General emotes

Accuse, Ack, Admire, Adore, Affection, Affirmative, Aggressive, Agree, Ah, Aha, Ahem, Amuse, Annoyed, Anxious, Apologize, Applaud, Appreciate, Argh, Armcross, Aspire, Attention, Avert, Avoid, Aww, Aye, Ayt, Baa, Babble, Backaway, Backhand, Bah, Bark, Bashful, Bawl, Beam, Bearhug, Beat, Beckon, Beep, Beer, Beg, Behave, Belch, Bellow, Bhold, Bite, Blah, Blame, Blanch, Bleah, Bleed, Blind, Blink, Blow, Blowkiss, Bluff, Blush, Bodyslam, Boggle, Boink, Boo, Boot, Bop, Bored, Bounce, Bow, Brb, Broke, Brush, Bump, Burp, Busy, Bye, Cackle, Calm, Caress, Cartwheel, Catcall, Catch, Celebrate, Ceyes, Cfingers, Chase, Cheer, Chew, Choke, Chortle, Chuckle, Claim, Clap, Clasp, Clean, Clear, Cling, Cluck, Clue, Clueless, Coax, Comb, Combust, Comfort, Complain, Comprehend, Confuse, Confused, Congratulate, Console, Contemplate, Contempt, Content, Control, Coo, Cool, Cough, Cover, Coverears, Covet, Cower, Crack, Cradle, Cranky, Crawl, Crazy, Cringe, Crinkle, Cross, Cry, Cuddle, Curse, Curtsey, Cuss, Dance, Daydream, Deny, Die, Differ, Dip, Disagree, Discourage, Disdain, Dislike, Dismiss, Distract, Dizzy, Doubt, Dream, Drift, Drool, Drum, Duck, Dust, Eep, Eh, Elude, Embarrass, Embarrassed, Embrace, Encourage, Engulf, Entwine, Envelop, Envy, Evil, Eww, Excited, Excuse, Eye, Eyebrow, Eyeroll, Eyescratch, Faint, Fall, Fart, Fear, Fetal, Fidget, Figure, Flap, Flex, Flinch, Flip, Flirt, Flop, Flourish, Flustered, Flutter, Fondle, Forehead, Forget, Forgive, French, Frenzy, Fret, Frolic, Frown, Frustrated, Ftackle, Fume, Furrow, Fuzzy, Gag, Gah, Gander, Gape, Gasp, Gawk, Gaze, Gesture, Ghug, Giggle, Gigglesnort, Gimme, Glance, Glare, Glower, Gnash, Gnaw, Gobble, Goose, Grab, Greedy, Greet, Grimace, Grin, Gripe, Grit, Groan, Grog, Grope, Groundkiss, Grovel, Growl, Grumble, Grumpy, Grunt, Guilty, Gulp, Gurgle, Ha, Hah, Handshake, Hang, Happy, Hate, Hawk, Headache, Headbang, Headbutt, Heh, Helpful, Hero, Hiccup, Hickey, Hide, High5, Hiss, Hit, Hmm, Hmpf, Hocker, Hold, Hop, Hope, Horny, Howl, Hug, Hum, Humble, Hungry, Hurrah, Hush, Hustle, Huzzah, Idolize, Ignor, Impressed, Indignant, Ingratiate, Innocent, Insane, Insult, Interested, Jealous, Jump, Keel, Kick, Kiss, Knee, Kneel, Knock, Knuckles, Lame, Lament, Lap, Laugh, Lazy, Lean, Leap, Leer, Lhug, Lick, Like, Listen, Lkiss, Loathe, Loom, Lope, Lost, Love, Lucky, Lunge, Lurk, Lust, Massage, Maybe, Melt, Menace, Mercy, Miss, Missed, Mmhmm, Mmm, Moan, Mock, Moo, Moon, Mope, Mourn, Mrrgrrr, Muah, Mumble, Munch, Mute, Mutter, Nag, Narrow, Neck, Neener, Neigh, Nestle, Next, Nibble, Nip, No, Nod, Nodnod, Noo, Nope, Notfault, Nudge, Nuzzle, Ogrehug, Ogrumble, Oh, Ohand, Onesec, Ooo, Oops, Ouch, Pace, Pain, Pale, Palm, Panic, Pant, Paranoid, Pat, Patronize, Peace, Peck, Perplex, Pester, Pet, Pick, Piddle, Piggyback, Pinch, Pity, Playful, Plead, Point, Poke, Ponder, Pose, Pounce, Pout, Prance, Prod, Proud, Pucker, Puke, Pull, Pummel, Punch, Purr, Push, Putter, Puzzle, Quack, Quake, Quarrel, Quiet, Quiver, Rage, Raise, Ramble, Rant, Ready, Recoil, Refuse, Rejoice, Relax, Respect, Revel, Rise, Roar, Rock, Rofl, Roll, Rub, Ruffle, Runaway, Sad, Salute, Sashay, Saunter, Scare, Scared, Scoff, Scold, Scowl, Scratch, Scream, Seduce, Seethe, Shake, Shh, Shiver, Shoo, Shoot, Shoulder, Shove, Shriek, Shrink, Shrug, Shucks, Shudder, Shuffle, Sick, Sigh, Silly, Sillywalk, Sing, Skip, Skiss, Slap, Slobber, Slump, Slurp, Smack, Smile, Smilenod, Smirk, Smirkle, Smite, Smooch, Snap, Snarl, Sneer, Sneeze, Snicker, Sniff, Sniffle, Snigger, Snivel, Snog, Snore, Snort, Snub, Snuggle, Sob, Sock, Soothe, Sore, Sorry, Spank, Spin, Spit, Sputter, Squeak, Squeal, Squeeze, Squint, Squirm, Stagger, Stalk, Stammer, Stare, Statue, Stifle, Stifley, Stomp, Story, Straddle, Strangle, Stress, Stretch, Stroke, Strut, Study, Stumble, Stupid, Sulk, Surprise, Swagger, Swat, Sway, Swear, Sweat, Swhisper, Swoon, Tackle, Tag, Tantrum, Tap, Tasty, Taunt, Tbt, Tear, Tease, Temper, Tense, Thank, Think, Thrash, Threaten, Throttle, Thumb, Thumbd, Thump, Tickle, Tingle, Tired, Titter, Toast, Tongue, Torment, Touch, Tremble, Trip, Triumph, Tsk, Tug, Tumble, Tweak, Twiddle, Twinkle, Twirl, Twitch, Ugh, Utter, Vault, Violin, Waddle, Wail, Wait, Want, Warn, Watch, Wave, Weep, Welcome, Whathe, Whee, Wheedle, Whew, Whimper, Whine, Whistle, Whizz, Whoah, Whomp, Wiggle, Wild, Wince, Wink, Wipe, Wish, Wistful, Wobble, Woe, Wonder, Woo, Woohoo, Woowoo, Worry, Worship, Wow, Wrestle, Wrinkle, Writhe, Yank, Yawn, Yay, Yeah, Yell, Yes, Yodel and Zoom.

Race Emotes

Anakim: Aglow, Ahalo, Aradiance, Asmile, Aspread and Atouch.
Arakun: Achitter, Aear, Afur, Ashiny, Asneak and Atail.
Arcanus: Aassess, Ablue, Acoin, Adeal and Apower.
Argus: Ablink, Aeye, Astare, Ateeth and Awiggle.
Atomy: Adart, Adive, Adream, Apoke and Azoom.
Behemoth: Bgraze, Bprepare, Bsend, Bsing, Bslap, Bspray, Bunleash and Byearn.
Bloodworm: Bdrip, Bfeed, Bmate, Bpucker, Bstare and Bwiggle.
Boelir: Bbluck, Bdeath, Bdoom, Bdream, Beye, Bgluck and Bponder.
Catfolk: Carch, Catail, Cear, Cfur, Cgrowl, Chairball, Cnap and Cpounce.
Centaur: Cpack, Crear, Csnort, Cstamp, Ctail and Cwind.
Changeling: Ccharm, Cfire, Cgleam, Cmirror, Csecret and Csmile.
Devil: Dbug, Dhoof, Dhorns, Dpent, Dsong, Dtail and Dwar.
Dhampir: Dglower, Dponder, Dpower, Dsigh and Dundead.
Dragon: Dflap, Dgrin, Dpick, Dpurr, Dsmoke and Dwhip.
Dragonian: Ddream, Dpolish, Drtail, Dsnarl, Dteeth and Dtongue.
Drensieqi: Dempire, Dhair, Dscoff, Dsparkle and Dsully.
Dwarf: Dbeard, Dgleam, Dknee, Dlong and Dstubborn.
Elf: Eforest, Eind, Ekeen, Emed, Esong and Estoic.
Ettin: Ebop, Egrunt and Escan.
Flynd: Fcackle, Fflea, Flaugh, Fmange, Fmean and Fsnig.
Gargoyle: Gevil, Gpose, Gscrape, Gvig and Gwing.
Giant: Gclumsy, Gflex, Ggape, Gidea, Glogic, Gsmash, Gstomp and Gtree.
Gnome: Gcur, Ggems, Ghills, Gplan and Gtinker.
Goblin: Gleft, Glight, Gmis and Gspaz.
Gorgon: Geye, Gsnake, Gstatue and Gstone.
Gremlin: Gcackle, Glurk, Gmisch, Gpool and Gstreak.
Hephestian: Hbalance, Hfragile, Hhum, Hlost, Hmagic, Hmiss, Hparts, Hrepair, Hscan and Htest.
Homarid: Hclick, Hkelp, Hpinch, Hscuttle, Hshell, Hside and Hwater.
Human: Hman, Hproud, Hwonder and like.
Illex: Ieye, Ijuggle, Iwiggle and Iwrap.
Irrdu: Icon, Ihome, Imist and Isoul.
Jinn: Jbrass, Jcur, Jfloat, Jraji and Jwish.
Kandrin: Kamaz, Kduck, Kfinger, Ksneak and Kwow.
Kanku: Kbeak, Kfeather, Kflex, Kguide, Kpreen, Kwing and Kwonder.
Kizanki: Kbark, Kbattle, Kcomm, Kjewel, Kmental, Kpaint, Kpierce, Kpolish and Kqueen.
Kobold: Kbite, Kskulk, Ksnarl, Ktail and Kyip.
Kreen: Kclick, Kconfused, Kgrind, Khappy, Khum, Kno, Kpop, Ksad, Ksmile, Kstrong and Kyes.
Kuroa: Kblink, Kcold, Kfish, Kgurgle, Kpray and Kteeth.
Leprechaun: Kale, Kdance, Kgold and Kwink.
Minotaur: Mlab, Mlower, Mred and Msteam.
Mummy: Mamulet, Mdream, Mrecog, Mshamble and Mwrap.
Muridan: Mcheese, Mfurt, Mrat, Msnarl and Mtail.
Myconoid: Mcol, Mcough, Mfung, Mglow and Mskull.
Oni: Oclap, Oflame, Olight, Osmoke and Ostamp.
Papua: Pmount, Pponder, Pspirit and Pstand.
Pudding: Pabsorb and Pblob.
Satyr: Sdance, Sflute, Shoof and Shorn.
Selkie: Scharm, Scoral, Shair, Ssea and Sswim.
Shadow: Scackle, Sdark, Sgrab and Ssin.
Slaad: Sblink, Sclaw, Scroak, Sfly, Sribbit and Stongue.
Starsimian: Scase, Schest, Sfur, Sinc and Sswing.
Suula: Scolor, Sfeed, Sfloat, Sgrey and Sspot.
Thuul: Tarmor, Tfury, Tgrim and Topp.
Titan: Tboom, Tjust, Tloom, Tsafe and Twise.
Tortle: Tbeak, Tsea and Tslow.
Treant: Tbark, Tbranch, Tfire, Tleaves and Tstand.
Troll: Tbend, Tbreath, Tcave, Tdrool, Tfood, Tgrunt and Ttrail.
Tywimn: Tcarve, Tcliff, Tflex, Thair and Thorn.
Unicorn: Udefend, Ufeint, Uhorn and Ustamp.
Uruk: Ubattle, Ugem, Ugrowl, Utrophy and Uwar.
Vampire: Vcharm, Vlurk, Vneck, Vnight and Vpale.
Vespula: Vbuzz, Vdive, Vhive, Vman and Vsting.
Vipyr: Vfang, Vhiss, Vhood, Vitail and Vsac.
Vulpin: Vfur, Vfurt, Vshift and Vtail.
Werewolf: Wblood, Whowl, Whunt, Wpack, Wsnarl and Wsniff.
Xodar: Xcrush, Xemote, Xplode, Xquest, Xstare and Xstill.
Yaag-nesh: Ybrain, Yeye, Ymind, Yslime and Ytent.

Guild emotes

Jomsviking: babes, scream, bellow, argh, blood, bored

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