Evil Resurrection


Casting time: 4 rounds Spell cost: 250
Spell level: 16 Spell category: Conjuration
Affecting stats: wis
Offensive: No Location: Anywhere
Target: playertarget Range: distant
Components: VS
Alignment: Must be Evil.
This spell allows a cultist to use his dark powers to return a character to
life, in return for a blood contract (help contract). The ghost must accept
the resurrection before this spell can be cast, and the cultist cannot be in a
teleprotected area. The amount of experience saved by an evil resurrection
depends on two things: the power of the blood contract, and the ghost's
devotion to evil. Note, however, that even an 'angelic' aligned character
accepting a 0% contract saves more experience than he would by praying—he
just loses more than a 'diabolical' character or one who accepts with a 100%
contract. Non-newbies must be in the Judgement Fields' Pit in order to
accept evil resurrection. The final cost of this spell depends on the number
of hit points granted to the contractee upon returning to life. The contract
can involve a swap of a certain ability or statistic, determined by the
cultist on casting. These swaps include: hp, sp, ep, hunger, location,
poison, scar, disease, and status. Contracts can be collected at any time.
Accept syntax: accept evil resurrection from <cultist> at <percentage>
invoke evil resurrection at <target>


Evil Resurrection is the primary source of dues for the cultist guild, as it provides from 50 to 900 status for each contract exchanged for status. Only contracts gained from Evil Resurrection can be used for status.

Evil Resurrections can only be accepted in Varkyll-an-Bluge's Pit in the southeastern part of the Judgement Fields. The maximum experience lost ranges from 400k to 1m, depending on alignment and cultist pathing. Cultists can pray at the Pit to resurrect themselves.

The percentage specified determines how much experience is lost, as well as how much the target's alignment is altered: higher percentages save more experience and make the target more evil (although by a very slight amount). However, a cultist gains more status with a lower percentage. A paranoid player may accept at a lower percent so a cultist is less likely use the contract maliciously.

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