Eldoria is an island in Lake Damora on Perdow. It is home to several sub-areas. It was coded by Hagrat.

You can find AI generated concept art at https://mega.nz/folder/fuhhCCJR#vAOQx1VI17wjcTkA4JEBuQ. Note that this is non-canonical.

The manor houses and uruk encampment (lvl 30)

These were released on 2024-01-16. Although they are separate sub-areas on the map, they are considered to be a single area.

Fun fact: The layouts for both manor houses are based on real stately homes.

Gremlin playground (lvl 20)

The playground was released on 2024-02-02 and is a newbie friendly area.

The poor house (no lock)

The poor house was released on 2024-03-26 and is a midbie area.

The eclectic college of magic (no lock)

Not yet released.

Silverwood hollow village (no lock)

Not yet released.

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