue disintegration
imbue poison
11 imbue fire
imbue cold
imbue electric
12 imbue acid
imbue harm
imbue unholy
13 beheading bladelust
siphon lifeforce
14 follow up
power boost
15 tumbling attack
16 finishing touch shatterstorm
acid wave
17 riposte disintegration wave
cold wave
18 enhance criticals fire wave
harm wave
19 stunned maneuvers electric wave
poison wave
20 whirlwind attack
unholy wave

Stat potential:
Str: small (3/7)
Agi: little (2/7)
Dex: none (0/7)
Con: little (2/7)
Int: none (0/7)
Wis: little (2/7)
Per: tiny (1/7)
Cha: none (0/7)

Point Potential:
HP: average (4/7) HPR: small (3/7)
SP: little (2/7) SPR: small (3/7)
EP: small (3/7) EPR: small (3/7)

Category Bonuses:
armed combat skill: small (3/7)
general combat skill: small (3/7)
unholy spiritual spell: small (3/7)
religious skill: tiny (1/7)

Race Matches:
Good: Catfolk, Devil, Dwarf, Flynd, Gorgon, Homarid, Kizanki, Muridan, Pudding, Shadow, Slaad, Titan, Uruk, Vipyr and Werewolf.
Average: Bloodworm, Dragonian, Human, Kuroa, Selkie and Yaag-nesh.


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