Enhanced Olfactory Sense

Enhanced Olfactory Sense expands the functionality of smell allowing you to 'smell all' this requires a challenging perception check, but if successfull provides a list of odour producing objects in the room such as creatures. This can allow certain races to target hidden or invisible creatures by virtue of the odour they give off.

"It smells like you are indoors.
You smell the following:
a slaad"

The slaad could be attacked using "kill slaad" even without seeing what it was.

Races with enhanced olfactory sense: Arakun, Catfolk, Dhampir, Dragon, Dragonian, Flynd, Goblin, Gremlin, Jinn, Kreen, Kuroa, Minotaur, Muridan, Tortle, Troll, Uruk, Vampire, Vipyr, Vulpin, Werewolf

Certain equipment provides enhanced olfactory sense when equiped.

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