Enchanting Rods

General Information:

Two random enchanting rods come from the safe inside the Juggernaut’s room after the Juggernaut has been animated and killed (see rod of animation). Rods imbue an item with a flat stat (+16, except for HPR (+32), and EPR (+8)) and +10% to a random resistance (chosen from cold, fire, disintegration, electrical, poison, illusion, asphyxiation, or acid). This value is halved for single slot items in slots that were traditionally paired (see slots section). Imbuing stacks with other enchantment types, but you can not imbue an item multiple times. Each rod can only be used once per boot. Items must be on the ground to be imbued, so things like the remort token or guild eq can not be imbued.

Rod Types (Description: Stat (item tag)):

Amber: Perception (gold)
Amethyst: Wisdom (purple)
Emerald: Luck (green)
Garnet: Strength (maroon)
Hematite: Dexterity (gray)
Lapis Lazuli: EPR (indigo)
Pearl: Agility (silver)
Pink Coral: Charisma (pink)
Rose Quartz: HPR (magenta)
Ruby: Constitution (red)
Sapphire: SPR (blue)
Topaz: Intelligence (yellow)


Items in these slots always get the full imbue:

Head, Brow, Neck, Amulet, Booch, Cloak, Upper Torso, Finger, Lower Torso, Belt, Tail, Helds, Weapons.

Single slot items in these slots only receive half value:

eye, shoulder, upper arm, lower arm, wrist, hand, upper leg, lower leg, foot


When you imbue, you get the message, “<item> glows <stat color tag> with a <resist color> afterimage.
blue = asphyxiation
golden = disintegration
green = poison
gray = illusion
red = fire
turquoise = acid
white = cold
yellow = electrical

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